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Chipotle Sathvik Rayala @Rayala_DCHS🔁 Show some support for Coffman's JSA and go try some new Chipotle queso too!!!
Skyler Gisondo @SkylerGisondo🔁The lady in front of me at Chipotle just called a tortilla the "burrito skin." I'm out.
Chipotle Francesco @FraFeLu90🔁 All we want for #MeatFreeMonday is a black bean burrito bowl...
Minimum Payment Papi @killaSZN🔁 "Chipotle has queso now"


ABC7 Eyewitness News @ABC7🔁#BREAKINGNEWS Police searching for Kia Optima, license plate 6WZX966. Vehicle was stolen outside a Fontana Chipotle with baby inside
ㅤㅤ @LilUziVerd🔁chipotle got queso so now y’all can stop eating that nasty ass qdoba
Chipotle @ChipotleTweets🔁@clank1982 Sorry to hear it. Will you share more detail here: and let me know which restaurant you visited? -AC
Tommy Lasher @TLasher4🔁I'm disappointed the chipotle text was just to say they have queso, I was really hoping for a bogo
Dylan @DatDudeDyl🔁 Queso is finally at chipotle!! I've never been happier
Logan Hall III @eloganh3🔁We are hosting a fund raiser at Chipotle one week from today! Make sure to inform the cashier that you are there to support NDCWrestling.
bails @baileynicxle🔁chipotle took a fat L with that queso 👎🏼
🔪 @oilsIiq🔁Here's a swatch of Chipotle's new queso! As you can see, it's NOT very pigmented. Definitely too close to my skin tone...
Zachary Morgan @trinimacain🔁So for y'all that say Moe's is better than Chipotle because they have queso, what's your argument now? 🤔
Trevor Knuth @TrevorKnuth🔁Queso is finally at chipotle!! I've never been happier
Carly Hobbs @carlyh0bbs🔁1. Vallarta's
2. Moe's
3. T Flats
4. Capital Tacos
5. Chili's
100. Chipotle

Just feeling very passionate about this queso issue.

bee is a prep @shiningsabre🔁applying to both chipotle and kroger... me, a known chipotle and kroger hater....
Lala🌼 @valleryyxo🔁I want some chipotle 😒
lexi g 🌞 @sierraalexis_99🔁 why is chipotle on my mind 24/7????
STACEY @TheLifeOfStacey🔁"It's a chipotle down here."
iSJ @_whynot30🔁queso at chipotle is game changing 🙉
Alex King @alexking9303🔁@KatlynHeitzhaus Yummmm chipotle
dark evan @DarkEvanJ🔁the chipotle app and can
Nate Launius @NateLaunius🔁Kayla waking up from anesthesia has requested chicken nuggets from chipotle and sushi from chic fil a. Aggressive menu expansion.
Katelyn Kardaman @katelynkardaman🔁Someone pls bring me chipotle and ice cream :((
Chipotle @ChipotleTweets🔁@murflegirl Sorry to hear it. Will you share more detail here: and let me know which restaurant you visited? -AC
a w a @Trilllll__🔁Someone take me to chipotle plz
Katelyn McGowan @mcgowankatelyn🔁Heads up bears tomorrow there is a Sports Med fundraiser at chipotle. The love of sports and mexican food should be the best motivation.👍🌯
Mari's 💣 Mom 👸🏽 @cyarranicole🔁nudie bringing me some chipotle 😋
Ada @ACruz_11🔁Chipotle queso sucks save your money.
Issa Clit 🌻 @ClarissaLozada1🔁 really want chipotle. really don't wanna pay for it.
Brock @BrockRampage🔁Chipotle if you consider that "fast food". If you consider it "fast casual", then still Chipotle I just tell them to go faster.
Chipotle @ChipotleTweets🔁@brennandowns Sorry to hear it. Will you share more detail here: and let me know which restaurant you visited? -AC
KNIGHT RIDER RADIO @djknightman🔁📷 lucyhale: Get a coat thats as big as your love for Chipotle ❤️
courtney @iloveyouliluzi🔁okay i just got the new queso from chipotle this is a great day
Ruler The Juler @Yea_iAmThatDude🔁Heard Chipotle Got Queso Now 👀👀
On Monday come HangOWT with the and enjoy some chipotle. Might even treat someone 🤷🏽‍♂️🌮🌯🥙
Juan @JuanTirado17🔁Chipotle has queso now.
Christina @christinalindsy🔁QUESO at Chipotle? Game changer
Zinnq @Zinnq🔁@ChipotleTweets think I can get some bogos for my coworkers so they stop going to qdoba now that our chipotle has queso? We go every day lol
Sofabulous @SophiaKeast🔁 Don't let Chipotle's new queso distract you from the fact that, last spring, KU blew a 15 point lead at home
Shy @SHYHlEM🔁 RT for Moe's
Fav for Chipotle
Dareen🌸 @dareen_abuhweij🔁Someone bring me chipotle. I'll love u forever😊
Kayla MacKenzie @Kay_Mackkk🔁@D_Monty3 I need chipotle in my life 😭🙏🏻
Tanner @TannerRose_🔁 If you don't like chipotle I don't trust you!
trace @TraceFMC🔁honestly i'm just living for the fact that CHIPOTLE FINALLY HAS QUESO
$3 CHIPOTLE ORDERS⚡️ @tastyUSA🔁@mo_danielle16 love Chipotle 🥑? check us out
we cut BIG deals on local favorites!
save more, eat more with @tastyUSA💕
10.15 @__kidwithacrown🔁All I'm tryna do is eat b4 this shift and chipotle is makin it mad hard
Whitney Rose @whitfish12🔁The new Chipotle queso is definitely a top fail of 2017 😔
@ChipotleTweets #chipotlequeso
Brittany Jones @BrittMaya613🔁So what's the verdict on Chipotle's quesom
CJ @CJSTR013🔁Chipotle got queso 👀 need to make that move
Joshua Cross @MacCross12🔁Chipotle went to a new level with this Caso sauce 😋😋
Jami Highley° @JamilynRae2015🔁Day 2 of 4 is underway! Receive a FREE Chipotle Gift Card w/ your life saving donation attempt. Help us
Joe Majka @joemajkaa_🔁@BenKennedy85 why u do this to me i’ve been hearing chipotle is better now but your telling me this🤦‍♂️ i gotta go find out myself
Michael Loy @Michael_loy25🔁Has anyone had the chipotle queso yet?
⛽️Almighty Taee ⛽️ @AlmightyyyTaee🔁 I'm craving chipotle so bad today
Allie✨ @aswizz🔁 After trying Chipotle's queso for the first time.. disappointed to say the least. Just Another reason Moe's is better
Nicole Kruse @Nicole_Kay14🔁When chipotle doesn't charge you for guac. 🙌🏻
jason reed @jcreed🔁@carloangiuli this reads very strange to my chipotle addled brain, cf.
Casey Greene @cegreene13🔁 if chipotle and moes both drowning and i can only save one... catch me at chipotle's funeral saying "welcome to moes"
🦊 @SheldonBroyles🔁Got my own chipotle down here, and unlimited coupons
Carly Dworkin @carlydworkin🔁Just heard someone on the phone in @Target say "After Target we're going to Chipotle!" @BDViramontes your soulmate?
ha nuh @ayooohannab🔁Sorry Chipotle, but I don't want texts unless you're sending me BOGO coupons
Mayra @01Mayralo🔁i want some chipotle
töne @lletuslive🔁really want chipotle. really don't wanna pay for it.
Boston Informer @boston_informer🔁Front Desk Receptionist – Chipotle Mexican Grill – Boston, MA – Boston Jobs
Sathvik Rayala @Rayala_DCHS🔁Fundraiser tonight from 4-8 at the the Chipotle on Perimeter, mention JSA and we get 50% of the proceeds!! :)
Amy Even @amyeven09🔁 Disappointment of the year: Chipotle's queso dip
rob whitfield @robwhitfield34🔁@anna_ofthenorth playing in chipotle :,)
Justintyo @DopeBrwnGuy🔁Chipotle queso is fake news
janet @janet_chipotle🔁I'm also crying bc I'm poor so I won't even have money to buy Soliz in December
Aisa Lopez @_alo623🔁 i really want chipotle
Grant @Grant_Pearsick🔁PSA: Chipotle’s queso is not good, doesn’t taste like anything
Fiori Note @fiorinote🔁in the mood for chipotle 24/7
Papa Squat @Reckless_Rome🔁That Chipotle queso critical hitting my G
sam!! @finleyham🔁 Chipotle Queso, hyped up, lacks cheese taste, pretty good though. overall 8/10
Shane @Shane_Simon🔁@OfficialEGO Chipotle tastes like wet cardboard...MJF would be excited about a little flavor
ebs @thequeenebs🔁@MoiseNoise You get texts... from Chipotle... I..
liz @Liz_brownn🔁I feel so blessed, chipotle just gave me my meal for free
Fernando Ramos @Fernii_Mac🔁The nacho cheese from Chipotle is fucking whack
Evan Saxby @enastythedon🔁The queso at chipotle is ass !! 👎👎💩💩
janet @janet_chipotle🔁Someone please ship me Soliz
Jason @lunsford_jason🔁Chipotle has free guac
Rebecca. @rebeccaxii🔁 craving chipotle so much rn😢
flores @yassminecas🔁chipotle chikfila bww sound so bomb
maddie b @maddie__bryant🔁 Chipotle will never be Moe's
Shake @YeahThatsShake🔁@_meBRIA Bring me some chipotle
Shannon Carr @ShannonCarr__🔁@downswinging Ok no offense but I still would pick chipotle
raygun @_reacharles🔁i'm a chipotle slut
Taryn Hefner @taryn_hefnaa🔁While waiting on an oil change at the dealership: "excuse me, can I please get a rental car so I can go pick up some Chipotle?"
Chipotle @ChipotleTweets🔁@mwmoxley Sorry to hear it. Will you share more detail here: and let me know which restaurant you visited? -AC
S💋 @ShamareeM🔁how did chipotle manage to fuck up queso? lol
Ash G. @Ash_Gee_🔁Chipotle has queso now 😬
Josh Roth 🌴 @_jRoth🔁 Moe's > Chipotle & dont @ me I don't argue on Wednesdays
Tony Zorbino @kushcrabtree🔁@TweetGame_Crazy He the type to order plain chicken crispers, no honey chipotle . Sad!
G. @Justgabz_🔁Is chipotle open??
ETHIOPIA @iamethiopia🔁This chipotle hit the spot but now I'm sleepy ☹️
Bigb_8 @BrantonCummins🔁Chipotle really thought they were about to have the best come up in 2017 with queso but nobody likes it 😂😂


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