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Chloe Kim (듀랑고함)이들리▼ @spork_123🔁 chloe kim finally got her ice cream, and she’s eating it while doing interviews
Chloe Kim CLsMole @Cl_boobs🔁Ms. @chaelinCL congratulate Chloe Kim for Winning Gold Medalist 😍
Proud Co-Gzb here 😘
Chloe Kim Art @artkeiter🔁 Chloe Kim Lives Up To The Hype, Wins Gold On The Halfpipe
Chloe Kim h a z e l j o y @joaquin_hazel🔁 CL gives a cheerful shout out to Olympic gold medalist Chloe Kim
Chloe Kim #TISNews @INSubcontinent🔁Chloe Kim isn't just a gold me . #TISNews Click Link-
Sung Min Kim @sung_minkim🔁Reminder that Chloe Kim is a 1st-generation Korean-American whose parents were immigrants from Korea. She is a phenom , the best at what she does, and the glory goes towards the U.S. because her parents were able to settle down in America.

Protect and embrace immigrants.

ESPN @espn🔁It's a GOLD for Chloe Kim in the halfpipe!

The 17-year-old American is youngest woman to win an Olympic snowboarding medal.

⚜️I AM SPARTACUS ⚜️ @moongoddess1968🔁 On her victory lap, Chloe Kim lands back-to-back 1080s and the judges reward her with a 98.25. Coronation complete.
HealthCoachJaye @HealthCoachJaye🔁American Dream: Dad of gold medal winning snowboarder Chloe Kim came to LA from So.Korea in 1982 w $800. Got job as a dishwasher at fast-food franchise, saved money, got an engineering degree. Drove Chloe 5 hours on wkends 2 mountains so she could practice
Joshua Rust @jgrust🔁GOLD for Chloe Kim! The 17-year-old has done it for Team USA in the women's snowboard halfpipe!
Lisa Permar @lisa_permar🔁 is proving again and again that diversity is our greatest strength:

🥉 Adam Rippon first openly gay U.S. athlete to place

⛸ Mirai Nagasu, daughter of immigrants, first 🇺🇸 woman to land triple axel

🏂 Chloe Kim wins Gold, her dad’s “American Dream”

Kae @Freestrider🔁Chloe Kim’s father says this made all his sacrifice worth it. Pointed to himself, said “American dream!” and whooped.
Curtis @stevenacurtis🔁U.S. snowboarder Chloe Kim steals the Korean spotlight after winning gold Via ✔️CC
VivelaLiberte' @vivelaliberte🔁Prescription: Ingenuity. The history of aka snowboarding...In honor of the and chloe kim crushing it in 🏂🏂❄️❄️🥇🥇
KIM HYE-JIN RAINHA @rainingspellhae🔁A Korean-American Female snowboarder, Chloe Kim, who recently won a Gold medal during Pyeongchang Olympics is very known for being Super Junior's fan.

Congratulations to you, co-elf! 👏😍

OctopusHunk @TentaclePorn_co🔁You wanna make me cry? Show me this picture of Chloe Kim's dad right before she hits the half-pipe. Yea, that'll do it.
Barbara @BarbarellaLV🔁Reminder that Chloe Kim is a 1st-generation Korean-American whose parents were immigrants from Korea. She is a phenom, the best at what she does, and the glory goes towards the U.S. because her parents were able to settle down in America.

Protect and embrace immigrants.

CT @cstbkt🔁 Still 'Hangry'? Teen Snowboarding Star Chloe Kim on What Her First Post-Olympics Meal Might Be
Business Insider MY @BizInsiderMY🔁Chloe Kim took to snowboarding naturally, but she really took off on a team she joined when she was six years old.
Columnist Sports @ColumnistSports🔁US snowboarder Chloe Kim steals the Korean spotlight after winning gold
NRR♥️Universe @oohsehunier🔁K-pop fans are everywhere, and especially at the ! Some of the biggest fans are , who recently discussed how she is motivated by 's music, and , who listened to before her performance yesterday.
Don Miller @juicemanrocks🔁Chloe Kim isn't just debuting at the . She's here to win. She qualifies for the women's snowboard halfpipe final!
nisssss @nsfjoy🔁I tried to go through all the Naver video interviews to find out who Korean athletes liked but I didn't have 24 hours of Nothing on my hand, unfortunately, but Lim Hyo-jun did say he's a fan of 's Joy
Chewer of gum @valeriekester🔁 Chloe Kim asked why she was tweeting during the competition: “Like, what else are you supppsed to do?”
Golon. @_Golon_🔁17-year-old snowboarder Chloe Kim​ earned Team USA its third gold at the Winter Olympics on the halfpipe. We love everything about her and her story.
Ms. Marvel @PattyMarvel🔁Barstool Sports host makes tasteless comment about underage Olympian Chloe Kim
I am so proud of Youngjae 💕 @cutie_pie_cyj🔁CL Congratulates Fan Chloe Kim After Record-Breaking Gold Medal Win At 2018 Olympics
Shrewd Alik ⚡️ @qkode🔁Chloe Kim tweets about being 'hangry,' craving ice cream at Olympics
A N D R I @andrisettiawan🔁 .@Migos, @LadyGaga apparently soundtracked @ChloeKimSnow’s success
eros and thanatoss that ass in a circle @cardiganfanboy🔁chloe kim only has a lot of twitter followers because she won a gold medal at the olympics. i had to earn mine the hard way. by posting.
Networkofnews Phili @NofNewsFilipino🔁Korean-American Teen Chloe Kim Is Destroying Everyone In Snowboarding At The Olympics Chloe Kim has become ...
Primetime Ballers @PrimetimeBall_🔁Gold medal snowboarder Chloe Kim's Dad immigrated from South Korea; parents of Mirai Nagasu, 1st US woman to land triple axel at Olympics, immigrated fm Japan; speedskater Maame Biney came to US at age 5 from Ghana: via
rafaaaaa @rafasbiceps🔁Chloe Kim is my new inspiration wow
Jeff Rosenberg @jeffdrosenberg🔁Barstool radio host: 17-year-old Chloe Kim 'a hot piece of a--'
Distraction Bot @DistractionBot🔁This immaterial Chloe Kim fiasco is a distraction from the Oxfam stuff.
Mehvish Khan @mehvishmarykhan🔁 Analysis: Olympians Chloe Kim and Red Gerard are our Gen-Z heroes
RootOnARiot 💖💜💙 @RavenpuffSestra🔁Chloe Kim, 17, of just won gold at the Winter in the women’s snowboard halfpipe 🥇 🇺🇸


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