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#ChiefsKingdom Zaviann Bonner @TheSkilledZavee🔁 Fear Nothing ❗️ Attack Everything ‼️ #14strong #ChiefsKingdom
#ChiefsKingdom mb @justsayin60🔁 The 2017 NFL rushing leader scores the first TD of the #NFLPlayoffs!

👏👏👏 @Kareemhunt7 #ChiefsKingdom

#ChiefsKingdom#ChiefsKingdom#ChiefsKingdom Travis Sellman @TravisSellman🔁 Wow 😮 guess headlocks are legal...😂😂😂😂😂 Jesus Christ! #ChiefsKingdom
#ChiefsKingdom Joe @chilehead4🔁@billbarnwell Oh.. and one more... the Tamba Hali bend over backwards chokehold #ChiefsKingdom
#ChiefsKingdom Raider Michael @stilldabeast73🔁Chiefs fans right now #ChiefsKingdom
#ChiefsKingdom Petty Wap @_YeahImShort🔁 When the @Cheetah gets room to work...

Gain of 45! 😱😱😱 #ChiefsKingdom #NFLPlayoffs

#ChiefsKingdom KJ @k3ll3n52🔁No matter what I will always Love the Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #wewillbeback @Chiefs
#ChiefsKingdom 💰Alex Dell DFS💰 @AlexDellDFS🔁 3 reasons the @Chiefs will be in #SBLII! #ChiefsKingdom #NFLPlayoffs
QBneededinDenver @ChrisDBfalife🔁“We choked in a playoff home game again” #ChiefsKingdom
Jeanette Galbraith @griffin_willig🔁 "Sure, I'll get some sleep...FORWARD PROGRESS?!?!?!?!?!??????"... #ChiefsKingdom
Bo Clearman @BoClearman🔁 Derrick Johnson just killed a man on live television. #ChiefsKingdom #TENvsKC
#ChiefsKingdom NFL @NFL🔁Alex Smith finds @tkelce for the TD! 🎯

#ChiefsKingdom leads by 14. #TENvsKC #NFLPlayoffs

#ChiefsKingdom NFL @NFL🔁The 2017 NFL rushing leader scores the first TD of the #NFLPlayoffs!

👏👏👏 @Kareemhunt7 #ChiefsKingdom

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KC Chiefs Talk @Chiefs_TT🔁Chiefs' Andy Reid searching for answers in wake of latest playoff failure - The Kansas City Star #ChiefsKingdom kansascity.com
Xtobalcuatl @N8ive1der🔁Fuck the #ChiefsKingdom  & fuck #Kansas, the STATE that the #Chiefs SOLEY represent. Fuck em. #Missouri
Tyreek Trill ✌🏽 @1NickPerez🔁Yo , or anyone on twitter, has anyone discovered an address or email address for referee tripplette? I wanna se twitter.com nd him a retirement present
Cédric Le Clech @HeelLeClech🔁Dear ,
Once again, our beloved Chiefs have put us through agony. So and I hope that this video expresses the roller coaster of emotions we're all feeling. Until next season...
Fake Ty Hill @FakeTyreekHill🔁Man. First thing in the morning too. It's depressing bro #ChiefsKingdom twitter.com
Shawn Montgomery @smontgomery85🔁The Chiefs’ updated home playoff record:

1995 - L
1997 - L
2003 - L
2006 - L
2016 - L
2017 - L

Robert Fixit @robertfixit12🔁"... I am done." - Alex Smith. Looks like #alexsmith will be playing for a new team in '18. #nfl #KCvsTEN #ChiefsKingdom #trademe
Ryan 💖 @pradiggitydog🔁Sorry fans if this FACT made you cry so hard.. 😭

Maybe they won’t blow up a lead any bigger than these did. N twitter.com ever mind, THEY ALREADY DID THAT.

Main advice to everyone in Kansas City; STAY WOKE.

You’ll need it next year. ;)

NotoriusBGB @NoToriUsBGB🔁@davidphotokc @ArrowheadPride @superdj56 When..just when will #ChiefsKingdom just stay on the lucky end of these calls..
Fukn Beebs! @Brandyn_24🔁Hopefully Andy is as conservative with his free Big Mac as he is with game management! Otherwise we won’t have any Bi twitter.com g Macs left!!!

Joey Weilert @JawZchiefin🔁Keep your reads up Chiefs Kingdom the sobering lose lingers to my core but the faithful will not stop believing in this team. #CHIEFSKINGDOM
KC Chiefs 4Ever @KCChiefs4Ev🔁"Unflagged helmet-to-helmet hit on Travis Kelce resulting in a concussion" football.zoatmeal.com #ChiefsKingdom
GP👌 @ToFlyPorter_🔁I deserve better we were supposed to win at least 1 playoff game All I wanted ☹😭💆🏾‍♂️ #ChiefsKingd twitter.com om
Graham Smith @whoissmithy🔁 #Chiefskingdom...thoughts on Smith’s future? What should the @Chiefs do? fgsn.link
KCKarlM alone @callmemrfresh1🔁If there ain’t a first rounder on the table, I say we bring Smith back. He’s the back up in case Mahomes gets hurt. 🤷🏻‍♂️ #ChiefsKingdom
#RollTide 🐘 @conorelwell12🔁Teams that have lost this year:       and   Teams that have not lost this year: ...I’m just sa twitter.com ying.
christian @tytronco_🔁It was a fumble? And if it was, then what happen with refrees in nfl? ?
JTIII @TheRealJTIII🔁 Game Issued Wilson 1994 75th anniv. Kansas City Chiefs Derrick Graham Jersey - $199.99 End Date: Sunday Jan-14-2018 20:06:50 PST Buy It Now for only: $199.99 Buy It Now | Add to watch list
Brad Wingo @ChiefVolFan20🔁This a picture man wow ...dirty decker 👀 the refs were absolutely horrible last night After thus play Tenness twitter.com ee got that first to end the game!
Handsome John Stoner @jstoner44🔁2017 will be known as the year that #ChiefsKingdom tried to be the #BillsMafia jumping through flaming tables.
Jonny Loquasto @JQuasto🔁Thanks for all the shares from everyone! Let’s keep sharing so the entire NFL can see twitter.com


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