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Chivas Jorge Barrera @estobarrera🔁CAMPEONES @TigresOficial Vs @Chivas @estoenlinea @AguileraESTO @huescarafa @LGO2184
Chivas Iggy Cavalera @Narzo_chivas🔁Found a Transponder Snail!
Famed Pirate Hunter captured! Exclusive shots!! #TreCru
Chivas Iggy Cavalera @Narzo_chivas🔁Found a Transponder Snail!
Whitebeard and Luffy working together to save Ace? #TreCru
Chivas Leonel☁️🔥☁️ @oLeonel9🔁Doesn't matter if chivas had all their players, Tigres would've still beat them either way😂
Chivas Iggy Cavalera @Narzo_chivas🔁Found a Transponder Snail!
A whale of an encounter! "We'll meet here again!" #TreCru
Chivas Iggy Cavalera @Narzo_chivas🔁Found a Transponder Snail!
Battle rages in Upper Yard! Shandians vs. "Kami"! #TreCru
Chivas Iggy Cavalera @Narzo_chivas🔁Found a Transponder Snail!
Oars comes back as a henchman of Moria?! #TreCru
Chivas ilianaa @ilyhernandez15🔁 Doesn't matter if chivas had all their players, Tigres would've still beat them either way😂
Chivas ⚽️4️⃣ @Pelonn_04🔁 🏆🏆🏆


Tigres 1-0 Chivas

Tigres are the 2017 Campeon de Campeones!

(📸 @ESPNmx) #LigaMXeng

Chivas Lorena Chavira @lchaviraHPS🔁#campeondecampeones Tigres vs Chivas. In a game we are all family. #chivascampeon.
Chivas Rafa Huesca ESTO @huescarafa🔁 CAMPEONES @TigresOficial Vs @Chivas @estoenlinea @AguileraESTO @huescarafa @LGO2184
LA Soccer Nation @lasoccernation🔁#Chivas and #ClubAmerica both lost today...#SuperCopaMX #CampeonDeCampeones
Chivas PUMA Football @pumafootball🔁Exit the shadows. Light up the game. @Chivas @Rayados @ClubSantos @Club_Queretaro #StepOut
Tom Marshall @mexicoworldcup🔁ICYMI - Alejandro Mayorga on life with the #mex and possibly making his #eltrieng debut before #ligamxeng debut

‏ألبرتو @_pollitoC🔁@kimberlymontess Chivas is 🚮 anyways
Historia Chivas @Historia_Chivas🔁 LIVE on #Periscope: Entrevistas
Abe @Abe_A93🔁 Even with the important absences and the unexpected injuries, have to applaud Chivas' 90-minute performance. #Almeydismo
effie✘ @mayberrics🔁I'm Literally sitting in front of Alan Pulido from he straight up ignored everyone but kids haha
effie✘ @mayberrics🔁 Which the biggest club in #LigaMXEng #Chivas or #ClubAmerica
effie✘ @mayberrics🔁Rather ironic watching play in front of a full StubHub Center with a mostly red & white clad crowd. 🐐
Jessica Lindoro @JessicaLindoro🔁I'm really upset chivas lost😞
francisco j.castillo @fjcdlj🔁@GatoNegociante @laaficion @Milenio @TigresOficial @Chivas ¿Santander?..😅😅😅..
Carolina Ramirez ❤️ @_namelesscaro_🔁Your twin got injured today at his match Chivas vs Tigre's today! @matshummels
kidoh🌷 @JoshKidoh🔁Rip in peace @Chivas
Abigail @Abigail_4_🔁 Coach Matías Almeyda "We appreciate our fans support. There are no borders for Chivas fans" (translated)
Abigail @Abigail_4_🔁 Coach Matías Almeyda "Its my job to give my young players confidence even with mistakes" (translated)
B R E E @asvpxbreex🔁CHIVAS GAME ✅

Barcelona, youre next baby!!

🌞 @angelbabygis🔁my mans who ain't my mans but is still my mans looked gr8 in his chivas jersey guaw ily baby
alex @alejjandraxo🔁I was in the big screen at the chivas game for half a second lol
Jason Foster @JogaBonitoUSA🔁Definitely. I actually think it could've worked but the whole Chivas USA organization was run so poorly from the begi nning and killed it.
chinooo @atkdojarosho🔁@betolalocompany @Chivas Por putooss...!!,😂😂
keila @KeilaCarreon🔁even though I didn't get to watch the game Chivas te amo ❤️
MEL. @ohhmellss🔁Oh this explains why my dad was mad
Noticias LigaMX @not_ligaMX🔁@ElZorRojinegro @tigres_english Chivas were just better. Tigres never woke up. Simple as that.
king of the clean @kingoftheclean🔁Do you guys notlook really happy stop with TELEVISA favoritismo with Chivas & America MAFIA Vsothers Teams
Eric 🤙🏼 @soccerboy_07🔁@chivas_madrid95 That's dumb it can fall then when you wash it
✞⚽️❤️ @chivas_madrid95🔁@soccerboy_07 It's so you can put it on yourself.. only thing I don't like about it lol
Naye loves Vero👭 @nayeloera_🔁Chingonessss, aprendan cls😂
LE0. @Leo_Gonzalez24🔁On my way to the Chivas game today a bunch of Americanistas threw rocks at my car...
Guadalajara EN @Chivas_Eng🔁Hope we get the pass of Elias, but if not, I think we will be serious candidates even w/o Pulido. Trust in Matias for the u20 development
Jose Bautista @_Jose04_🔁 Claroooo chivas all the way❤️❤️
Eric 🤙🏼 @soccerboy_07🔁@chivas_madrid95 Why does it have the other Estrella in a bag??
Luis Angel Guerra @luissangelg🔁@ferrvh CHIVAS CAMPEOOON❤️⚪️
LA Soccer Nation @lasoccernation🔁#CampeonDeCampeones Coach Matías Almeyda "Its my job to give my young players confidence even with mistakes" (translated) #Chivas
p.dizzy @dizzydawgg🔁I'm @ the Chivas game, my dad thought he had an extra ticket so he sold it.

It was his ticket.
He sold his own ticket to A SOLD OUT GAME

monicaax13 @monicaax13🔁@mrmarkus2youson Chivas game !! 🐐🐐
Roberto Gonzalez @robert_gzz7🔁Gol de ! Gol de Vargas! Brilliant backheel layoff by set up Vargas for the finish. 🐯 lead 1-0 vs .
LA Soccer Nation @lasoccernation🔁#CampeonDeCampeones Coach Matías Almeyda "We appreciate our fans support. There are no borders for Chivas fans" #Chivas (translated)
Yogi ͛ @sanchez_geooo🔁1-0? Y eso that chivas didn't have some of there starters
M4CHRISS @AntiGulfBoyz🔁 @thestraygoat Im just glad to have chivas back in my life
我很好 @teeerry_3🔁Chivas played so good and they deserved to win, fuck that ref man ):
Margarita H. Cortez @margarita_o_0🔁Chivas all day and everyday! #ChivasVsTigres
Edwin Corona @swaggyC_11🔁@g_jackie50 Chivas sucks
V . @_oxvero🔁my cousin from Minnesota just rated the chivas game a 12/10 & it made me crack tf out 😂
effie✘ @mayberrics🔁@oLeonel9 Lmao what game did you watch? Bruh tigres beat las fuerzas basicas de las chivas 😂
Kikan3 @Purpleflying_CV🔁Chivas is highly overrated...beyond overrated
Heidy @Hydes_3🔁Stand by Me just randomly on the radio. It's a sign. @Chivas
Martin @Oregel_M🔁I witnessed in person Gignac being a choke artist. Chivas is an ambulance and everything went as expected
Omar Estrada @SirSexyPsycho🔁Chivas lost, still getting their away jersey! It's so sick.
mami @Swagmanners🔁Chivas would've won if they had the 4 P's
Nieto @bhristian99🔁 I fucking hate Chivas
Soccer Addict @SoccerAddictUS🔁#TigresUANL beats Chivas #Guadalajara and lifts Campeon De Campeones title | Prost Amerika
Jason Foster @JogaBonitoUSA🔁Rather ironic watching play in front of a full StubHub Center with a mostly red & white clad crowd. 🐐
Negan @Blehhism🔁 Ernie is the best Chivas fan ⚽
Jaylene @jayqueef🔁 Fuck yes bro ! America lost 2-0 and rn Mexico wan 2-0 !! CHIVAS BETTER WIN
alecia sinnat @asinnatxo🔁Ernie is the best Chivas fan ⚽
Lil'jenny 👑 @LilJenny_1214🔁 Chivas are trashhhh af💀
Viviana @Vivianaorttizz🔁 Mexico won now I just need chivas to take this W 🤙🏼
حصه🇲🇽. @hixvxv🔁 v about to kick off for the
Chi-Flex @TheRealChiflex🔁It hurts.
kim possible @kimberlymontess🔁I love Chivas regardless
daniela @Bigpapidani14🔁how can they win when half their team is playing with Mexico’s national team? Lmao. Tigres had their full squad. It’s all luck.
Roberto Macias @DonTical_Futbol🔁I don't remember the last game where Chivas played first then America sooo idk. As far as for me, I would of left & m aybe watched from home
Champ Jones @JustFly_Jones🔁Sorry Chivas fans... this would have never happened if QPR didn't get relegated. 🤦🏼‍♂️😂
Moreno @Moreno🔁Haha Chivas didn't win either
Tristeza🇲🇽 @wxkeuprealer🔁Also chivas remains trash in my eyes 😇
abby @agxcv🔁 i'm blaming abby for this
Yarima Gisel Morfin @yarimagisel🔁 and all Chivas fam hoping Alanis and Gallito's injuries were just preaution
roberto @rayaditoo11🔁@_KINGRUDY98 vs chivas b though 🤔
Adrii @_adriana_ponce🔁I'm about to mask my sadness of Chivas losing 😭
AG74 @Agar74🔁 😂😂😂😂😂 Sin Santander no Party! 🐯🐯🐯
Kadete Guerra @YoungKaDeTe🔁Esas chivas nomas no jugaron mal pero we still got that gold star😎
Baby J @Jenniferg_02🔁fuck tigres and chivas
keiv @kiddshabby13🔁Let me get a hand on one of those shirts 😍
Andrea @andreacuadross🔁 I WAS happy before this game 🙃🙃 🙃


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