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CheapOair @CheapOair🔁That wraps this week's #CheapOairChat! A big thanks to @CharlesMcCool for being our guests!
Julie McCool | FuninFairfax @FunInFairfax🔁@HeidiSiefkas Great! I did't have time to hike the Bubbles but they looked beautiful from the Jordan Pond Trail. #CheapOairChat #travel
Charles McCool ✈️ @CharlesMcCool🔁 Use coupon code JUN20 to book your trip on CheapOair! #CheapOairChat #GoAheadBeCheap
Charles McCool ✈️ @CharlesMcCool🔁 That wraps this week's #CheapOairChat! A big thanks to @CharlesMcCool for being our guests!
Julie McCool | FuninFairfax @FunInFairfax🔁@alejos86 @CheapOair @CharlesMcCool I like that idea! #Ecuador is beautiful and there is so much more for us to see. #travel #CheapOairChat
Debbie Travels @debbytravels🔁90 minutes until , where and I will share the about and . Be there or be gone!
Julie McCool | FuninFairfax @FunInFairfax🔁@abonniething @CharlesMcCool It swam around me for awhile. So cool! #cheapoairchat
Debbie Travels @debbytravels🔁Q6: Have you ever made the pilgrimage to a major world event like this summer's soccer tournament? What was it?
AccWalking @AccWalking🔁Yes, I think it is. If it isn't it should be considered one, perhaps the next Olympics in North America?
Heidi Siefkas @HeidiSiefkas🔁Are you kidding? I don't have time for that. I'm going back to shortly. BUT I'm interested in doing the entire thin twitter.com g. I'd start in Georgia and end in Maine though.
Heidi Siefkas @HeidiSiefkas🔁Yes, I think it is. If it isn't it should be considered one, perhaps the next Olympics in North America? twitter.com
Heidi Siefkas @HeidiSiefkas🔁Incredible spot. Did the Jordan Pond Trail then popovers and the Bubbles hike. Now searching for a sunset tonight. twitter.com
My Life is a Journey @monicazyoung🔁A10 Music + dance + cocktails seems to do the trick! When in Rome, do as Romans...when in my last destination, cuba, do as the Habaneros.
Mridul @manitmalank🔁A5: Live in the country and hope that you have some generous friends!

itsabonniething @abonniething🔁A10 I was honored that this local chose to bond with me during a snorkeling trip. Best wildlife experience ever!
Charles McCool ✈️ @CharlesMcCool🔁@KristinaGemella @CheapOair @NitroCircus I met @travispastrana last summer and he is super cool. #travel #cheapoairchat
Charles McCool ✈️ @CharlesMcCool🔁A6. Does making a pilgrimage to Montreal or Milan to see count? It is a major world event for me :)
Charles McCool ✈️ @CharlesMcCool🔁Also a great way to bond with people you know and learn more about them.
Dan Castro @DanCas2🔁A8: Baseball in Asia is so fun! Saw it in Korea and Japan. Won't say which is more fun, but they were both a blast. Tons of singing, drinking, and eating. Can't beat it!

Charles McCool ✈️ @CharlesMcCool🔁 @CheapOair A7. After their amazing victory the other day, I think I'm in good hands rooting for Mexico! #CheapOAirChat
Kristina Gemella's Travels @KristinaGemella🔁@CheapOair Last country I visited was Greece! #cheapoairchat
Travel Through Life @travthroughlife🔁Nice! Was it a Doosan Bears game you went to? Our former ambassador to Korea seems like a big Bears fan. twitter.com
Charles McCool ✈️ @CharlesMcCool🔁@KristinaGemella @CheapOair @NitroCircus Your answer is true to you. Thank you. #travel #CheapOairChat
Charles McCool ✈️ @CharlesMcCool🔁 @CheapOair Not a conventional answer, but I'd say seeing @NitroCircus Live in Boston! #cheapoairchat
Seavenger.com @seavenger🔁A10. Maybe not the kind of bonding you want, but on study abroad I got teased by the local students for my taste in twitter.com the country's music, haha. According to them, the bands I liked were for middle school girls.
Kristina Gemella's Travels @KristinaGemella🔁@CheapOair Not a conventional answer, but I'd say seeing @NitroCircus Live in Boston! #cheapoairchat


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