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SnappyCovfefe Analytica @SnappyBHS🔁 Wow, Justice Kennedy's retirement made Chris Matthews lose his mind.

This is an epic meltdown.

Joyce Alene @JoyceWhiteVance🔁Chris Matthews is the fire in the belly the Democrats are going to need to muster if they want to succeed with this S cotus pick, in November and beyond.
The Daily Beast @thedailybeast🔁MSNBC host Chris Matthews: "Hell to pay" if Dems don't block Kennedy replacement
Chris Matthews Titia @Titia12271485🔁 Chris Matthews: Dems must do to Trump what McConnell did to Obama
Brent Bozell @BrentBozell🔁Yesterday was a bad day for Chris Matthews, but something tells me today is going even worse for America's #1 liberal blowhard.
B. Kim Youmans @BKimYoumans3🔁 " Lookout"!! "Slobbering", Chris Matthews is looking for vengeance!
ladietiger6bnx @joylladiebnx🔁Remember when trump told Chris Matthews that women who have abortions should be punished?

Shame on every woman who voted for that despicable man.

@the_rockin_pilot🎸 @Rocking_pilot🔁I just watched Chris Matthews show opener. 🔥🔥🔥

He's PISSED and says that if Senate Dems don't fight with everything they've got to keep Justice Kennedy's replacement from being seated, the base will revolt.

And he's right.

Melissa Ryerson @Melissa_Ryerson🔁 Chris Matthews is on fire. But what's his plan? There's no legislative tool that I know of to prevent this by the Democrats.
W Myers @wam3er🔁Chris Matthews, learning about the retirement of Justice Kennedy, no longer has a “thrill up his leg” has turned to crap down his leg. 😂
Daryl-Sir LoinO'Beef @DarylSirLoinBef🔁All this winning!!
Travel ban upheld
Unions cant extort money from employees
Masterpiece Bakery
Justice Anthony Kennedy retires, New seat open
Chris Matthews meltdown...priceless 🤣🤣the chill is gone

There are no
He wins!!

SharonSandy @TrumpGirl_1🔁 Chris Matthews should take a cue from Justice Kennedy--and retire.
Riley Ruson @RileyRuson🔁I agree with Chris Matthews. There will be ‘hell to pay’ if Democrats don't block Anthony Kennedy's replacement.

If the Democratic leadership doesn’t treat Trump’s Supreme Court nominee the way Mitch McConnell treated Merrick Garland, ‘they’re through’

Matt Altman @MattAltman2🔁Chris Matthews is the fire in the belly the Democrats are going to need to muster if they want to succeed with this Scotus pick, in November and beyond.
Loveforwild @mconkins🔁Matthews said that if Democrats “don’t use everything they’ve got—if they don’t play hardball—I think they’re through.”
Janet @janet8588🔁Chris Matthews is right, the Democrats need to pull out all the stops on the supreme court nomination. The Democrats want to do this. But they know it’ll only succeed if we give them cover by screaming at the top of our lungs that we demand they pull out all the stops.
Mark Augustine @MarkAugustine60🔁Chris Matthews: Democrats will "pay" if they don't block Trump's next Supreme Court pick. News flash, Einstein: Maki ng Democrats pay for their crimes against our republic is part of the plan.
CommonComments @CommonComments🔁 MSNBC host Chris Matthews: "Hell to pay" if Dems don't block Kennedy replacement
rocket6315 @rocket6315🔁🤣My stomach hurts from laughing all day.....MY SIDES😭😭😭

Chris Wallace says Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has “no right” to fill the vacancy left on the Supreme Court by the retirement of Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy.

#Liz @Lizbethjoy🔁 Hide your alcohol.


Chris Matthews is about to go on an epic bender ...

#ChrisMatthews #QAn on

Trump is a Grifter! @maggiekpc🔁"It's time for Democrats to play Hardball. I'm Chris Matthews and I'm urging them to do just that. There are times to fight and this is one of them."
Becca @BeckyRae12345🔁Democrats better get it together and stop calling for civility. The base is primed for revolt, as Chris Matthews said.

Hold Republicans accountable for their OWN violations of the rules.

Looking at you, Mitch McConnell.

Chris PIlz @chrispilz🔁Chris Matthews: Mitch McConnell has ‘no right’ to fill Supreme Court vacancy - - @washtimes
sie2sienna @sie2sienna🔁Chris Matthews just said if democrats don’t stop the SCOTUS nomination more Democrats like Crowley will be removed. But I thought old white men replaced by Hispanic & black women is what the Dems stand for Chris.
TeeTruth @TianaLovely87🔁@LawrenceBJones3 BIG BIG MAD!! 🤣 🤣
But did you see Chris Matthews? 😭😭😭
Dolly Miller Brennan @Dolly_World🔁Chris Matthews says Democrats will pay if they don't bock Trump's Supreme Court pick. Sorry, Chris, you don't have the votes, remember you lost over 1,000 seats under Obama?
Da_Skeptunes @Robin_Volpi🔁What he said, I agree.
No appeasement.
No backing down.

“I don’t think the Democrats should allow meetings to occur with Trump’s nominee. I think they have to fight eye for an eye for what McConnell did in 2016." -- Chris Matthews

J. Milford @Onegreystray🔁⁦⁩ have to fight eye for an eye for what happened in ‘16 when ⁦⁩, led by ⁦⁩, refused to even consider or even meet w/ Merrick Garland.” ⁦⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩
Shauna @heyimshaunarae🔁 Not a fan of Chris Matthews but he is absolutely right about this, @TheDemocrats.
Terry Stanley @TerenceStanley4🔁Chris Matthews...your over the top meltdown today and the rest who followed...I'm I

And thank you, Harry Reid, such wisdom and foresight.

Sonja Harris @SonjaHHarris🔁Chris Matthews is a #Catholic regardless he thinks Dems Should Boycott Trump Court Nominee #MAGA #SCOTUS
Deplorable KEVIN @ACatholicKnight🔁Yesterday was a bad day for Chris Matthews, but something tells me today is going even worse for America's #1 liberal blowhard.
Robin Pierce @Wildmoonsister🔁⚡️ “Chris Matthews says Democrats will 'pay' if they don't block Trump's Supreme Court pick” .

Rita Billow, Ph.D. @RitaBillow🔁Chris Matthews tells Dems to fight for SCOTUS: "Dems must do to Trump what McConnell did to Obama"

“It’s an absurdity. It’s one thing to get rid of the filibuster rule, but to allow it to be decided on a 50-49 margin... is a travesty.”

HuntingRinos @RinoNewsdotcom🔁Chris Matthews - #AmericasBlowhard


ConservativeArtist @ACourageCulture🔁Who cares about Chris Matthews and the leftist hysterics mob.

Run them right over with another top shelf conservative judge!

Jennifer 🌊 #alwaysthirsty 🥃 @jlheelan🔁 Okay, when CHRIS MATTHEWS is channeling liberal rage, you know something's going on...
District 1 @Bluesman57🔁Chris Matthews Has A Meltdown After He’s Asked How Can Democrats Fight Trump Appointment To SCOTUS via
Tara Johansson @tara_johansson🔁My boy Chris Matthews came out swinging for the fences on tonight! really need to stop being door mats & play



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