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#Clippers Mark Anderson @MarkMlawrence🔁@ChrisPaul Just made the league a better place. #nba #chrispaul #clippers
#Clippers JaketheTailgater @JaketheTailg8r🔁@RipCityMornings the nickel the #Clippers found after #CP3 left @DanSheldonCSN @CoachNBurton @RipCityKirk
Jamir @jamulmer🔁#Clippers fans yesterday after finding out #ChrisPaul was leaving.
DeSean Dyson @DeSeanD🔁 DeAndre Jordan right about now. #Clippers
#Clippers SportsManias @Sportsmanias🔁Tell us how you really feel @vincestaples #NBA #LA #Clippers
#Clippers Clippers 101 @Clippers_101🔁Clippers Rumors: Best new homes for Blake Griffin after CP3 trade #clippers #lac #NBA
#Clippers Emily Turner @EmmyTurn3r🔁 Don't worry, DeAndre Jordan. Here's the new #Clippers starting point guard!
#Clippers Eli @ElikesTrees🔁 DeAndre Jordan in the locker room next season. #Clippers
#Clippers Rod Beard @detnewsRodBeard🔁#Pistons deal Darrun Hilliard to #Rockets, as part of Chris Paul trade from #Clippers:
Sam Amico @AmicoHoops🔁FYI: Several league execs I spoke to prior to trade speculated a Chris Paul departure would lead to Blake Griffin's return to #Clippers.
Adam Kaufman @AdamMKaufman🔁To update this tweet: Doc Rivers is heading for a rebuild. #Clippers
SportsCentre @SportsCentre🔁JUST IN: trading Chris Paul to for Patrick Beverley, Sam Dekker, Lou Williams & '18 1st-round pick (via )
badgalroro @rtapavalu🔁Chris Paul gone, Blake Griffin gone, everyone is gone. DeAndre Jordan looking at the locker room like...
SeanStanleySportTalk @SSSportsTalk🔁We talk #Clippers and the Chris Paul now on @TheSportsBosses & @SBNationRadio Text us 305-570-0735
George Atupem @2PinZ_🔁 To update this tweet: Doc Rivers is heading for a rebuild. #Clippers
JM Foster @JDMiddleton85🔁To all fans living in , make sure you stay clipper fans and head off to Inglewood with that new stadium. Lakers don't want u 💜💛
Jonathan Chan @jchan564🔁Doc Rivers has failed as an #nba executive for the #Clippers Really Glad Jerry West is on the #Clippers
Jonathan Chan @jchan564🔁#Clippers should go after him
Clippers SportSpyder @ClippersSpyder🔁[Larry Brown Sports] Doc Rivers shoots down report of rift with Chris Paul #Clippers
BballCrazy® @BballCrazy🔁The #Clippers are of the understanding that it will take a five-year deal to keep Griffin
Clippers SportSpyder @ClippersSpyder🔁[Yahoo Sports] Doc Rivers says Chris Paul left to be with James Harden not because of Clipper players #Clippers
Clippers SportSpyder @ClippersSpyder🔁[Fansided: Clipperholics] LA Clippers Never Offered Chris Paul Full Five-Year Max Contract #Clippers
Anil Letherwala @Anil_Letherwala🔁@patbev21 for @rickyrubio9 who says no? @DocRivers you know Thibs be all over that, perfect trade for both teams #Clippers #Timberwolves
EJ Willis @PayDay100🔁Sharp N Crispy Faded 🙌🏽💈
Chaz Michael Michael @ChazMic3🔁LOB City has been reduced to LOL City. #Clippers
EJ Willis @PayDay100🔁Sharp N Crispy Faded 🙌🏽💈
Bright Topa @briteix7🔁I can see @KingJames @Yg_Trece @DeAndre teaming up for the clippers next year.
Clippers SportSpyder @ClippersSpyder🔁[Fansided: LA Sports Hub] Clippers Rumors: Best new homes for Blake Griffin after CP3 trade #Clippers
sam lefkowitz @sambolef🔁#Clippers Steve Ballmer needn't wait for Windows 11 to see that Austin Rivers has to go, especially if Doc stays.2 bad,, he has talent.
Clippers 101 @Clippers_101🔁Dita Von Teese talks glamour and sensuality before taking over the West Coast with her 'The ...
ClippersSRH @ClippersSRH🔁#Clippers #LAC Los Angeles Clippers: Free Agency Primer #SportsRoadhouse
Memphis Spence @MemphisSpence🔁 head coach Ryan Odom & former / asst. coach on Radio Hour!
Krystina Ramey @KrystinaRamey🔁Doc fan too, but, the entire organization is screwed if Doc thinks his son is a part of the answer. CP was right to be frustrated
S2B Nation @S2Bnation🔁 On the move! move the 9 time to for & @news4usonline🔁#ClippersNation must be reeling as #Clippers trade away #CP3 #NBA #hoops #summer #NBATrades #BlakeGriffin
Jonathan Chan @jchan564🔁I would play Blake Griffin until he's way above 100% healthy,probably shut him down until April. should tank for g ood pick
Clippers SportSpyder @ClippersSpyder🔁[NBC Sports: Pro Basketball Talk] Doc Rivers says Chris Paul left to be with James Harden not because of C #Clippers
SportsRadioAmerica @SRANetwork🔁#UMBC head coach Ryan Odom & former #Clippers / #Celtics asst. coach @kevineastman on @BigShotsNation Radio Hour!
OurSports @OurSportshow🔁Chris Paul to the Rockets marks the end of Lob City #clippers
Alex Kingston @epwak47🔁Lakers fans laughing at the clippers like they haven't been a horrendous basketball team for the past 7 years 😐 #NBA #lakers #clippers
Joe Feese @JoeFeese3🔁 For now, the #Clippers become the latest #NBA team with multiple former Cats


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