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mtb.noah @mtb_noah🔁 Chris Paul is a MAGICIAN 🎩 with the rock... (via @nba)
Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁Ray Allen says CP3 could’ve been a Celtic in 2011 but Doc Rivers didn’t want to send Rondo to New Orleans because of his relationship with Monty Williams
SLAM Magazine @SLAMonline🔁Chris Paul is a MAGICIAN 🎩 with the rock... (via @nba)
Manuaragon.A. @AManuaragon🔁 Chris Paul is a MAGICIAN 🎩 with the rock... (via @nba)
NBA @NBA🔁It was all as they take it 109-93 over the behind big nights from James Harden (28 PTS, 6 AST, 6 REB) and Chris Pau l (18 PTS, 9 AST)!

gigimoonwalking @GigiALIVE🔁 Niggas think this team is worried about Chris Paul
Kostas Kokkoras @Kostas_Kokkoras🔁The problem with your assumptions is that Eumenes did never need any interpreters to communicate with Maced onians:
Just Me † @VisionsOfMe🔁Leigh Foxx, Clem Burke, Paul Carbonara, Jimmy Destri, Debbie Harry and Chris Stein, 1999 by Patrick Ford.
Chris Paul @Chris_Paul_Esq🔁@BSELaw @veronicayes68 Well played, counsel.
CASH @IAMDAVECASEY🔁Alex Smith has some weapons now:

- Josh Doctson
- Paul Richardson
- Jordan Reed
- Jamison Crowder
- Chris Thompson
Add Guice in the draft and that’s nice

Jacob Shaw @shawsome54🔁The biggest (albeit most disappointing) news of the day: Paul and Chris Reid won’t race today

Paul said he doesn’t want Reid to risk reaggrvating that hammy injury

Slim Jim @_JimmyCrack_🔁Current Redskins projected skill position starters:
QB: Alex Smith
RB: Rob Kelley/Chris Thompson
TE: Jordan Reed/Vernon Davis
WR: Paul Richardson, Jamison Crowder, Josh Doctson
ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΩΝ ΠΡΩΤΗΣ @Macedon_First🔁Gunther, NATO is not protectIng/supporting Greece with its dispute with Turkey. Erdogan has kidnapped Greek soldiers and flies jets over the Aegean like it’s a joke. Turkey supports Fyrom peddling fake narrative so both can destroy Greece and flood it and Europe with Muslims.
Ιωαννης @TJ3TZFnJt3LNK1z🔁No, definitely NATO/EU are only protect their interests
Yung Flex @FlexfromThecamp🔁Aye i said it once and ima say it again. Rockets sweeping the warriors because they got Chris paul and James harden. #htown
ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΩΝ ΠΡΩΤΗΣ @Macedon_First🔁No, definitely NATO/EU are only protect their interests
Teddy Downer @T_DoubleE🔁 updated Skill-Position Corps:

QB Alex Smith
RB Chris Thompson/Samaje Perine
WR Jamison Crowder
WR Paul Richardson
WR Josh Doctson
TE Jordan Reed/Vernon Davis

Paul Whitelaw @paulwhitelaw🔁Jimmy Hoffa! Anthony Kiedis! Brian Dennehy! Rod Steiger! Peter Boyle! A pre-steroids Stallone! Joe Eszterhas! Cliff Barnes! Plus Chris and Paul. There's one helluva guest-list in episode 3, which is all about F.I.S.T.


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