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Popular tweets tagged with Chris Sale:
Stori @SkateStori🔁 ICYMI: Chris Sale DOMINATED yesterday.
Chris Sale chris cousins @ozcousins🔁New artwork for sale! - "Mysore Palace" - @fineartamerica
Chris Sale Mark Tinsley Jr. @marktinsleyjr🔁Chris Sale's first 4 starts with the #RedSox compared to @45PedroMartinez. Really similar.
Chris Sale Chris @2kvil🔁 Chris Sale throwback jersey ✂✂✂ #toppsbaseball #toppshumor
Boston Red Sox @RedSox🔁A Chris Sale gem, a clutch @mookiebetts hit and this one is final! #RedSox 4, Blue Jays 1. #WINDANCEREPEAT
Boston Red Sox @RedSox🔁ICYMI: Chris Sale DOMINATED yesterday.
Pedro Martinez @45PedroMartinez🔁If I am going to pay money to go see a pitcher right now it would be Chris Sale! The guys brings integrity to the game!
start cajo ffs @P1TCHFRAM1NG🔁can somebody tell chris sale that trumbo's glove is a throwback jersey
Dean Poulin @crazystick77🔁@Sarge985 enjoy!!!! Soon we will be talking Sale. Chris Sale......God i hate baseball!😂
Casey @Mike_Casey18🔁 If I am going to pay money to go see a pitcher right now it would be Chris Sale! The guys brings integrity to the game!
Melissa @melissasfeed🔁 Navarro on Chris Sale/Jersey Gate: "He didn't like it (the jerseys) and he went crazy."
Nick Schaefer @Nick_BPSS🔁Chris Sale has as many Ks this year as the Twins' three strikeout leaders combined.
Melissa @melissasfeed🔁 Who is your most likely #BlueJays candidate for going on a Chris Sale-like jersey-slicing rampage?
VJ Carreon, RMT @Beaaaaaaans🔁waiting for chris sale to stand on the mount #RedSox
Michael Silverman @MikeSilvermanBB🔁John Farrell hasn't changed his mind about that hook of Chris Sale.
Red Sox Info @InfoRedSox🔁Did John Farrell make the correct decision by not allowing Chris Sale to pitch a complete game & using Craig Kimbrel in the 9th yesterday?
Rush @erush710🔁@SoxofWhite because Chris Sale is not pitching?
James Higgins @15Higgins🔁Chris Sale with 13 Ks yesterday he was dominant again🔥🔥
David hibbs @patsfan7429🔁 8 innings, 0 runs, 4 hits, 13 strikeouts, 1 walk for Chris Sale. Filthy.
Red Sox Nation Stats @RSNStats🔁#RedSox took the series from the #BlueJays with a dramatic win yesterday on an incredible 13-strikeout performance by pitcher Chris Sale.
Wally Brennan @wbrennan52🔁You know who else is dominant? Chris Sale.
LermArton @LermArton🔁 Chris Sale - Boston Red Sox (6 today, 4 IP, 46 pitches)
Da Burgh SRH @DaBurghSRH🔁 Where Is Chris Sale's Run Support? " #SportsRoadhouse
ADUM⁷ @ADUM7x🔁In the spirit of we are running a weekend flash sale, inspired by this beauty.
Chris is a mother, a trailblazer, an influencer…
Chris Ahlers @Chris_Ahlers🔁Want to own your own town? Nearly all of tiny Tiller, Oregon, is for sale for $3.5 million. Read story:
SouthCoast Varsity @SC_Varsity🔁Nick Friar: Chris Sale in need of some revved-up run scoring
Matt @Mr_Chuckie16🔁Kelly Barnhill ought to be the Chris Sale of college softball.
Jason Kufs @kufss🔁I have to get your book. Fascinating. Although I'm not sure how it'd apply to say, a Chris Sale.'d need to adjust entire system.


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