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#CinemaCon#CinemaCon Focus Features @FocusFeatures🔁 .@FocusFeatures brought the beautiful day in the neighborhood to #CinemaCon for #MrRogersMovie
#CinemaCon Online Poker News @KushMoney🔁 Finally! What I’ve been waiting all week for! #ASimpleFavor @AnnaKendrick47 #CinemaCon
#CinemaCon giuls @giulspai🔁 .@RealChalamet couldn’t make #CinemaCon but he joined us via Skype! What a prince. 👑
érry @errysyaffri🔁 Henry Cavill would like to get back in the Superman cape ASAP.
#CinemaCon#CinemaCon#CinemaCon TheFrenchPhenom @DaFeenom🔁 FIRST LOOK logos at Gemini Man, Sonic and Terminator #Paramount #CinemaCon
#CinemaCon#CinemaCon#CinemaCon JamieFan35 @JamieDakota86🔁 Dakota and Luca Guadagnino talking about Suspiria at #CinemaCon!
myriam @unwastedtimes🔁 Timothee from London with some bad Skype. Carell keeps praising him. #CinemaCon
#CinemaCon#CinemaCon#CinemaCon StelaFig♡ @FigueMaristela🔁 She deserves the world 💗 #DakotaJohnson #CinemaCon #Suspiria
#CinemaCon JamieFan35 @JamieDakota86🔁 We’re so excited for the exclusive look of #Suspiria at #CinemaCon!
#CinemaCon#CinemaCon#CinemaCon#CinemaCon Ms. DarkGothic φ @PittyHeda🔁 Kate McKinnon and Mila Kunis on the @Lionsgate red carpet at #CinemaCon #SpyWhoDumpedMe
#CinemaCon Timothée Chalamet’s Whore @bigpeep_shawty🔁 TimmyChally, Skyping in to talk about "Beautiful Boy." #CinemaCon
Fandango @Fandango🔁Henry Cavill would like to get back in the Superman cape ASAP.
Tom Cruise @TomCruise🔁It was an honor to be recognized at last night with the Pioneer of the Year award by the Will Rogers Motion Picture twitter.com Pioneers Foundation - an organization that does so much for so many.
✪irfnewsdocs✪ @irfnewsdocs🔁The latest IRFNEWS DOCS #INDIEFILM #NEWS! paper.li Thanks to @FilmSpritesPR #cinemacon #film
LoveFiftyShades @maarleena01🔁The first trailer for BAD TIMES AT THE EL ROYALE might be one of my favorite trailers so far. Cool, slick, stylish-looking murder-mystery from director Drew Goddard. Has a Coen Bros/Tarantino-esque vibe to it. Dug this one lots

Drew Dietsch @ CinemaCon @DrewDietsch🔁#Blindspotting just destroyed #CinemaCon. Gotta see this movie. @Lionsgate
FaizalSulaiman @faizalsulaiman🔁 OH MY GOD 😱😨😰😯🤢 #Suspiria #CinemaCon
Heidi @heidi_holloway🔁Claire Foy and Ryan Gosling star in Damien Chazelle's biopic about Neil Armstrong. Inside today's first look:
alesha🕊 (suspiria 2018) @v0guedakota🔁dakota with other stars at #CinemaCon
ann @ann_asia89🔁Anna Kendrick, Dakota Johnson, Tiffany Haddish & more stars were honored at the Big Screen Achievement Awards!!
FaizalSulaiman @faizalsulaiman🔁Amazon teasing incredibly violent and bloody scene from Luca Guadagnino's at . Close to upchucking the quinoa salad I just ate. Perfect for lunchtime presentation!
Keris Shay @whiskeyoblivion🔁We just saw a powerful scene from with Timothee Chalamet & Steve Carrell. Looks like it’s going to be a major tearjerker.
👑Mera of Xebel🔱 @OceanRageM🔁 #Aquaman looks beautiful, huge scope. Goes all over the world. Black Manta looks straight up savage. #CinemaCon
deltan veganu @agatrek🔁BREAKING NEWS!! At in Las Vegas, new Paramount Studios Chairman JIM GIANOPULOS confirmed that TWO — count ‘em, TWO! — MOVIES are in development!!
Keris Shay @whiskeyoblivion🔁Wow, just watched an incredibly emotionally-charged scene between Steve Carell and Timothee Chalamet in , about a father and son’s journey through addiction and recovery. Carell on stage now w/ Chalamet on Skype

FaizalSulaiman @faizalsulaiman🔁Luca Guadagnino presented a scene from his remake; there’s a 70s sepia tone ... and seriously some of the most disturbing body horror. They went for it and the audience is gasping. Just brutal but with a gentle melody. Holy crap... call me by your bent body.
Abel Estrada @AbelEst47038896🔁There’s a bunch of cool moments in the trailer, but I don’t want to ruin the beats for you by spoiling them. Rest assured, it’s thrilling, scary and will reignite your spirit.
teddy88 @Theeob🔁I had my reservations but after reading the reactions 😍 #CinemaCon twitter.com
Trillmonger @TheNYCFilmChick🔁Rafael Casal and Daveed Diggs read a poem to promote their Oakland-based comedy-drama "Blindspotting." Lionsgate is releasing the film on July 20
ComicBookMovie.com @ComicBook_Movie🔁 Daveed Diggs introduces BLINDSPOTTING, looks really really good. #CinemaCon
BetoArt @BetoDraws🔁More pics of Dakota looking stunning during Amazon's panel at today!!👑💫💞


Katherine @likeyoudox🔁 Here you go, everyone: my breakdown of the #CinemaCon SUSPIRIA footage, which was gnarly af. birthmoviesdeath.com
Stephanie Rodriguez @s_dawggy_dawg🔁I just watched an emotionally charged scene from with Timothée Chalamet & Steve Carell. This movie is going to emotionally destroy me. Also, just go ahead & give Timmy the Oscar. It’s going to be hard for anyone to top him.
m.c.s 🐜 🍀 @clarafala🔁Luca Guadagnino’s is fucking terrifying, but I couldn’t look away. Dakota Johnson = WHOA. You’ve never seen a movie like this.
cole @dolansxavier🔁They are showing the clip now. I had to look away but it wasn’t enough. The sound effects alone will haunt me for the rest of my life.
Dale Courtney @MoonPeople🔁. walked the carpet at to discuss the laughs and stunts in his newest comedy . Join the fun in theatres June 1!
Keith Calder @keithcalder🔁Daveed Diggs & Rafael Casal are here revealing new footage of at . This movie is going to be a game-changer.
Lauren Cox @Iaurencox🔁 trailer is intense. Another racially charged drama about a convicted felon who witnesses a white cop shooting an una twitter.com rmed black man. Cast now reading slam poetry w/ familiar names we shouldn’t forget: Sandra, Trayvon, more.
💫 @clitmermaidsumr🔁Connectivity inside Amazon presentation is spotty, so quick rundown:
-BEAUTIFUL BOY will break every father's heart, and Timothee Chalamet trounces Steve Carell off the screen
-Luca Guadagnino's remake of SUSPIRIA nearly had audience throwing up. So: great success!

JoBlo.com @joblocom🔁Just showed a trailer for Blindspotting at Lionsgate presentation. The film is about Oakland culture, police brutalit twitter.com y and shootings. Filmmakers are now doing a slam poetry thing about it, mostly focusing on victims of those killed in police shootings.
maddy 🍒 @Iightofmyeyes🔁 Timothee Chalamet is pretty fucking great in an extended scene from Beautiful Boy. Carell ain't bad either. #CinemaCon
FaizalSulaiman @faizalsulaiman🔁Daaaamn! Props to Amazon for playing the sickest, gnarliest, most intense clip from to 3,000 people at this lunch. It features a girl (Dakota Johnson) dancing while another girl is being thrown around, body contorted in nasty ways. Wild & bold

David @mclovindaboss11🔁Thank you Las Vegas and hope you liked got 60 minutes in London before heading to Saudi for
Dave McNary @Variety_DMcNary🔁Rafael Casal and Daveed Diggs read a poem to promote their Oakland-based comedy-drama "Blindspotting." Lionsgate is r twitter.com eleasing the film on July 20
Social Path: TBOE @SocialPathTBOE🔁The latest S.P.N. (Social Path News)! paper.li #cinemacon
FlickDirect @flickdirect🔁 creators gave us a treat of a little bit of music they wrote this morning for the film. Oh and they like cofee! twitter.com
Navid Hudson @MrNavidHudson🔁Trying desperately not to fanboy out but this is what’s going on right now - sandwiched between Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill, talking

Jacob Tiranno @JacobTiranno🔁BLINDSPOTTING is another story about culture, race, and people’s relationship with police. The second film previewed twitter.com today revolving around those themes.
HollywoodLife @HollywoodLife🔁Daveed Diggs & Rafael Casal are here revealing new footage of #Blindspotting at #CinemaCon. This movie is going to be a game-changer.
romana @wondygal🔁 talks 's return and rumors at ! FULL ARTICLE: comicbook.com
Caleb Williams @KnightGambit🔁Blindspotting is a love letter to Oakland. About police brutality #Lionsgate #CinemaCon
Steve007! @NUMBER007BOND🔁Saoirse Ronan brought a sneak-peek of , her Queen Elizabeth biopic with Margot Robbie, to . More details:
Barry Hertz @HertzBarry🔁The Lancelot of the Revolutionary Set () is here to introduce footage from BLINDSPOTTING. The Oakland-centric drama l twitter.com ooks intense, and as Diggs admits, a hard sell to many of the commercial theatre-owners here.
🤖 ISENTOCET-Ø-VISION 🤖 @VisionBruno🔁Ummm I am traumatized after seeing a scene from "Suspiria" in which Dakota Johnson controls the body of another woman as she dances. The woman's body literally cracks in half. She is like, torn apart. Spitting, urinating, bleeding. It's... A lot.
Giorgia @_queencara🔁Steve Carell on stage seeing Timothée Chalamet on Skype call on screen: “I just smile when I see his face.” Same, Steve.
✖️abbey✖️ @shialabeoufz🔁Footage from Guadagnino's SUSPIRIA at Amazon's lunch: Dance and witchcraft deeply linked. Relentless, GNARLY.
桐原ケイ @gatoysol🔁It was an honor to be recognized at last night with the Pioneer of the Year award by the Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation - an organization that does so much for so many.
Olivia Cooke Brasil @OCookeBrasil🔁 Behind the scenes footage is shown for Life Itself #Amazon #CinemaCon
Edith Stein. @wxyzhh🔁 Sparks Oscar Talk for Timothée Chalamet at , First Footage Earns Rave Reactions
Rohan Patel @KingPatel7🔁Daveed Diggs introduces BLINDSPOTTING, looks really really good. #CinemaCon
FlickDirect @flickdirect🔁 is up next. Teaser shown. Going to be a very intense film that will generate a lot of discussion. twitter.com


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