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Chambea T’Challa @Quez187🔁 Y'all thought Chivas was gonna lose to an MLS team?😂😭
Chivas chivas @chivas_regal123🔁Wow, Amazing! IESTE LIVE SEX is broadcasting on Gogo.Live ,come to join!
Chivas chivas @chivas_regal123🔁Wow, Amazing! cochita35 is broadcasting on Gogo.Live ,come to join!
ChivasChivasChivasChivas Sofwares @Chivas_eze🔁 this is an actual Calvin & Hobbes strip
Sofwares @Chivas_eze🔁 i really need yall to listen to this voicemail i just got...i am deactivating my cell phone service
Chivas Sofwares @Chivas_eze🔁 This gonna be in a history textbook in 2043
Chivas Sofwares @Chivas_eze🔁 Obligatory aides of March meme
Chivas Thëbøy Mental ill @SMsanza🔁Kwandebele 😘❤🔥👑

Rt please 💨💯🔥
Chivas my hood

Chivas THE CHAMPIONS @TheChampions🔁Final Score @Chivas 3 - 0 @Soundersfc #SCCL2018
New York Red Bulls @NewYorkRedBulls🔁See you soon, @Chivas.

#SCCL2018 | #RBNY

Goal USA @GoalUSA🔁Chivas is through to the CONCACAF Champions League semifinals with a big win against Seattle, advancing 3-1 on aggreg ate
Яна Демешихина @njxslpxjjwrw4f🔁RECAP: Kim Kee-hee makes team debut, but the Rave Green were overwhelmed by injuries in loss at Chivas on Wednesday evening.

We return to action at FC Dallas on Sunday afternoon.


Pere Condom-Vilà @PereCondom🔁 @ChivasVenture will give away $1 million in equity-free funding at @TNWconference
Señor Soccer @JuanMapu🔁they aren’t a national team, it is their choice to play with Mexican born players and that is fine, but to scream Viv a Mexico like Vergara does...come on. Also, wearing El Tri colors in DR was pathetic. Chivas is not El Tri. Chivas is Chivas.
vs 3-0 FINAL!

"Chivas" "Guadalajara""Seattle" "Sounders" 9

Arqui (LR) @arqui70🔁Nothing the could do on the Alanís free kick, but really poor defending on 2nd goal. High line was exposed too easily by Pizarro's ball lobbed over the top, López ran through the big gap between Francis and Torres. Need to respond now.
Juan Ölmedö @Lockonstratos8🔁 It'll be @NewYorkRedBulls 🆚 @Chivas



#SCCL2018 | #RBNY

zitlaly 🌸 @zitlalyy_13🔁@SRayas_11 Chill out, no one comes above chivas 🙄
Roberto Abramowitz @RobAbramowitz🔁Still buzzing last night over América and Chivas displaying great soccer in their CCL matches.

Expect the majority of takes coming from Mexico to focus on "how great" an América-Chivas CCL final would be.

(It would.)

lupita diaz @Lupita14Diaz🔁Poor defending again by the , but full credit to Jesús Godínez for that fantastic backheel finish. Brilliant skill, perfect execution. 🔥🔥
lupita diaz @Lupita14Diaz🔁Oswaldo Alanís scores a free kick to give the 1-0 lead on the night. 1-1 on aggregate.
Carlo Vargas H.Luz @CarloVargasHLuz🔁@BrizzyVoices Chivas 3 - 0 Seattle trending topic? O=
Jose Aguirre @JoseDCshoeCO🔁 Mis Chivas y Barcelona both won 3-0 today! 😭😍⚽️
Irvin Benitez @irvinben1🔁. players gathering in a huddle before heading back to the changing room.

This is biggest game of the season for Guadalajara. If Chivas go out tonight their season is pretty much over.

Jorge 🦅 @ayyojorgegomez🔁 A good matchday completed for Mexican clubs as @Chivas reach @Concacaf @TheChampions last-four #ClubWC
Seattle Times Sports @SeaTimesSports🔁How the Sounders were almost forced to host a huge CONCACAF Champions League semifinal not at CenturyLink Field — but across the street (via )
Sofwares @Chivas_eze🔁The kids will have to write essays about the sociopolitical importance of Spongebob memes. I think I'll weep in a corner now.
Jordan Cansdale @JCoralHouse🔁This is sooooooooooo





Julio M. ⚡️ @Julionumber9🔁You don't apply to chivas, chivas los for you. So no, there's no discrimination. Also, coaches, staff, presidents, et c. have been anywhere from Argentinian to Dutch. So plz chill. We just want to build a strong base for the national team.
⚡️Clemente Garcia⚡️ @Hi_im_him7🔁Yesterday was just a successful day! Barça won 3-0, Chivas won 3-0, got a crazy workout in, and went to sleep earlier than usual😁
Licas @elifrye323🔁@M7mixx @BlueFranklin @ram_gdl @Ras_Danyel @SoundersFC I go for Chivas???
Fabian Saldana @Fabian_GK🔁 Chivas lowkey raw 🔥😳
soccer nut @surfbetty1968🔁Concacaf Champions League semifinals:

Toronto FC vs. Club America
Chivas Guadalajara vs. New York Red Bulls

First two weeks in April, tba

America and Red Bulls will host 2nd legs

jessica🐝 @Jxam17🔁 Chivas going to the semis leggggo!
UNDICI, F.C. @FCUNDICI🔁CCL wrap: Chivas too much for Seattle; Club America cruises - NBC Sports
WinLorettaFarms @winlorettafarms🔁This is sooooooooooo




Brandon Bryan @BrandonBryan21🔁Fake anger is fake. Chivas auto corrects to chicas 🤦‍♂️ Carry on 👋 and no one said we're being classy. We're all pi ssed cuz it was a bad performance by our boys, and they can do better.
Casta @miguel_casta88🔁Chivas to the semi finals 🔴⚪️💪🏻


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