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Coastal John Kemper @jakempersells🔁Now this is what you call a coastal paradise.
Coastal Lisa Horton @tunerafood1986🔁 A Sunday morning revisit to Pembrokeshire images. Love the coastal geology.
Coastal Mrs. Cometz @fcometz🔁 Snorkelling fringing, coastal reefs on the @gbrmarinepark in @Queensland with @_MarkFitz #exploreTNQ
Coastal Hart @JHSeale96🔁 Miami selected as preseason Coastal Division favorites.


CoastalCoastal I Love Shahid Afridi @_AbdullahSays🔁 A beautiful view of Makran Coastal Highway in Balochistan, Pakistan. #PakistanZindabad
CoastalCoastal Faizan Lakhani @faizanlakhani🔁A beautiful view of Makran Coastal Highway in Balochistan, Pakistan. #PakistanZindabad
Matthew Yglesias @mattyglesias🔁Cersei's voters in the heartland think the whole incest narrative is fake news cooked up by out-of-touch coastal elites.
Daniel Dale @ddale8🔁If Trump started eating daily arugula someone would go on TV and declare coastal elites don't understand that real Americans love arugula
Leslie Anderson @leslieltaylor🔁Upwork CEO has committed to hiring outside of big coastal cities. Here’s why others should follow suit
Tar Heels Buzz @uncbuzztap🔁keepingitheel​.com >> UNC Football: Tar Heels predicted to finish fifth in ACC Coastal
Keeping It Heel @KeepingItHeel🔁#UNC predicted to finish 5th in #ACC preseason poll

Mahar/مہر @smallchaudhary🔁Haevy fall of rain is in underway on coastal belt of Sindh Province.
Tar Baby® @RickyDaPrince1🔁Miami Hurricanes Football: named favorites in Coastal Division. As it should be
TruthWarrior🐘 @Pat_tootie2🔁Yeah , aren't our forefathers brilliant?EC stops Liberal majority coastal cities from making decisions for all Americ a.
Ariel Epstein WCTI @ArielEpstein🔁. leads Preseason Poll; projected as Coastal Division winner:
Grant Bruner @gbruner17🔁ACC media picks us 3rd in Coastal.

Under , we have finished 1st or 2nd six times in nine seasons.

parmarsap @parmarsap🔁Atleast 3 incidents in coastal Karnataka were padres screamed 'Yindoo fascism' but it was Christians themselves vandalising church property
Eric Nelson @Beckley_News🔁Check out this cool fishing video from Coastal Chaos> Catch these now!
Adrian Archer @AgeArcher🔁Even with what we've lost, not winning the Coastal will be an indictment of our recruiting. We have all the talent yo u could ask for.
J.C. Field @CoachFieldNCSA🔁Congrats again to on his commitment to Coastal Alabama CC from the family & !
DJ 🌹🗡 @DJ_Coastal_Kid🔁 We went from talking everyday and now we strangers
mike njihia @mikenjihia3🔁@UKenyatta Ƙilifi ni juɓilee!! period!the coastal region people have vowed not to ɓe ɓrainwashed ɓƴ NASWA team.#nitaHESABIKA@8/8naUhuRuto
(((Daniel))) 🇪🇺 @PragmaticLabour🔁Today on old school coastal lefties a middle aged white straight cis man has attempted to explain why diversity quota s are bad.
Anthony J @ajclassic🔁 Cersei's voters in the heartland think the whole incest narrative is fake news cooked up by out-of-touch coastal elites.
Billy Green @BamaEMA🔁NWSMobile: 🌊 Low Risk thru at least mid week for coastal Alabama & northwest Florida.

☀🌴 Local Beach …

Author Dave McDonald @AuthorDaveMcDon🔁From the street, the Trans Coastal Trucking garage looked like a concrete island jutting out of a sea of trucks-triller "A Common Uprising"
Career Link @CareerLinkBC🔁Jobs with Vancouver Coastal health - Powell River (3 pages)...
Sara 🏄🏽‍♀️🤽🏼‍♀️ @coastal_hippie🔁 We will not let lawmakers mess with LGBTQ Texans. Help us fight back against hate.
WindowRama @WindowRama_🔁Bracing for Impact: Understanding Coastal Window and Door Requirements
Golden Isles Georgia @GoldenIslesNews🔁Save Our Seas Act> Boaters, anglers & coastal communities must read this!
NWS Mobile @NWSMobile🔁🌊 Low Risk thru at least mid week for coastal Alabama & northwest Florida.

☀🌴 Local Beach Forecast:

Sami Cheikh Moussa @SamiCheikhm🔁[CliM'Blog] Last topic of special week: coastal management, with the case study of Sylt
Coastal Erosion Prot @Coastal6524152Coastal Ocean Protection System shares with you interesting articles and information about our Oceans - 🔁//" target="_blank">
jillian johnson @cookiesinheaven🔁@LAFDtalk We LOVE seeing @KarlTheFog's cousin "Coastal Eddy" 😀
Valentina Gambino @gambino_gm🔁 Don’t let our coastal communities and marine life pay the ultimate price. Say NO to seismic airgun blasting!
Justin Ferber @Justin_Ferber🔁I must be missing something on Duke football this year. 4 people picked them to win the Coastal?! They stunk last year & tough sked this yr.
Coastal Music Studio @coastalmusicsd🔁Hamilton: The 1 and already sounding amazing!!! @ Coastal Music Studios
Best Offshore Broker @offshoretraders🔁#Workshop focuses on #Biodiversity and Management of Coastal Zone #Investorseurope #Stock brokers
RESI Event @RESIevent🔁What does the future hold for coastal communities? Get yourself to to join the industry conversation.
sotiris1 @sotiris1🔁The Nightmare Scenario for Florida’s Coastal Homeowners
sotiris1 @sotiris1🔁The Nightmare Scenario for Florida’s Coastal Homeowners
WildlifeDefence @WldlifeDefence🔁Be inspired by her music.

The #coastal #wolves of British Columbia's Great Bear Rainforest live a unique...

Michael Stainback @mostainback🔁 Wait, four voters picked Duke to win the ACC Coastal Division? FSU in the Atlantic. Lamar Jackson pre-season POY
🆘🗽theROOFDIVA🗽🆘 @theROOFDIVA🔁"Typical coastal elitism! Thinking latte sipping, Prius driving, PBS watching libs should have more electoral power than Russian despot."
Martin Wood @MN_Landscapes🔁The Chaos to Coastline Garden by is looking amazing in the sunshine at ☀️
SFCommunity Alliance @SF_CAJH🔁More coverage of SB 35, this time from the . “This is no longer a coastal, elite housing problem."
Liz Van Cleve @LizVanCleve🔁Congrats to our MRD Team for the funding opportunity toward pilot bonds in Louisiana's coastal restoration and resiliency plans!
EDF Louisiana @EDF_Louisiana🔁Don't miss this week's webinar: Encouraging Investments in Coastal Conservation & Building Resilience w/
Online Yeti @Online_Yeti🔁@thehill Didn't manbearpig say our coastal cities would be uninhabitable by now AND that it was man-made 😂
FUCKtorijel (n!) @mandic_iva🔁"Where did you go?"


"Oh is that in Myrtle"

"Conway but sure"

"How bout that baseball team"



Isaiah_Crudup-Taylor @CB_isaiahcrudup🔁 Miami Projected To Win The Coastal
Amanda Alverez @AlverezAmanda🔁Bangladesh, China hammering out coastal shipping deal
Paul Lee @cleemariner🔁Fancy winning an Coastal Half Marathon training top? RT to be in a chance.
John Kemper @jakempersells🔁Now this is what you call a coastal paradise.
Mangrove Alliance @MangroveAllies🔁a bad storm can be bad news for coastal communities, but make it easier, learn more
Judith Wolf @JudithWolfNOC🔁Good to talk about how we do marine sirens, past, present and future
CuseEndZone @CuseEndZone🔁Here's what you need to know about the ACC: The defending national champ is 2nd in the Atlantic. 6/7 Coastal teams got 1st-place votes.
Bodnant Garden @BodnantGardenNT🔁Tune in Country Focus 7am tomorrow & hear us talk about the colourful coastal flowers of Welsh dunes
Anna Tillou @Annat1964🔁I just entered the BV Coastal Cruise A Week Sweepstakes. Join me! No Purch. Nec. Ends 6/30/18. 21+ US only. Rules:
Greg @CUGregors🔁6th in the Coastal and 6th in the ACC. This is @DukeFOOTBALL.
THE Bryan Johnson @_KingJohnson24🔁 Aye bruh keep Coastal out ya mouth fam
FC Barvecelona @MagnaCarterLive🔁aight person who picked Duke to win the ACC we need to have a talk
TwoDeepVT @TwoDeepVT🔁We put out a new episode last week previewing VT's Coastal schedule. Check it out
Chronicle Opinion @ChronOpinion🔁. says should make coastal protection a priority during special session
Linda @wordfinga🔁 Follow @bactauk to find out how we are stimulating the great #British coastal industry this summer
John @twittFliy🔁Canes picked to win Coastal Division of ACC by media. Noles picked to win Atlantic. Man, that would be fun.
East Indiana Trading @Jaabne1🔁Latest Items in Easy Breezy Styles store on eBay!

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Team Tudisco Realtor @TeamTudisco🔁FOR SALE! 3002 Coastal Drive, Aurora, IL 60503. Well taken care of! Island kitchen! Huge deck with hot tub!...


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