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Paula Kuykendall @paulakuy🔁 The season is almost here! Remembering one of the best FGs from 2016: Tulsa's double-doink vs Cincy
Cincy Cincy Link @cincylink🔁(Another nice day on the way Sunday) -

Another nice day on the way ... - - Cincy Link -

Cincy Fabiola @FabHerbert🔁 From Cincy tennis IG, zoomed and edited. It's Name Rafa's Arm Muscles Lesson 101💪🏽
Cincy Tim Roethgen @troethgen🔁Beatiful night and big win. 5-0 over Cincy #loucity #LOUvCIN #Louisville
Cincy NewsParot @newsparot🔁FC Cincy takeaways: After worst game, club ready to move on
Scott Smith @ScottSBucs🔁Cincy matches the Bucs' long opening drive…um, until 2nd-year CB Vernon Hargreaves intercepted a third-and-goal pass at the goal line!
Live Tennis @livetennis🔁. can become no. 1 in Cincinnati - who stands in his way?

Rafa's path & more from the Cincy draw >

Spencer Sutherland @Spencermusic1🔁Haven't been to Cincy in a minute either
Dustin Bradford @dtbradford92🔁Didn't know it was gay night in Cincy
Apoorva @apoorvajha29🔁At least 1 post a day from Aug. 7-21 (Canada and Cincy) at

If you can spare 1 dollar, that would be great

red headed madison @TATTEDDEEZY🔁 @TATTEDDEEZY @JeffreeStar And from cincy!! I live in NKY #futurefriends😂
Matt Zemek @mzemek🔁At least 1 post a day from Aug. 7-21 (Canada and Cincy) at @Patreon

If you can spare 1 dollar, that would be great

Mo's Algorithm @MozAlgorithm🔁@CardinalsRant_ For sure. I would really like to see them take all 6 remaining vs Cincy and win more like 8 out of 10 vs PIT
Delia Vasilca @DeliaVasilca🔁From 🇨🇦 to 🇺🇸, keeps playing good tennis, on her way to the QR2 here at (📸 via cincy tennis fb)
Stevie B @mulheron4🔁@ckamka wasting his whole career in Cincy smh. would love to see him on a contender.
Sheps @collin_shepard🔁@hempoodles Next time you're in cincy you gotta visit for sho
SKY🥀HIS BELIEBER🖤 @skyoceanmoon🔁 Haven't been to Cincy in a minute either
SKY🥀HIS BELIEBER🖤 @skyoceanmoon🔁 On my way! Cincy! I'm on a plane ✈️
Back Atcha Slick @backatchaslick🔁Pudge, I hope u always r reminded that ur beloved. Ur an inspirational icon. From a Ranger fan 1st, a Cincy fan 2nd (loved Bench as a kid)
drusowavy @drusowavy🔁i'm in cincy it's live
Kathy S @hidalgo631🔁 @RafaelNadal VAMOS Team Rafa!!! Good luck in Cincy champ!!🎾💛❤💪💕😙👍
Cincy Link @cincylink🔁(Bryce Harper hyperextends left knee in Nationals) -

Published 10:36 p.m. ... - - Cincy Link -


I was told Cincy was good.

I was told lies.

Charlie Hatch @charliehatch_🔁Back in the Nati. Second story is live. #FCCincy offers no excuses, seeks quick recovery
Cincy Link @cincylink🔁(Usain Bolt pulls up hurt in 4x100-meter relay, his final track event) -

... - - Cincy Link -

His Soliness 👟👋🏻 @thepontiff_🔁 size 9.5

Breds 9/10 $320
Royals 9/10 $250
Red 3.0 8/10 $150
Blue 3.0 8/10 $150
MC 3.0 DS $270

Cincy local sz 9 750 trades

Cincy Link @cincylink🔁(Trail throws 4 TD passes in UC scrimmage) -


Four TD passes in ... - - Cincy Link -

art937 @art937🔁 adds Katherine Collopy of the Cincy Angels ()

JOIN w/ &


art937 @art937🔁 adds
'22 Mallory Hullinger of Cincy Angels

Sept 16 | Cincinnati, OH


Sean Akira Fan Acct @hcsvd🔁I would take a win at Cincy and 1 point from the other 4.
Jason Williams @VegasFin3st14🔁Excuse me guys. This is supposed to say Cincy/Brewers.😴
Wesley Colvin @TruUKFan🔁@JayPrimetown @cfish90 @101singer @bdf522 I think Cincy is pretty much a lock at this point if they figure out a stadium
Optimus Primetown @JayPrimetown🔁@cfish90 @TruUKFan @101singer @bdf522 What was his take beyond Cincy and Sac Town?
Cincy Browncoat @cincy_browncoat🔁When terrorists abroad plow cars into crowds Trump condemns "radical Islam." But when it happens here, he talks of violence "on many sides."
Josu Prieto Currais @CurraisJosu🔁 @AlanKochYVR @CurraisJosu @fccincinnati I know I am, I swear I am, I am Cincy till I die!
Sam 😝 @top__tennis🔁i have low expectations re: rafa for cincy ttbh
Optimus Primetown @JayPrimetown🔁@TruUKFan @101singer I'd have to think Cincy and Sac Town are on the shortlist.
Wesley Colvin @TruUKFan🔁@JayPrimetown @101singer Yeah seems that way. Sadly I think Cincy get a team before us. And I will 1000% not root for them.
Trey Keiffer @Trey_Keiffer🔁@cgainey740 Come to Cincy my dude
C. Mick @CAMickSPOX52🔁New to Toledo. Originally from Florence (Y'all), KY. Cincy/NKY ruthless too.
Maria Sara @Amevrica🔁She knew and we knew that she wouldn't have played Cincy so I don't understand why she disappeared for weeks saying nothing on her condition
Nathan Stahl @BathroomStahl🔁 size 9.5

Breds 9/10 $320
Royals 9/10 $250
Red 3.0 8/10 $150
Blue 3.0 8/10 $150
MC 3.0 DS $270

Cincy local sz 9 750 trades

Zach @ZAdams1🔁Still pumped from the @Nickelback concert in Cincy so I have to listen to them the entire way to Florida. 🤘🏻
SOSA👣 @_Snipes3_🔁 @BearcatJournal Cincy getting a good one in Georgia WR Javan Hawes..
Jackson Bouchard @AllezGenie🔁Telling everyone she was definitely going to play Cincy. He didn't know. No one knew. If you're going to be annoying PLEASE don't reply thx
Gene Lerman @ESPN_Cincy🔁Retweet + follow for a chance to win packs! Have a great day today and head out to your local shop!
denny crunk @dennycrunk🔁 Cincy fans are rowdy guests because honestly we would party too if we got a days vacation from Cincy.
Wesley Colvin @TruUKFan🔁So apparently FC Cincy fans are a bunch of whiny little fucks. Figured they would be used to their sports teams getting spanked by now.
edro @discohio🔁Please revoke all the Cincy street cred I thought I had. Us, Today is one of the best five bands going today in Cincinnati. #513
Shelbie Carnes @ShelbieCarnes🔁I'm so excited to be in Cincy Wednesday but wow am I going to miss my ppl here
Brian Lewis @NYPost_Lewis🔁"Cutthroat" Wright-Phillips lifts Red Bulls past Orlando 3-1, says #RBNY should beat Cincy in upcoming Open Cup semi
Raymond X @PeaceLoveComics🔁@Bowman03Troy I'm Cincy
Bry @HooLouBry🔁Enough of this...if they'll write up dumb rules for what we can do Cincy, then do the same. Or eradicate the all. Fi ne. Even playing field.
Agus Putra Wijaya @guz_pw🔁@EliSmile436 @0maywta0 is it possible Eli reaches no.1 wta rank if she wins Toronto and Cincy?
Wyatt Weeks @White_Weeks🔁And we're not out here waiting for Cincy supporters to come off of their bus with clubs and such. It's just been su pport for both teams
Tennis Plug🔌 @thetennisplug🔁Escobedo loses in cincy qualifying serving 47% 1st serves in. Serve isn't good enough. Will continue to lose matches if it's not fixed
Nick hinds @nrhinds🔁Noticed you have been back on twitter a couple weeks, welcome back. Still one of my favorite people in your time her e in cincy!
Cove Chatter @CoveChatter🔁@Darryl_Zero @rog61 That's what I mean though, I think there's a fairly good chance they could work out a deal with Cincy.
ladylax @ladylax2015🔁Preview: Ohio boys soccer
C.J. Tieman @Cincy_Tieman🔁Worst shift turned super awesome by the end 😍
Devs @okaydevin🔁@Capittalism BLEHHHHHHHHH it said he lived in northeast OH tho. He don't deserve cincy 😒
Gene Lerman @ESPN_Cincy🔁 isn't over yet! RETWEET for another chance at a - commemorative set like this one!
Francesca Conte @Franeconte🔁No surprise, Genie Bouchard will skip the Cincinnati qualifying in favor of a training week.

c @CchristianArias🔁@rebecca_sams_ Kentucky has a football team??? I always thought the bengals just kinda represented cincy and nky
ken hoetker @khoetker🔁@AlanKochYVR @CurraisJosu @fccincinnati I know I am, I swear I am, I am Cincy till I die!
Cincy Link @cincylink🔁(Bryce Harper exits Nationals game with apparent knee injury) -

Published ... - - Cincy Link -

Cincinnati SC @Cincy_SC🔁Nothing like going to watch your team on the road and they give the home team a walk off win. 2nd year in a row that's happened to me. #Reds
Cyrus Kelly @C_kelly1988🔁@EVesnina001 when do you get into cincy? :)
Kyle @kklene16🔁@MoJoJoJeaux not around cincy?
KingInTheNorth @TheSkofieldKid🔁yea you won 5-0. But outside of Lville and Cincy no one will care. But when we play the Red Bulls the entire soccer w orld will be watching
DLee'sDeloPage @Danalee0913Dana🔁Some beautiful 📸 from 's show yesterday in Cincinnati, Ohio 7/30/17:) Thanks WCPO for the pics!
Token Jewish Girl @ImaJewishGirl🔁 queer and Jewish rights have been targeted and not represented fairly in Cincy govt
Telehope @TelehopeBand🔁 Thanks for such a positive write-up! #Telehope #Remedy
Adolph Goetz @adolphgoetz🔁Thanks for such a positive write-up! #Telehope #Remedy
Stefanie T Norris @StefanieThayerN🔁Good Cincy article mentions this again in Charlottesville today. Familiar from Berkeley.
Ryan @Ryanthelonevamp🔁@cdude9590 I can imagine how shitty it is living in the south. It sucks for me living in Cincy & close to Kentucky. Pure fuckery.
Tom Lewis @Elder_Cincy_Guy🔁Take a good look. These are future judges, loan processors, financial CEO's, police officers, professors etc
Tom @str8smak🔁@JTHV @WFLA @WFLAAnnie Yep well she is from Cincy all need say
RockSource @rock_source🔁 #Bucs RT Caleb Benenoch with a crushing block to seal the edge, Barber runs for a first down to the Cincy 6.
Amelia M @cambriaca🔁@Rafasgirlalways Sorry I don't - haven't even seen draw yet - did you check #Cincy website?
Chris Freeman @toooldtobehook🔁I assume Fed is entered in Cincy. Let's hope reaching the #RogersCup final doesn't change that.
Brad @brent9302🔁@JamesRapien when does Mixon get his name listed atop of depth chart? I'd like to see him squeeze hill out of Cincy and watch joe and gio!
Alexandra Saraswate @LexSara3213🔁And we're back in cincy for the last hoorah
Sean Cooper @seancooper_4🔁@powerserg408 Weddle chose BMore, tashuan Gipson chose Jacksonville, & George Iloka stayed back in Cincy man smh
♡♡ @Dopechase_pape🔁In cincy by myself until tomorrow night and my phone's about to die..😒😣
Nails Nathan @Nails_Nathan🔁At least I'm not part of a fan base that's bought into Mike Browns bullshit and think 7-9 is a winning season!
Chickadee @Bagelandtomato🔁I woke up 1 day wanting to be like C. One boxing lesson + old knee injury + bursitis + a surgery and man, I'm 8 + som e decades.
Steve Mac @macsgotjokes🔁@Angenette5 @Local12 I'm giving you a hard time honestly. I work in Cincy and I genuinely enjoy your coverage
Rafalution🎾MMXVII @RafalutionXV🔁Maria.... not playing Cincy. 🤷🏻‍♀️ see you in Asia, chica !
Tim @TimJames1989🔁@oshaughnessy @TheZidar @SoDaveWasLike Ha. Graeter's VS UDF is the eternal battle in Cincy
ㅤ🕸 @spacebfs🔁Can I take Keith to the cincy zoo so he can meet the famous Fiona the hippo
Melissa Potter @harriett_who🔁Not a big deal if that's how you roll. Always had mutual agreement ref smoke. In this instance also banned. Pro smoke here, anti-Cincy.
Charlie @ChalsLowery🔁Cincy was lit 🤘
bearfan80 @bearfan80🔁@ScottRussoUL You tweeted Cailin would be played at Cincy earlier. Looking forward to it!
Kween Nelle 👑 @isthatyogirl🔁@DayBaby_25 I do need to visit Cincy


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