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Chuck & Nancy Jeramy @jeramye🔁 Smart stuff from @JakeSherman on Chuck & Nancy & Donald.
Chuck & Nancy No Fake News! @politiciandirec🔁What President Trump has said about Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi
NerdyAmericano @NYCQuisqueyano🔁@FoxNews The Chuck and Nancy show is just so much better than McConnell/Ryan.
Chuck & Nancy Jessica Josephson @jjj5819🔁 Breitbart is taking the Democrats’ announced DACA agreement well.
Ann Coulter @AnnCoulter🔁Trump tells his audience what they want to hear. He told 63 million who voted for him he'd build a wall. Get used t o it, Chuck & Nancy.
Ryan Lizza @RyanLizza🔁A lot of heads are going to be exploding over this "Chuck and Nancy" statement.
Nicolle Wallace @NicolleDWallace🔁Art of the Deal, by Chuck and Nancy!
Leonard A. Burke @LeonardABurke🔁Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi announce deal with Trump to protect young immigrants - - @washtimes
melewis @595c9b5a95a2433🔁Trump tells his audience what they want to hear. He told 63 million who voted for him he'd build a wall. Get used to it, Chuck & Nancy.
Ann Naylor @annyfanny823🔁@Yamiche "The Art of the Deal, by Nancy and Chuck." Can't remember who said it.
The Quinntessential @Quinntessence_🔁I'm simple. I fail to see the 4th Dimensional Chess advantage to letting Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer take your lunch money.
Deniese Haderman @TKDberry🔁To sum up my point, Trump is a moron, Ryan/Mitch suck at governing and Nancy/Chuck just schooled the entire GOP with 11 dimensional chess
Binal Vaid @BinalVaid🔁Trump & Dems agree to DACA fix and resolve to iron out border-security plan, excluding wall, Schumer and Pelosi say
Merc2723 @Quicksilver2723🔁Have to give Trump credit for 1 thing. In 1 deft move, he revealed that he isn't a Republican, & Chuck & Nancy aren't Democrats.
#BuildThatWallTrump @49erFaNaTiC49er🔁@seanhannity @POTUS I agree Sean. Nancy & Chuck are Anti-America. they do everything to hurt our country.
ReaganRepublican @StillNeverTrump🔁@RyanLizza Now we get to see Trump's reaction. Chuck & Nancy got in front of narrative. What does he do now that his loyal base is angry?
George Robert @mertennikell🔁, , "agree" to fix , border security "excluding" the wall
NeverEither @Orangeblood2012🔁Trump: "Nancy! Chuck! Help!" --> Ryan rules out DACA replacement without border security measures via
SergioZone @zonesergio1🔁The Don, Chuck and Nancy Show" Trump, top Democrats agree to work on deal to save DACA - The Washington Post
Andrew Redlawsk @AndrewRedlawsk🔁CHUCK AND NANCY! YES! @SenSchumer @NancyPelosi #DACA #DefendDACA #DefendDREAMers #DreamAct #Dreamers ♥️🙌🕺
ray gault @raygault2🔁@realDonaldTrump @socialistmop STAY THE COURSE , & NOT DEAL WITH--CHUCK & NANCY--STICK TO WHAT YOU PROMISED
Dara Zane Scully @DaraZaneScully🔁@realDonaldTrump Didn't you get our ice cream tonight with Chuck & Nancy?
B @bXbyrne🔁 @GayPatriot Chuck Schumer was just working with one of his donors, and Nancy Pelosi.
Robby @RihannaFreak20🔁Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi best join Medicare for All
John w/Resistance @john_coster🔁 Trump meets with Chuck and Nancy and caves on The Wall. The Mexican ladder industry folds up and collapses.
BitterDickery ™ @BitterDickery🔁Maybe tell the deplorables you just made another deal with Chuck & Nancy, I bet they'd like that.
US Government Report @USGovReport🔁Did Chuck and Nancy roll Trump on DACA? #politics #trump #usa #breaking #news @zyiteblog🔁Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer Say They’ve Reached Deal With Trump on Young Immigrants
NEWS @newslivenetwork🔁Did Chuck and Nancy roll Trump on DACA?
anne g-r @agoldrand🔁looks like whoever took away his phone, couldn't keep it away for ever. loco trumpy is back, too much time with "chuc k & nancy"
Jeannie Hartley @Jeannie_Hartley🔁Schumer, Pelosi, Trump "agree" to fix DACA, border security "excluding" the wall
Rob Bodle @robbodle14🔁@ChrisStirewalt @RobGeorge At some point you have screwed over everyone. Then what? He cant now call Chuck and Nancy liars.
Trupac Finn Windu @ToAREaLLeo🔁 Dear Donald:
We're all you got left.
Chuck and Nancy
KianaKwon @KianaKwon🔁At this pace Nancy & Chuck are gonna have Trump issuing executive orders countermanding his prior executive orders by Halloween
BOSS_LA House & Home @LAHouseandHome🔁But in the meantime if Nancy and Chuck make some useful plans for our benefit before they nail his coffin shut, more power to them!
s @sonokocentral🔁 Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer proved who really knows the "art of the deal".
Kameron Williams @k_kameron🔁 Chuck and Nancy are good at their jobs.
Light Bryant @lightbryantZZ🔁Pelosi, Schumer say they reached agreement with Trump "to enshrine the protections of DACA into law quickly"
The Loftus Party @theloftusparty🔁 In a stunning turn, Chuck and Nancy lied?
Afterseven @Afterseven🔁We won, they lost. we have all 3 branches...We dont fcking need chuck and nancy. We dont need to find a middle.
NOT OUR PRESIDENT @theantitrump45🔁Schumer, Pelosi, Trump 'agree' to fix DACA. He cant be trustedby anyone. UNREAL!
Gary P Jackson (RAT) @gary4205🔁 Relax. Merrick Garland is highly respected and Nancy and Chuck say he'll be great.
Poll Cat @gato_danger🔁@seanhannity Trump made the deal Chuck & Nancy -- but only as a trial balloon! He'll walk it back before dawn.
Eddie J. McCoven @eddiejmccoven🔁Looks like the President's plan to force Congress to act may have worked

Carol Brower @CJSensible🔁Trump just reached a deal with top Democrats to protect 'dreamers' — and they say it doesn't include wall funding.

bobby_o @bobby_o🔁Continued partnership with Chuck & Nancy will sink him, wall or no wall. No O-care repeal, no wall, no tax reform. Go rsuch is the only win.
Maureen Jones @Missmo1951Jones🔁@Damn_it_Jim_ Let them giggle, I am giggling too. I think Nancy and Chuck are too cool.
Majken Bergman @majken_bergman🔁I feel confident that chuck and Nancy are way smarter than he is and are figuring out how to handle
Him and get what they (we) want.
Doc Herv Nerbler @Dr_Herv_Nerbler🔁President Trump reaches across the aisle again to pledge bipartisan DACA deal without divisive border wall funding.
john christian kehoe @Jchristiankehoe🔁Super smart Iowa congressman has a sad because a reality game show host will not be building imaginary structure and instead ❤️ Nancy/Chuck
Rob Bodle @robbodle14🔁@secupp its too late. this isnt news anymore. trump has a fresh news cycle working. something about Chuck and Nancy 2.0
Pat DeNoble @Gallahadgirl🔁 Art of the Deal, by Chuck and Nancy!
DONTYAKNOW @StayThristy🔁Trump will loose all his support if he keeps making deals with the Devils, Chuck & Nancy. GOP has Senate and House & POTUS deals with Dems!
michail azarniyouch @52gaga🔁Schumer, Pelosi, Trump 'agree' to fix DACA
Judy K @OnVegasTime🔁You're an annoying troll. Trump bashing only makes his base stronger. The resistance is failing ask Chuck & Nancy... lol...they know
KnowYourLeaks @KnowYourLeaks🔁Did Chuck Schumer And Nancy Pelosi Roll Trump On Daca? (pls RT↺❤️)
Susana M. Muñoz @SusanaPhD🔁Schumer, Pelosi, Trump 'agree' to fix DACA @CNNPolitics
Victoria @victorianoell🔁No wall.
DACA enshrined.

Trump didn't make a deal w Chuck and Nancy. Trump got screwed by Chuck and Nancy.

Trump just screwed his base.


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