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Chris Rock Elygantthings @EBNAdvertising🔁Chris Rock Confesses Cheating On His Wife With Three Women, Admits Porn Addiction: ‘Im A F*
Chris Martin Palmer @ChrisPalmerNBA🔁Chris Rock's new Netflix special came out today. This line is 6 minutes in:
"There ain't never gonna be no gun contro l. You talk about it long enough and you will get shot. They are not changing the gun laws."
The New York Times @nytimes🔁Review: Chris Rock's new Netflix special is more searching and confessional than his previous work
Anthony Jeselnik @anthonyjeselnik🔁Chris Rock's new Netflix special is so good, it was directed by Bo Burnham and it's still good.
Nichelle sutton @sutton_nichelle🔁 Chris Rock once said, “I’m sending my kids to a black school where it’s safe”
RanMachenko @DrTruth247🔁Chris Rock Said They'll Shoot You For Talking About gun control
James @baamez🔁Cheeks hurt from Chris Rock: Tambourine special on @Netflix
MOSEY COZY @therockinrobby🔁. Damn, Them Changes as the intro for Chris Rock’s new Comedy special only available on Netflix
proudmomma4Trump 🇺🇸 @jenpenzy🔁 Chris Rock Urges Cops To “Shoot A White Kid” To Even Things Out -
Enhle @CouchDetective🔁Bout to get on @NetflixSA for this chris rock special
🌵👹🌵 @JethroPetro🔁“Only women, children and dogs are loved unconditionally, men are only loved because of what they can provide” - Chris Rock hit the nail on the head
N'Jadaka/ Erik (KILL MOE)nger @MadDapr🔁Chris Rock's special is REALLY good, btw.
will @The_Kidz_ILL🔁The judges for the NBA All-Star Dunk Contest this weekend: Chris Rock, Mark Wahlberg, Julius Erving, Lisa Leslie, and DJ Khaled.
XO❤️ @lynnyChap🔁 "If you're in a relationship, all you should be doing is fucking and going places."

I support this, Chris Rock.

🃏James So Rude🃏 @FuckYoLife1_87🔁 “If you’re in a relationship, the only thing you need to be doing is fucking and traveling” - Chris Rock
Dj Low940 @Color940🔁Now playing Idols Become Rivals (Birdman Diss) by Rick Ross Feat. Chris Rock
Kristina Houston @wolff_moon🔁 “I’m sending my kids to a black school where it’s safe” ~ Chris Rock
Bill Dineen @cleveramerican🔁I increasingly like Chris Rock’s solution to the gun issue.
Make a bullet cost $5000.
You can have all the guns you w ant, you can fetishize them all you want, sleep with it, bring it to Starbucks and Walmart if you want. Pretend your 1972 Clint Eastwood to your hearts content.
Gel @LttleGel🔁lol @ Chris Rock impressed at how quick women fuck. But you have to make sure the sex is good or what are you doing? lol - Chris Rock / Tamborine
soca empress @tiffyMontana🔁Y’all watched Chris Rock’s new stand up yet lol
Gel @LttleGel🔁"I love pussy, but I love peace more. You want to be my girl, just be peaceful." - Chris Rock / Tamborine
Young T’Challa @MusBeNyce🔁‘If you’re in a relationship all you should be doing is fucking and going places; having sex and travelling, cumming and going - Chris Rock


erratic at best @_alaaihxb🔁i love chris rock but not without a script someone else wrote
LightAnL Messi @InfamousP🔁What Chris Rock said about his parents actually missing each other cuz cell phones didn't exist might be the most underrated bit from his Netflix special.
Deeba Nasiha @JUSS_danDEE🔁 “Relationships are only tough when one person working on it..”

-Chris Rock


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