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Carolina Ramirez ❤️ @_namelesscaro_🔁 #ICYMI

G⚽️⚽️⚽️L by Rogelio Funes Morí

@Rayados 2️⃣-1️⃣ @Chivas


🎥 @TD_Deportes

Chivas Iesué López @Iesue03🔁#Chivas he j1 j2 j3 j4
Jimena Sanchez @jimenaofficial🔁Gooool de @Chivas!!
Lil Hat-Trick @MexicanSoccer9🔁Chivas lost 4-1 lmaooooooo
Audible Sports @AudibleSports🔁Chivas: 1st Liga MX loss of the season.

Allowed 4 goals to Monterrey for first time since the Clausura 2008 Tournament.

Ivan @Ivan06324647🔁@Chivas That was a good game
AMERICAN SOCCER NEWS @AmericaSoccerFC🔁Jonathan went the full 90 in a 4-1 win over Chivas Guadalajara
Lucky Mendez @rmendez1🔁 Chivas: 1st Liga MX loss of the season.

Allowed 4 goals to Monterrey for first time since the Clausura 2008 Tournament.

mz @httpmz1🔁@brentxrab Chivas got smacked 😞
G-Wero @aaleejaandroo17🔁 Chivas got dicked 😂 necaxa got dicked 😂 errrr body getting dicked tonight 😂😂
nancy ♥ @nancygabriela09🔁Chivas got dicked 😂 necaxa got dicked 😂 errrr body getting dicked tonight 😂😂
Juan R. Herrera @AnotherJuan_🔁@Ascencio14Geo Bro you jumped on the Chivas bandwagon last season.
Rulo Lacaud @RaulLacaud🔁🎶🎶It's been a long day without you, my friend. And I'll tell you all about it when I see you again.🎶🎶

- Chivas a Santander. 😂😂

UNCUCKABLE 🇺🇸 @NolanJoaquin🔁Chivas got their asses whopped today but my family's celebrating my dads birthday so here's a cake worthy of the goat s 🐐🎂
George Pallas @georgepallas🔁@jllopezsalido @jromovazquez Very nice of @LuisOmarTapia to give my Suegra a shout out. Her Chivas lost but her 2nd team Leon winning.
Oscar Nuñez @ozziee128🔁 What the fuck chivas 😡
George R. @george_r27🔁Chivas got demolished HAHA
alondraini @AlondraIniguez🔁 Chivas be breaking my heart
Giovanna Balandrano @GIO_BALAR🔁@VadhirBermudez @Chivas @Rayados Plop!
✨™ @odalisss_🔁 Chivas got smashed 🤕
Ferdinando Precciato @fernandaux🔁@Chivas BRAZZERS
Chico @OhShizItsChico🔁 LMFAO @ chivas
Alam Mohammed @AlamMohammed7🔁The is the for by

Chivas tus/896570585907568642" target="_blank">
rafa @raffaa_11🔁Chivas got smashed 🤕
Miguel Perez @EternoTuzo_Heat🔁@prado_ulyses @cesarhfutbol Man I just want someone somewhat experienced haha either him or el Toño Rodríguez, if Chivas will sell him to us
🤙🏼Fernando🤙🏼 @fernn_chivita🔁Chelsea and Chivas suffered humiliating loses today.. I'm done with soccer until next week 😔😔💔

(50-35-9 Last 94)

Chivas @ Monterrey

Total Over 2.5✅WINNER
115 to win 100

Noé @EpicNoe🔁I had a good day today..... UNTIL PINCHE CHIVAS LOST 4-1 AGAINST MONTERREY 😤😤😤😤
CARMEN ROJIBLANCA🏆⭐ @MaCarme25154104🔁 @MaCarme25154104 @Chivas Gracias I LOVE💘🌹⚪ YOU @Chivas💖🐐🔵⚪🔴⚪🔵🎉😄🙌
🙊🙈🙉 @gaby_TRICK🔁 I want to go to a Chivas game again. It was so much fun 😊 ⚽️
Consuelo Ramos @ramos_pink12🔁@GZ_510 Of course every fan is biased and everyone that hate Chivas is too. I saw both games and both first and second half.
LE0. @Leo_Gonzalez24🔁Chivas lost& Dodgers/Raiders are losing...😣
Anthony de la Cruz @ThottyTooHotty🔁@AlfredoGlez01 Who beat Chivas today
juan carlos paredes @juancarlparedes🔁Cards ✔
Chivas ❌
solo tuyo @encinas461🔁@the_er1k4 @Chivas fuck you!
Janet @jherrera5🔁Left my house Chivas game was 1-1...came back: 😳😠 what the heck happened?!
hana trayana chivas @hana_chivas🔁With van Maung [pic] —
TownBIDNESS @GZ_510🔁I didnt see the 2nd half, stopped after those first 20mins bt even my pops and siz said the referee helped them and they chivas fans lmao
#VamosPorLa13🏆🐐⚽️ @Ferflores66Fet🔁CHE....cardenal 🤣🤣🤣
Ulises @ulises696969🔁🤕🤕🤕 we got smack ed
Angelica Hernandez @angie88virgo🔁@MaCarme25154104 @Chivas Gracias I LOVE💘🌹⚪ YOU @Chivas💖🐐🔵⚪🔴⚪🔵🎉😄🙌
Juan0️⃣0️⃣🎱XII🏆 @profe_rosales🔁CHE....cardenal 🤣🤣🤣
TownBIDNESS @GZ_510🔁Chivas 10 fouls in 20 minutes, 0 yellow card. Tigres 1 foul in 20 minutes, 1 yellow card. You have to be a biased chi vas fan to ignore that
⚽ Emilio Ríos ⚽ @HalaEmilio🔁@the_er1k4 @Chivas CALLESE
✞⚽️❤️ @chivas_madrid95🔁"No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion..."
Site Page Stats @SitePageStats🔁Siteinfo of prehladfiriem with ranks, ips and more. Give a rate #prehladfiriem. #Chivas
Pablo Jimenez @pablojmnzv🔁@mateoglezam @Chivas Campeones.
Juan José @hidrocalido_9🔁Monterrey spanked Chivas 😂

They do look scary though 👀👀

bruno. @brunodihno🔁@SwagMaicol13 @compa_jovani @Chivas They need a new coach!!
Chavez⚽️❤🐴 @eric21chavez🔁When Chivas hasn't won a game this season 😂😂
A🌻 @Aleboo_02🔁 Not mad about Chivas not performing well, hella young team and no reinforcements.
Consuelo Ramos @ramos_pink12🔁@GZ_510 You can't over look what the Chivas players and coach did. They won two trophies in one year. What team have done that?
Pedro Charles† @pedrohcharles🔁Hol4 xd
CHIVAS DAVIS @chivas_davis🔁Paint with Faith with ODE TO HIP HOP!!! ...Everyone loves to Paint with Faith . …
Consuelo Ramos @ramos_pink12🔁@GZ_510 What help??? Lol we won the 12th rightfully. Against all odds...with tv commentators hating on Chivas.


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