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China Thorns @skilodracus🔁 Lady Amherst's pheasant from Kangding, China.

(Photo: Jed Weingarten)

China Mhehed Zherting @MhehedZherting🔁@clim8resistance @ramspacek It'd be pointless anyway.

China HyukElf93 #Play @HyukELF93🔁 Billboard China V Chart:
#1 LAY - Sheep (+1) *new peak*
[6 weeks on chart]
ChinaChina hazim @whenyouready🔁queens of being banned from china
Saul @SaulBarrios🔁 China after banning Katy from entering
China Miss Katie's @MissKaties102🔁#Vintage Ring Holder Bone China Pink Rose Tiny Wall Pocket 2 3/8" | eBay #ringholder
Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump🔁To the three UCLA basketball players I say: You're welcome, go out and give a big Thank You to President Xi Jinping of China who made.....
Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump🔁China is sending an Envoy and Delegation to North Korea - A big move, we'll see what happens!
Gigi Hadid @GiGiHadid🔁I’m so bummed I won’t be able to make it to China this year. Love my VS family, and will be with all my girls in spir it!! Can't wait to tune in with everyone to see the beautiful show I know it will be, and already can't wait for next year! :) x
stream goodbye-2ne1 @KweenSkai🔁Apparently Gigi Hadid and Katy Perry were both banned from going to Shanghai for the VS show for bad behaviour lmao China really isn’t playing or putting up with anyone’s bullshit
Prananand.A 🇮🇳 @prananand145s🔁China and Pak think alike. And that’s why they get along so well. Human Rights violations come naturally to both.
BTS_4EVER✨🇳🇬🇬🇧 @KimTae3377🔁But also, kpop artist need to break another Asian market, mainly China or Japan to be able to survive in the music industry, finance further projects and actually get paid. The amount of kpop group members that barely make a living wage
Dennis Tsang @fintechcounsel🔁Are we in bubble territory? says the signs point to yes in the latest Weekend Reads for Investors. Plus selections on the China-Russia currency link, the pension crisis, and more. via
Maazi ™ @Iam_Obuka🔁There's new scrutiny over the Zimbabwean army chief's visit to Beijing, days before a military takeover in the southern African nation
S1Dhara 😛 @s1_dhara🔁Katy Perry & Gigi Hadid have been banned from entering China and won’t be at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show due to a past outfit worn by Katy and an Instagram post of Gigi
Najiha M. @nsharminenajiha🔁Possible crashing of China's Space Station is Kuala Lumpur.
Moga kami diselamatkan Ya Allah, 100KG of disintegrated Space Station;
Anyway the exact location of crashing is still unknown and can only known 7-8 hours before crashing.
So, be careful and always look at sky.
Steve D Borsa @samcody43🔁Commitments are one thing. Action another. Does anyone ever believe anything out of China? Watch the news and see pol lution in Beijing or Delhi. Incredible.
Compass News @CompassNewsUK🔁‘We are here for the fun of it!' China’s elderly flock to karaoke bars as authorities seek to get them out more
Michael Fasher @FasherMichael🔁Note China, through national policy, has reforested a huge amount of land by planting trees. Canada too. It can be done with good land use planning. Focus on this rather than fake climate change.
GBTIMES @gbtimescom🔁Happy International Student's Day! Did you know that China is the leader in global-student mobility? Many countries are happy to attract more Chinese , while is even testing solutions to do so.
shei 🌸🇵🇭 @reputationxctl🔁What is Platinum??

"Fearless" has 9x Platinum in US.
"Speak Now" has 6x Platinum in US.
"Red" has 6x Platinum in US.
"1989" has 9x Platinum in US.
"Reputation" has certified Platinum in China.

Taylor Swift Queen of Platinum.

BookTeasers @BookTeasers🔁China changes policy and the political caldron finally erupts in KOREAN PRESSURE.
A exclusively on
Pacific Council @PacCouncil🔁 | The fifth round of negotiations started in City Wednesday amidst growing concern over President Trump’s threats to completely withdraw from the agreement:
RegLink News: Ansis @RegLinkNews🔁China FDA opens consultation on administrative procedure process for agency developing and clearing new and amended r egs and laws:
Petty Crocker @eastcoastpunk_🔁 China is ahead of us once again.
Naresh Sukhani @NareshSukhani🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Watch This New Technology in China That Converts Desert Into Productive
Pickle Riiiiiick 🌝 @james_austin32🔁gigi hadid is banned from china for her bad behavior and won't be able to participate in this year's victoria secret fashion show........well hello! let's celebrate to that
Vikas Pulkistani @nasrulhoda73🔁For BJP to justify by saying that price of Aircraft had to be tripled to enable servicing&training of pilots,is as absurd as Adani claiming:He had to buy power equipment of 5KCrs from China through his Dubai Co at 5 times price,since his Co gave extended warranty!
RT UK @RTUKnews🔁Don’t alienate your allies, you’ll need them to face China – Tony Blair warns Donald Trump.
Eli🇲🇽 @ellie_orozco🔁@701_china y baile con la universal next week I think 😻😻😻
Isiah Fortillo @isiahfortillo🔁I hope trump didn’t give China anything because of n Korea.i’m virtually positive China owns rocket Boy.He exists by China’s whims for sure
Brian Fairchild @brianfairchild4🔁Inside China’s secret ‘magic weapon’ for worldwide influence - the subversive United Front Work Department via @FT
Jackie Chiwele @Writtenbykatuka🔁Ladies take your time & watch this short clip, HIGH GRADE 🙌🏻 Was in the Hair Factory 💇 In China's Business Capital . RT for awareness 🔄
💛🌼PJ🌼💛 @Daisy49103🔁 Underground Churches in China...A Rare Video Clip via @4Persecuted
Navstéva يزور 🐐 @Navsteva🔁@Pyrmha108 world depends on the U.S.-China and Russia cooperating, allying, in the Silk Road, that is it "man"
Sean Brodrick @SeanBrodrick🔁Surging production in China has dragged down prices for solar modules and helped spur a global boom in clean power. The same factors are now making it harder for U.S. companies like Suniva to compete
VirtualRealityTech @VR_Technology🔁Earlier this week, unveiled , a standalone untethered headset for the market
🐸🐸🐸 @DannyDannyRose🔁EXCLUSIVE: Katy Perry banned from China as Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show continues to crumble
Bruno Lobo @brunogracalobo🔁UNStudio completes enormous Raffles City Hangzhou complex featuring twisted glass towers via @dezeen
Bah Humbug @Naturally_Anae🔁Here's what happens to you in China when your last name isn't Ball, a president doesn't intervene, and you DIDN'T commit the crime you were accused of
Janet Hewitt @JanetHe69481029🔁Why?!
..its for your boys to bring their trophies home to Daddy, Mr Trump?
Or to please African states before China does..hmmm...
Veo News @VeoNews_🔁Boston’s new subway cars made in NE China
Mithran Anand @mithran69🔁 China Is an Entrepreneurial Hotbed That Cannot Be Ignored
Harish Nayi Tharad @HarishNayi🔁Gujarat Development ..✔
Red eyes to China ..✔
Pakistan Shwal Dimplomacy ..✔
Cerfew of Humans & Internet ..✔
Suppressing Democracy ..✔
Now :
Debbie Brannon @brannon_debbie🔁💥This is what happens when a REAL President asserts his will, and is respected universally by World Leaders . 🇺🇸

China sending envoy to North Korea following Trump visit
(via POLITICO for iOS)

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. @electivenow🔁I have no objection with hrf but no one seems to oppose China when it uses Vito on UN resolution to declared terroris t International terrorist why is no one object into that
Jarhead @thediddson🔁Today, we announced integration with to tackle in China. You can read the details here:
•●BatMax●• is ALL IN - Saw JL x1 @SupesBatsy🔁 grossed $18M THU from intl mkts raising total to $27.3M ahead of wknd. Matching or beating in many countries. China opening day FRI heading to roughly $15M today, 25% behind , but about even with latest .
Aris_Teon @synglobe_net🔁We have to deprive any hostile foreign power of the ability to influence our polity. Even if China isn't doing it now , we can't give the tools to do it later if it so pleases.
Rob Kail @RobKail🔁.: is ranked consistently in the global top 100. China, Mexico, Middle East... 64 potential sites, micro-campuses play in a brilliant international strategy.
Maicuntent @maicuntent🔁I visited headquarters of Chinese company behind AC Milan in August

Pics of what I found - ripped up registration of differnt invest co & huge return adverts & maggots

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Samsøn @__Mshelia🔁Ni Hao, Heffa: Pumpkin Spiced Katy Perry Can't Perform In Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Because She's Banned Indefinitely From China
Dinesh Lakhara @Dl_ntd🔁 Significant that Moodys recently downgraded China. If we sustain the pace of reforms & spur consumption, the world’s attention will shift significantly to India. We can then fasten our seatbelts & prepare for the Indian economy’s long-awaited lift-off (2/2)
Basia Barker @1K9Handler🔁 China is sending an Envoy and Delegation to North Korea - A big move, we'll see what happens!


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