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Elizabeth Peake @yyQrrLO2aI3QnfF🔁 Punter Chris Jones out there doing JJ Wilcox impressions ... stealing people's souls.
Chris Jones Chris @Mr_Chris_Jones🔁Exhibit A
Mike Bergin @BERGIsTheWord13🔁 *Looks on Twitter*

"Chris Jones out 4-6 months..."


Chris Jones Cosmic Jones @cosmic_jones🔁 Chris and a sky full of Parisian stars... A #ColdplayParis
Chris Jones Chris Gow @chris_gow🔁 Superman, Poirot, Indiana Jones, Entourage and Hercules. You're welcome. #DoctorWho13
Sean Callahan @Sean_Callahan🔁Nebraska's top defensive player Chris Jones will be out potentially four to six months with a knee injury. Major, maj or blow.
andrew kaczynski 🤔 @KFILE🔁bad faith alt-righter are now tweeting this joke about Chris Christie dancing w/Jerry Jones as if not in jest.
Adam Joseph @AdamJosephSport🔁I know it's just a friendly, but I don't want to see Chris Smalling pairing Phil Jones in central defence anymore. Please end this.
Threndsa @Threndsa🔁@lycrashampoo @jones_the_chris If it's burning you probably need to grab the lube...or lay off gas station burritos.
Brian Towle @BrianRTowle🔁Well, it does actually. Would be helping if Chris Jones redshirted this year.
Coach Drunk Screech @CoachBourbonUSA🔁It is insanely funny. Amy Poehler, Aziz Ansari, Nick Offerman, Adam Scott, Chris Pratt, Rasheeda Jones, Rob Lowe. All star cast
fantasybballbot @fantasybballbot🔁team with klay thompson, james harden,tyson chandler, frank jones, chris bosh, and dakota thompson




MACHADO🐐 @JohnWallGOAT1🔁@LaOrioles That is Dan duquette's fault! He paid Chris Davis for 6yrs/160+M. He can't even afford Wieters, machado, jones, Britton etc
Adam Krueger @AdamKruegerTV🔁Joining tonight on at 10:30 to discuss the injury of Chris Jones, in the and hoops
Nick Handley @NickESPN590🔁Joining @AdamKruegerTV tonight on @OSIsports at 10:30 to discuss the injury of Chris Jones, #Huskers in the #NFL and #Jays hoops #KMTV3
Christian Cabrera @chris_thabeast🔁 She looks like Junie B Jones in today's life. 💕? ?
Yousefmessi @yousefmekhaeel🔁I liked a @YouTube video Shocking Audition By Chris Jones, He Makes Howie Hypnotized America's Got Talent 2015
Norma Ramos @amronsomar🔁 The latest The Chris Jones Daily! Thanks to @amronsomar #writetip #ttt
Hans Watson @iamhanswatson🔁Canes management is happy 2 announce the hiring of new Assistant Coach Chris Bain. He joins Jason Dopaco and Mark Jones 4 our 2017/18 season
Stephen Knight @snknight1968🔁I can't even stand the sound of his voice so even less what he has to say.He's a buffoon & on the same list as Van Jo nes,Chris Cuomo & so on
The ©hris  @FHTV_chris🔁Bridget Jones's tantrum #MoodyMovies
Jeff Bloechle @jeffbloechle🔁With Chris Jones out 4-6 months what are the chances he redshirted?
rob🤙🏼 @REB_0031🔁17U Final

Team Richmond GR 44
River City Reign 39

Top Performers

Chris Ford 11p 16r
Jalen Jefferson 9
Timon Jones 10

nate malcom @MalcomNate🔁Nebraska CB Chris Jones, Nebraska’s top returning corner, may miss the 2017 regular season with a knee injury.

🤠🔴 @MysticalMarcus🔁Phil Jones & Chris Smalling didn't even look secure against a 2nd string XI LA Galaxy side. Clubs are interested, let's hope they sign them.
Cat Manning @catacalypto🔁@lycrashampoo @jones_the_chris you can TRY
Jenni McCowboymilk @lycrashampoo🔁@catacalypto @jones_the_chris Cat you know I can't make promises like that
Long Haired Freak @Tweetmare🔁@catacalypto @lycrashampoo @jones_the_chris Beat me to it once again...
Cat Manning @catacalypto🔁@lycrashampoo @jones_the_chris please never use the phrase "burning anal sex" again
Jenni McCowboymilk @lycrashampoo🔁having a fantastic time recording with right now, still time to get your burning anal sex questions in before next s ession!
Chuck LZ @chuck_dc🔁@RealMNchiefsfan Chris Jones in year 2 as well....🔥🔥🔥
Cimani @Cimani_Jones🔁Chris is absolutely hilarious when Olivia is reading out what she likes about him 😂😂I LOVE CHRIS!
Women's Arts Assn @WomensArts🔁"Plebeian scribblers" drawing in rain with Melvyn Williams, Patricia McKenna Jones, Chris Harrendence via
Ahora Suena @ahorasuena🔁Reproduciendo "Young Again (feat. Chris Jones)" de "Hardwell" en #RadioGarach !!!
Kristine Jutras @KristineJutras🔁We can't find Justin, we hate Chris, but love Mike Jones
KCMIZZOU @KCMIZZOUTATTOOE🔁Chiefs defensive lineman Chris Jones (@cjonesmsu96) received a special painting from a fan () after his dab celebration in Carolina.
Max Anderson @maxbook_pro🔁@s_ry2017 Chris Jones torn meniscus, Blades & Watts didn't make grades and are going to JC for a year
Waylon Carlson @mwc241🔁Nebraska's top defensive player Chris Jones will be out potentially four to six months with a knee injury. Major, major blow.
#GetSchmittyBack❄️ @GetSchmittyBack🔁@VictiniLuigi77 @NASCARonNBC @erik_jones Chris Gayle
Isaac Snyder @Velocity88X🔁@NASCARonNBC @erik_jones Chris Gayle will probably come over from @FRRacingTeam
Blue Jones Beats @BlueJonesPromo1🔁Ty Dolla Sign/Drake/Chris Brown Type Beat - "Remember When" (Prod by Blue Jones)
Steps SEO OFFICIAL @steps_seo#NetNeutrality 🔁//" target="_blank">
Chris Jones @shimoobi🔁Shimoobi just a silly name that sprang to mind when thinking of a handle that noone else had - sick of chris jones - most common name evva
Chris @Mr_Chris_Jones🔁The only doctor I'm aware of is Oh Doctor Beeching
Vans de France @Vans_de_France🔁Fabulous evening - concert Keziah Jones & Morcheeba in the Cité de Carcassonne — feeling amazed at France,...
Chris @Mr_Chris_Jones🔁When you do do Bags For Life can you include the Tesco Cancer Research bags as they're a better shape than the regula r ones.
Chris @Mr_Chris_Jones🔁My cat looks really cute tonight
guz @scottguzman🔁@OWHbigred Chris Jones should do what is best for Chris jones.
DDJR @officielDDJR🔁#NowPlaying Manse-Feat-Chris-Jones-Rising - Sun.mp3
♀Brown🎀 @Junie_D_Jones🔁Listening to the old Chris Brown. 😍
Chris Jones @ChrisJones_Now🔁The latest The Chris Jones Daily! Thanks to @amronsomar #writetip #ttt
Roberta Hillier @myfibonacci🔁have you read Chris Masters book on Alan Jones? read that and you will get a real insight into what Jones is # its pretty disgusting
Black Daria 🐸 @natilee_jones🔁We drag Chris Brown, Jeffree Star, Kodak Black etc all the time. She just wanna be ignorant & not be dragged. It don't work like that.
karl @jode_jones🔁 chris has the cutest smile ever i want to marry him #LoveIsland
shaunnie @shaunnie_jones🔁Chris is cuteeeeeee
charleigh @jones_charlx🔁liv is finally realising chris deserves to be treated right😍😍😍
Dylan Ozenbaugh @cynicalHoss🔁 Can I donate my meniscus to Chris jones
Sara Reid @fordipenbe1979🔁 Hardwell feat. Chris Jones - Young Again (Official Video HD): via @YouTube
jordan @jordss_jones🔁Honestly would be over the moon and find it the funniest thing if Chris rejected liv now😂😂 #LoveIsland
Chris Nethery @b_ofrights🔁And Chris.. had no idea Jones was . These rivers run deep and weird.
Joshua Bennett @jbhusker15🔁@BigRed_Fury He's taking the Chris Jones news poorly. Prayers.
charleigh @jones_charlx🔁god help when chris and kem have kids😂😂😂 #LoveIsland
Stella Stella @OStellaStella🔁And Chris.. had no idea Jones was . These rivers run deep and weird.
Chris Fetters @Chris_Fetters🔁Sidney Jones is here at the UW Passing Camp. #Dawgman
Chris Kirk @chris_kirk13🔁 Alan Jones is really pathologically obsessed with attacking women. He really needs to address his issues #insiders
Stella Stella @OStellaStella🔁LOL! is even funnier with Jones freak out about fish people. I saw that originally courtesy of C hris. LMFAO.
Out of the Blue 🔷 @CTA_CEO🔁Fucc Bobby Bowden! Fucc Jameis! Fucc Charlie Ward! Fucc Randy Moss for going and gettin kick off! Fucc Greg Jones! Fucc Chris Weinke!
Slim @Slim__Jones🔁 @DBOYGAMEZ @playboiiryan @Prettyboyfredo Chris smoove is the 2k godfather and thats what's on his channel
Марина Гордеева @YCWN7mH5pxAaQV1🔁Patriots' WR Chris Hogan and Falcons' WR Julio Jones finished with identical receiving lines on Sunday: 9 Rec, 180 Rec yds and 2 Rec TD.


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