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Cincy P&G Alumni Network @pgalums🔁 A @ProcterGamble Prague reunion in Cincy! Great to see Arjen Melis #PGalums
Cincy Browncoat @cincy_browncoat🔁@skiplacombe @ToothpasteWords Sad but true.
Cincy hayy🌻 @kinghay13🔁 i'm coming home 😈

10.27 🎃 cincy / dayton

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Cincy mcdonalds_cincy @McDonalds_Cincy🔁What’s the best way to start your day? With a $1 Any Size coffee, of course!
CincyCincy K❗️LL🅰️ @I_Shakelifee🔁@2KShirtPromos vote shirt for cincy
Cincy cal scrooby @calscruby🔁i'm coming home 😈

10.27 🎃 cincy / dayton

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NFLPA @NFLPA🔁Michael Johnson of hosted group of kids at Matthew 25 ministries along with Cincy Police Dept to talk about safety
James Rapien @JamesRapien🔁. & I wonder if Andy Dalton is the best QB in the AFC North? Listen to the pod:
Griffin Frank @GriffinFrank🔁Missed the Cincy mayoral debate last night? Have no fear! breaks it down for you here ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
Health Collaborative @hcollaborative🔁Are you a / Co.? Place your bets for StepUp Cincy 2.0 during the campaign, Step Up in 2018!
Ben Iannozzi @ben_iannozzi🔁@AndrewAubuchon1 @GlobeChadFinn I would just fear Erod will put it all together in Cincy
Dj Goldyn Rose @Djgoldynrose🔁Think I'm going to plan something special this weekend since we're not going to cincy ❤️
CincyTech @Cincy_Tech🔁Have a geofilter idea for 's inauguration ceremony? Submit your ideas between now and Oct. 13!
Brian Groce @briangroce🔁Guess where I'm NOT going today? If you guessed Fishers, then you'd be right! I'm contemplating a quick Cincy trip though.
Saddleky @changemustcome7🔁Sorry I didn't get to participate. But love Cincy children's my daughter had successful open heart there in 2003. So thankful to u all 💖💖😁
StopH ✌✌🏽✌🏾✌🏿 @StopholusPrime🔁@brits_endzone But Jackson will just go back to Cincy and be reunited with Dalton and Marvin Lewis will move to the front office
A Tweetr Has No Name @FFBadvice101🔁I am calling it now...Marvin Lewis retires at EOS and Hue Jackson comes to Cincy next year to be HC
CincyMusic @cincy_music🔁Last Call: Enter for a chance to win a pair of tickets to see @thisispinback at The @WoodwardTheater this Friday!
Rayshon Mack @RayshonMack🔁. & 's top moments debate: Simpson speaks to Cincy 'hoods, Cranley talks jobs game
Dale @whoisdale_🔁 Update: I have the Cincy and Cleveland tickets left if anyone interested.
Cincy Link @cincylink🔁(USMNT) -

Andrew Joseph
Published 11:13 p.m. ET Oct. 10, 2017
... - - Cincy Link -

Kelly Kolar @k_kolar🔁ENCHANTED FOREST — BLINK If you’re in Cincy October 12-15 Check out this enchanted forest at 119 court street!
(317) 833-7878 @JeansJams🔁@MrsBondGIS Driving to Cincy sounds better =)
Everybody Black🖤 @breelovesvibes🔁Starving... but seeing as though I’ve been up 12 hours and this drive back to Cincy won’t be so merciful of a hearty meal 😩😢
WatchWriteNow @WWN_Cincy🔁New year with @CampErnstBlazer film club will be a celebration of shorts, a weekly festival devoted to concise storytelling. #CriticalWatch
Beaver Falls Hosiery @subBurgher🔁@NailtheNumber17 cincy
Books by the Banks @BBTB_cincy🔁Local author Bob Batchelor talks to 91.7 WVXU Cincinnati about his new book "Stan Lee: The Man Behind Marvel." If...
Beauty For Ashes @BFA_cincy🔁It's a trap to think other people have it figured out and you're the only one confused and struggling. We're all just experimenting.
Beauty For Ashes @BFA_cincy🔁 Healing takes time. Keep going. You're doing just fine.
#NailTheNumber @NailtheNumber17🔁Update: I have the Cincy and Cleveland tickets left if anyone interested.
Ryan in Miamisburg @RGlasener2100🔁I agree. If Browns can Jackson, watch M. Lewis go to front office of Cincy and hire Jackson at head coach. Then kick Browns' ass even longer
Stephen P @IndustElect321🔁There is. It’s way south I think. Down towards cincy. Hopefully the guy that texted Misha will see it and hit him up
bruv actually @RealKennyG_jk🔁@ngdale @cincy_soccer yeahhhhhhh.....that's not true at all. cricket is the official national sport
Dave Danko @wisewordsmgmt🔁 Cincy!!!
Cincinnati Now @TLNCincinnati🔁Missed the WCPO Cincy mayoral debate last night? Have no fear! Amanda Seitz breaks it down for you here ️️️️️
Cincy Permit Center @CincyPermit🔁PHOTOS: Thanks to all who attended our NOFA funding announcement in Walnut Hills. Big things happening across Cincy!
Nastysweetfreak @nastysweetfreak🔁How many 🌭 can you handle at once on ? Sex In The Cincy 1 & 2 avail @
imJustMatt @MTisaCoolGuy🔁 I feel so disrespected when I see Cincinatti or Cinci. It's Cincinnati or Cincy. I'm way too loyal. 😂😂
Daniel Bradburn @dabradburn🔁@ractvshift How often do you come to Cincy and eat?
Hillary Lake, WCPO @hillarylake🔁Missed the @wcpo Cincy mayoral debate last night? Have no fear! @AmandaSeitz1 breaks it down for you here ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
jennnnnnn. @iloveujennnay🔁Cincy has the best hidden food spots.
Cincy Browncoat @cincy_browncoat🔁Hollywood: We need to teach boys not to rape.

Also Hollywood: Meet Mr. Weinstein little girl. He’ll make you a star! Unbutton that blouse

Mark Griffin @mgriffin_kmov🔁Also of note: Trinity will add SLUH, Chaminade and play in Ga. and Cincy next season.
Still has Week 7 open, too.
Al. Neyer @Al_Neyer🔁We are thrilled to be a part of the #Deloitte100 again this year. No. 73 and growing...
Jessie Bowen @jessienbowen🔁Excited for the 2017 Diversity Leadership Symposium along side 600+ Cincy's leaders. A much needed focus for our comm unity.
Justin Dehan @Brah_Man_Dehan🔁Wow maybe they should just fire the US men’s soccer players and make FC Cincy the national team!!! Also they should be in the MLS!!!!!!!
Cincinnati Now @TLNCincinnati🔁John Cranley & Yvette Simpson's top moments WCPO debate: Simpson speaks to Cincy 'hoods, Cranley talks jobs game
Richard Ruffner @ruffnerr🔁@brantschulz So glad I am working in Cincy tomorrow instead.
TEDxLemek @TEDxLemek🔁anyone else going to the BLINK Cincinnati 2017 parade in Cincy Thurday. Starts at 7pm. ends at Washington park...
Kyle Gross @KyleGross_🔁I'm going to @techstars Cincy Startup Week tomorrow #StartUpCincy - who should I connect with??
Norman Dale @ngdale🔁A freckle where every person breathes football -never seen so much whining from a huge nation that has so many victor ies. Grow up USA
Amanda Seitz @AmandaSeitz1🔁.@JohnCranley & @yvette4cincy's top moments @WCPO debate: Simpson speaks to Cincy 'hoods, Cranley talks jobs game
Beauty For Ashes @BFA_cincy🔁"People will not want you to change. Your change may threaten them. But God created us to change and grow. So grow anyway." Donald Miller
Digital Traffic Flow @Cincy_digital🔁Very interesting deck on : - Snap your way to success, by
👑⚡️ @Bri_powerline🔁One of our new employees is from Cincy 💪🏾
Cincy Browncoat @cincy_browncoat🔁#WhatILearnedToday If you want 16 times the blah blah blah Columbia has the resort for you. @realKrisCruz @TheBlazeKeith @DocThompsonShow
Spencer Lund @SpencerTyrel🔁"the only time em rocked a mic was against J.U.I.C.E. in cincy" - backpack-clad me circa 2002 (his dark beard will always creep me out)
Cincy Browncoat @cincy_browncoat🔁#WhatILearnedToday @TheBlazeKeith wants to research this resort for @JeffyMRA. @DocThompsonShow @realKrisCruz @KAL79
Andy in Cincy @oldscratch42🔁@hughhewitt Spot on! He is a thug! This Hillbilly in Cincy knew about Harvey 10 years ago! Everyone knew. There are many more by the way!
Charles Hinckley @cbhinckley🔁I use the word seems because I am not an expert on charter schools but since I have to do the research for you Ohio C incy area
cincygirlstyle @The1HeLetGetAwy🔁I hope you all that live in Cincy tuned into the mayoral debate last night. Gotta keep y’all…
KSHMR ◢ ◤ @AdrianIsPotato🔁@imoriasi @cincy_soccer Yall are 50 states 😂
Brian Mains @B_Mains_Cincy🔁Parade to light up OTR, flip switch on @BLINKcincy. Story @WCPO
I Am Legend @pit27dog🔁Last week, we were all addicted to the process. Lose to Cincy, we’re all back in rehab.
john spahni @johnspahni🔁@KellyRippin Miss you in Cincy!!!!
Ben Schwartz @BenSchwartz3🔁I think she will peak. V stepped it up majorly for the big tournaments this year, even if her warm-ups weren't great, aka Cincy/Toronto
Ame @Whatsuphowell🔁@cincy_soccer Each team has the same amount of players so how are the population numbers even relevant???
Dave Purcell @davepurcell🔁@Elder_Cincy_Guy Filing for later -- thanks!
Cincy Browncoat @cincy_browncoat🔁#whatilearnedtoday why didn't #StephenPaddock do what most insane millionaires do which is run for Congress. @DocThompsonShow @realKrisCruz
Cincy Browncoat @cincy_browncoat🔁#whatILearnedToday we will understand the brain of @RealAlexJones before we understand the brain of #Stephenpaddock. @DocThompsonShow
Cincy Browncoat @cincy_browncoat🔁#whatilearnedtoday Americans will get @DocThompsonShow numbers on Procrastination before we will get the truth Steven Paddock. @realKrisCruz
David Satterwhite @dayvboy2g🔁@cctigers09 Amen! Tried to change it in cincy and fell on deaf ears. We have shot in dayton.
Cincy Browncoat @cincy_browncoat🔁 When an out of work QB like Kaepernick is praising you. .
Cincy Link @cincylink🔁(We start with fog and end with rain) -

We start with fog and end with ... - - Cincy Link -

Gbk 419 @419Gbk🔁Congratulations to Cincy Thunder’s Jenna Van Schalk on making the National AAU 7th grade watch list!

Cincy Link @cincylink🔁(Moeller blanks Elder 4-0) -

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