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tat @YaGirlTat🔁 Chick-fil-A worker's inspirational song for #MemorialDay
Chick-fil-A Jennie4rmDaBlock 😜 @Iam_Jenesis🔁 me when i goto Chick-fil-A but forget it's Sunday
S @sierracantu🔁 Chick-fil-A worker's inspirational song for #MemorialDay
Drew🏹 @andrewgarcia141🔁 Chick-Fil-A service is unmatched
Chick-fil-A seven♌️nineteen @miss_cyibar🔁 Spelman Graduate Ashley Derby Will Open The First Chick-Fil-A Downtown Los Angeles.
Chick-fil-A Summer Chrissiana ✨ @thechrissiana🔁 Atlanta native, Spelman alum to open first Chick-fil-A in downtown Los Angeles
Chick-fil-A WSB-TV @wsbtv🔁Atlanta native, Spelman alum to open first Chick-fil-A in downtown Los Angeles: @theGrio🔁Meet Ashley Derby, a Spelman grad who is one of youngest franchise owners in Chick-fil-A history:
AJC @ajc🔁Let there be chicken: Atlanta native, alum to open first Chick-fil-A in downtown Los Angeles
isabella🎀 @lalalalejandral🔁 phew, for a moment there i thought you meant Chick-Fil-A
Revolio Clockberg Jr @NoahKimmelLive🔁 young chick-fil-a was closed
Madeline Jernigan @madelinejuanita🔁the simple fact that there's about to be a chick-fil-a on 26 makes my heart freakin sing 😩
Taylor @Taylorsimoneeee🔁the watermelon mint tea lemonade @ chick fil a is the best omg 😩
KEMPER SUTCLIFFE @STRENGTHTHRUJOY🔁Saw footage of ROTC rejects in Virginia pretending to be combat troops. I feel sorry for whatever Chick-fil-A they decide to occupy
Qualon Duckett @ChocoDaddyIII🔁Chick-fil-a service is unmatched
mercedes kinz @kkiinnsseeyy🔁 We don't want a new eyeglass store in Camby we want a Chick-fil-A
iam @joeli_lewis🔁Nah, it's bc you were thinking of chick fil a and so chick fil a was why...... omg we ARE brainwashed.... omg
Keely @KBizzleeeee🔁trynna get my card back in my purse and my drink in a cup holder before Chick-fil-A throws my food at me and says have a blessed day
Abby🌙 @abbyanayaa🔁I just want some chick fil a 😑 idk why I've been craving it all week
Gwenaelle Ly @GwenaelleLy🔁In desperate need of Chick-fil-A 🐣
neysWORLD✨ @keepinupwney🔁 chick-fil-a ***
S. Taylor @sirtaylorii🔁Let there be chicken: Atlanta native, alum to open first Chick-fil-A in downtown Los Angeles
d. @baddiedomo🔁Chick-fil-a got me so hot. It's ppl standing around to be seated. This ain't chuckee cheese wtf
ddf🖤 @_ddfieldss🔁chick-fil-a ***
Faith 🤓❣️ @Ovopatty8🔁That Chick-fil-A blessed my whole soul 🤣🤙🏾
10/21 🤴🏽🤑 . @_maaarccus🔁i eat chick-fil-a everyday 😦
Carlie Carr @CarlieYadloczky🔁 Chauncy @ Chick-fil-A tuscawilla will forever be dat OG legend
🌸Alyssa 🌸 @bonjourlyssa🔁Chick-fil-A fries >>>
Hillary Mehnert @Hillaryshomies🔁 I want chick fil a
jalynn 🥀 @jalynnhicks🔁When we crave Chick-fil-A and then realize it's Sunday ://///
Deñaire 🤴🏾 @LxrdCovington_🔁Why me and this girl at Chick-Fil-A keep catching eye contact 😂😂 and she works here...
jay. @jhustiz_🔁 me trying to get chick-fil-a on a sunday
Bo Sanford @BoSanford1🔁@Diabeatuss Dude I'm coming back chill 🙄 we are still gonna go to chick fil a, I just had to go deposit my check.
Raven Dillane @DillaneRaven🔁 Rocky Mount is actually going to be sad when chick fil lay closes for a month
Lay @malaysiaanita🔁@domdavillier Im not coming back tonight😭 but there's a chick fil A not too far from campus if you uber💓
M a d s ツ @MaddieCarreiro🔁Went to Chick-fil-A & Nathan asked "can I get a bunch of Canes sauce"
Kristyn craig @kristyn_03🔁 If Chick Fil A delivered, my life would be complete😿
jodee 🍓 @_jodeeee🔁 70. when chick fil a isn't open on sundays:/
jess o'brien @jess_obrien02🔁do chick-fil-a workers get fired if they don't say my pleasure? jw..
di'anna✨ @dtp24_🔁Those who work at chick fil a have a special place in my heart
Anthony @carpediemfsu🔁 ICYMI: Official Chick-Fil-A Kickoff Hype Video is amazing
K is for Keenon @itsKEENON🔁Online ordering is NOT accurate.. the managers LIE the service is horrible.. you need to take a page about service fr om -fil-A
Effective Syndicate @effectsyndicate🔁Are you going to Summit? Featuring keynotes from Coca-Cola & Chick-fil-A
tat @YaGirlTat🔁We don't deserve chick fil a
julia @nathanson_j🔁"Sephora is the Chick-fil-A of makeup" - @mary_bass1354
hortensia☀️ @hortensiaa__🔁 Chick-Fil-A sounds really good right about now 🤤
Kippen MacIntire @KippenNbits🔁I swear, the Chick Fil A drive thru is a nightmare any time of day.
Bree 💕 @_BreShawn17🔁My Cousin Bless Me With A Gift Card From Chick-Fil-A 🙌🏾 It Got 200$ On It Look At God


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