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Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter🔁Desert draws older crowd: Cardinals signed Emmitt Smith in 2003, Edgerrin James in 2006, Chris Johnson in 2015 and now Adrian Peterson.
Matt Fonseca @MatthewFonseca7🔁 Adrian Peterson, Chris Johnson, Carson Palmer, Larry Fitzgerald. The Cardinals offense is like a retirement community.
Ian Rapoport @RapSheet🔁With the addition of veteran RB Adrian Peterson, safe to say the roster spot of Chris Johnson (2.5 yards per rush) is deeply in jeopardy.
ProFootballTalk @ProFootballTalk🔁Confirmed: Saints have indeed traded Adrian Peterson to the Cardinals. Chris Johnson and Peterson are teammates. For now.
Shaolin ShoGun, M.A. @QCMadeJMcCoy🔁 To make room for Adrian Peterson, the Cardinals have released Chris Johnson
CARDINALS 2-3 @SickFrank🔁 Not a surprise. Peterson will essentially get Chris Johnson's role.
TOP VIRAL @TOPVIRAL5🔁Chris Johnson out in Arizona with Adrian Peterson on way
Kevin Keegan @sportomax🔁With Chris Johnson and now Adrian Peterson at their disposal, the Cardinals are now the clear favorites to reach the 2009 NFC Title Game
TheBigBreakfast @CMasse_15🔁To make room for RB Adrian Peterson, Cardinals released RB Chris Johnson. The two RBs connected in past connected again in different way.
CARDINALS 2-3 @SickFrank🔁 Cardinals have released RB Chris Johnson.
BW Breaking News @BWBreaking🔁Cardinals trade for Adrian Peterson, cut Chris Johnson -
Matt travers @hoebot_69🔁 Adrian Peterson and Chris Johnson: The Cardinals back field would be amazing if this was 2008.
Gustavo Salazar @BoliSalazar🔁@RoobNBCS Spoke too soon, the Cardinals just released Chris Johnson
Sports Illustrated @SInow🔁To make room for Adrian Peterson, the Cardinals have released Chris Johnson
Melissa L. Jenkins @MsMelissaL🔁The Cardinals have reportedly released Chris Johnson after trading for Adrian Peterson
RUDEBOY @RUDEBOY_______🔁The Cardinals released RB Chris Johnson, to make room for Adrian Peterson on the roster.

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THE African American @bluestdeuce🔁In their prime sans injury who would you rather have, Adrian Peterson, Jamaal Charles or Chris Johnson?
Red Lightning @Its_Thurnis🔁 #Cardinals are releasing veteran RB Chris Johnson with the addition of Adrian Peterson.
Austin Hubbard @AustinH821🔁@NFL so Adrian Peterson is with the Arizona Cardinals now, any idea if he will take over the starting role from Chris Johnson?
Montana Quinn Runser @SportsNibba🔁Another team.Adrian Peterson has been ofically traded to the Arizona Cardinals.This happens as Chris Johnson is out for this year of injury.
Anthony Cervino @therealNFLguru🔁 Chris Johnson released by Cardinals via @therealNFLguru #fantasyfootball
Matthew A Korn @matthewakorn🔁Mysteries of FF, AZ cut Chris Johnson but kept Kerwin Williams, maybe they forgot Williams was on the roster...
Danielle @KittyKatDeee🔁Emmitt Smith
Edgerrin James
Rashard Mendenhall
Chris Johnson
And now Adrian Peterson

The Phoenix area has built a nice retirement community

Justin Rose @JroseUO🔁Palmer AP, chris Johnson, Fitzgerald gah damn that madden team would be stacked
Chris Bennett @chrisgb00🔁@ESPNNFL @BoScaife80 Arizona cut chris Johnson
Paul @AngryDog01🔁@RapSheet Chris Johnson was cut he's gone according to ESPN
Zack Overboe @Zoverboe23🔁Carson Palmer, Larry Fitzgerald, Adrian Peterson, and Chris Johnson. The Cardinals would be Super Bowl favorites if this was 2010.
The SensiNatty Kid @SensiNattyKid🔁Adrian Peterson & Chris Johnson are on the same team.
However my 2009 Fantasy Football League Commissioner called & he's vetoing the trade.
☆WHAT A $H@M3☆ @540zCIG🔁@FakeSportsCentr @RamfamPodcaster Chris Johnson was cut
Ryan @TheeRyanTemple🔁NFL rushing leaders:
2009- Chris Johnson
2008- Adrian Peterson
2007- LaDainian Tomlinson
LT should probably keep his phone on, just in case.
Vada E. Pinson III @VadaPinsonIII🔁Cards trade for RB Peterson, cut Chris Johnson


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