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Citi Field Sportseventsguide @Sportseventsgd🔁N.Y.C.F.C. Moves Final Home Game to Citi Field -
Citi Field NY Sports Day @nysportsday🔁NYCFC Moves To Citi Field For Season Finale
Citi Field Chip Gianni @chipg13🔁 With Yankees advancing, #NYCFC moves Oct. 22 finale to Citi Field. #MLS
Citi Field Anthony Merced @NYCSoccerWorld🔁Yankees do it again, bumping #NYCFC final home game to Citi Field #MLS:
Citi Field Chip Gianni @chipg13🔁 NYCFC Moves To Citi Field For Season Finale
Citi Field criccaptainusa @CricCaptainUSA🔁N.Y.C.F.C. Moves Final Home Game to Citi Field
Citi Field Sportalaw @sportalaw🔁N.Y.C.F.C. Moves Final Home Game to Citi Field
Citi Field VisionSportsNews @VisionSportNews🔁New York City FC move Oct. 22 match vs. Columbus to Citi Field
Citi Field Mehwish Khan @Mehwishkhan777🔁N.Y.C.F.C. Moves Final Home Game to Citi Field
Citi Field theScore MLS @theScoreMLS🔁NYCFC to conclude regular season at Mets' Citi Field
Citi Field Patrick @patricksp71🔁 FYI on the field configuration at Citi Field

#CrewSC #NorOnTour

Citi Field Abdul Haseeb @ahaseebsh🔁N.Y.C.F.C. Moves Final Home Game to Citi Field
Steven Goff @SoccerInsider🔁Due to Yankees advancing in MLB playoffs, NYCFC will play MLS regular season finale Oct 22 vs Crew at Citi Field (Mets ballpark)
Rising Apple @RisingAppleBlog🔁Two years ago today, the Mets blew out the Dodgers in their first playoff game at Citi Field.

Oh yeah, and this hap pened too.

Anthony DiComo @AnthonyDiComo🔁Because the Yankees advanced to the ALCS, the soccer club NYCFC is moving its final regular season game to Citi Field, 10/22 at 4 p.m.
Steve Chong @Gear316🔁There is still an allegation of Isles still looking at Citi Field area. It likely depends on who beats the other (NYC vs NYS) to the punch
The Bronx Chronicle @bronxchronicle🔁NYCFC Moves Final Home Game To Citi Field - The Bronx Chronicle
Juan carlos @JUAN_C71🔁@RunAsRoot @NYCFCNation It doesn't skip the citi field station
Alan Manning @PlanetreeAlan🔁@jaclynmucaria So go Red Sox? You know you are in the shadows of Citi Field, right?
adrian curry @keith_curry🔁 #CrewSC will now play its Oct. 22 game vs. NYCFC at Citi Field (home of the Mets). Change due to Yankees advancing to ALCS.
Trey @TGrovi413🔁Two years ago today, the Mets blew out the Dodgers in their first playoff game at Citi Field.

Oh yeah, and this happened too.

Matthew Sexton @RealMattSexton🔁Tangled web of NY sports: Wilpons help NYCFC in a bind with use of Citi Field at a time when NYCFC is bidding against Wilpons for Belmont.
NYCFC Supporters @SupportersNycfc🔁 elects to keep the dimensions at Citi Field the same as Yankee Stadium - 110x70 - had option to increase size
Kofi @K_Apps_928🔁I think they definitely hoping for a stadium deal somewhere now that their last regular season game is not at Citi Fi eld due to ALCS
KeepMovinNYC @KeepMovinNYC🔁@NYCFCNation Citi Field is not the worst scenario, but it is pretty laughable at this point how badly we need our own stadium. #NYCFC
NY is BLUE @NYisBLUE🔁@NYCFC @MLS Well, we all knew this was coming, and Citi Field is about the best place they could have held this.
STEREK RISE! @bhadpodcast🔁Citi Field, where the Mets play, does host weddings:...
Steve Pizzigno @Steve_Pizz🔁@BackAftaThis It's the best thing to come out of Citi Field all season
Ian Powers @IanPowers🔁 .@NYCFC booted from Stadium due to Yankees playoff run, will play Oct. 22 "home" game at Citi Field
Dylan Butler @Dylan_Butler🔁Dimensions for the field at Citi Field will be exactly as it is at Yankee Stadium even though there may be more room to widen it #NYCFC
Viral Snoop @ViralSnoop🔁(N.Y.C.F.C. Moves Final Home Game to Citi Field) has been published on viral -
trey CAMBERstasio @Camber🔁Despite being happy to see City Financial Group FC kicked off their "home" field, it sucks bc Citi should be hosting MLB playoff games 😔
Frank MacDonald @frankmSounders🔁Wonder when they booked this contingency plan, when the Mets were mathematically eliminated in August?
Keane @kranepool🔁 Between 9/11/17 and 1/1/18 Citi Field will be home to NY Mets, NYCFC, Tampa Bay Rays, and Buffalo Sabres
Mark Blinder @Blinderland🔁The club should consider changing the name to NYC Wanderers #MLS
Mark Ov @0101oclocknews🔁Nationals to Citi Field
John Visconi @JVisconiEsq🔁Just move it to Columbus. No less a home game than Citi Field and at least it would be a real pitch. Member here - g etting tired of this...
Sport's News @iheartsportzz🔁NYCFC to conclude regular season at Mets' Citi Field
ALCS BOUND🇺🇸🇺🇸 @PacersNY27🔁Darkest timeline for real now. Nationals Yankees World Series guaranteed. Declared co-champs. Joint parade in Citi Field parking lot.
Hudson River Blue @hudsonriverblue🔁#NYCFC to play October 22nd home game at Citi Field
John Michos @MichMets62🔁 The best team in NYC will be playing in Citi Field after all this October.
NYT @NYT🔁N.Y.C.F.C. Moves Final Home Game to Citi Field.
Jose Lopez @joselopez1039🔁I don’t watch baseball or anything but if the mets didn’t make it to the playoffs It could be at citi field? That’s m y guess
SoccerStadiumDigest @thestadiumpitch🔁With Yankees advancing to ALCS, Oct. 22 match for New York City FC shifted to Citi Field #sportsbiz #soccerbiz #MLS
Edgar Alvarez @abcdedgar🔁Another example of why the football world doesn’t take Major League Soccer (@mls) seriously
Anthony O'Reilly @ORiled_Up🔁 MLS to Queens a reality at last. It's just for one day. For now.
Steve Chong @Gear316🔁@Christian_Araos How closer is NYCFC moving to Citi Field area full time, as their finale will be at Mets home?
Mike Gray @MikeGraySC🔁1. Reason for move actually makes sense (Playoffs) vs. a scheduling screw-up
2. Citi Field is adequate and in NYC This isn't that bad.

andy @jerryanderSon0🔁@ronalgringo @jvbenavides @NYCFC What r u looking at bro?? Citi field is 15 minutes from yankee stadium
Kody Cicale @KCicale🔁"Due to the Yankees advancing to the [ALCS]... ’s match vs. Columbus Crew SC has been relocated to Citi Field in Queens."
Empty Seats Galore @EmptySeatsPics🔁"Due to the Yankees advancing to the [ALCS]... ’s match vs. Columbus Crew SC has been relocated to Citi Field in Quee ns."
Christina Cola @poprocksandCola🔁This was hands down one of my favorite nights in New York. I watched this game in McFaddens at Citi Field and the pla ce was going mad.
Michael Vazquez @theothermikev🔁I'm disappointed in the scant amount of "citi/city field" jokes #NYCFC
JUDGE MVP SZN @the_realjoshua🔁The Yankees are in the ALCS, which means NYCFC has to move out for its final home match. The solution? Citi Field.
World Soccer News @W0RLDSOCCERNEWS🔁New York City FC move Oct. 22 match vs. Columbus to Citi Field: Read More
Jackie Benavides @jvbenavides🔁Yankee Stadium and Citi Field aren't 2 hours apart. Not ideal for some but this is better than the last displaced "h ome" game in CT.


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