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#Charlottesville Julie Eaton @eatonjulie494🔁 @realDonaldTrump Say it: #Charlottesville was a terror attack. Say it.
#Charlottesville#Charlottesville#Charlottesville NickSearcys37thBitch @scottlock4usc🔁Stellar reporting @CNN @wolfblitzer

Cites #Barcelona as a copycat to #Charlottesville - wrong on many levels

#Charlottesville sinan ulgen @sinanulgen1🔁 This is pretty great from #UVA
#Charlottesville (((T W))) @timgw37🔁DailyCaller Opinion: Why Were The Police Held Back In ?

Opinion: Why Wer…

#Charlottesville Eric Michael Kelley @Yvyraiju🔁 Please share today's #LaloAlcaraz editorial cartoon. #Charlottesville #DumpTrump
queenofJugo @QueenMofJugo🔁 @MorinToon Trump supporters view on #Charlottesville
#Charlottesville masia @masiaaz🔁 No more words needed #Charlottesville
#Charlottesville I love America @purplephun🔁 "Perspective..."


#Charlottesville Esperanza @er_obrien🔁 Opinion: Why Were The Police Held Back In #Charlottesville?
#Charlottesville JoJo @seejolenerun🔁 This is what happens when Nazi's stay home. #Charlottesville
#Charlottesville Larry Elder @larryelder🔁Now what?


Dinesh D'Souza @DineshDSouza🔁The Right gets blamed for violence, but the organizer of the hate rally was an Obama guy and an Occupier. What's goi ng on?
Karen Attiah @KarenAttiah🔁My latest: Here's how the Western Media™ would cover #Charlottesville if it happened in a foreign country.
Kim Sifft @kimr_33🔁 By the way, fuck these nazi motherfuckers. #Charlottesville
Baylee 🍷🍷 @BayleeB79🔁 | Staged Event, , , 's House of Horrors |

Tommy Johnson @af737digger🔁Stellar reporting

Cites as a copycat to - wrong on many levels

Theo Jones @theocintric🔁🚨 was orchestrated by these evil, vial ppl along w/ the help of their trusted lapdogs the 🚨
Revival4America @AwakeAmerica15🔁: BOTH SIDES WRONG.
. Right.

Michele @MicheleCitizen🔁@RWPUSA @BarackObama Missing you & yr great judgement & leadership! (And Michelle)

#BannonMillerGorkaMustGo #TrumpRussia #Charlottesville

WHSVnews @WHSVnews🔁After #Charlottesville sparked nationwide discussions on Confederate monuments, a look at those in the Valley:
Fake Plastic Trees🐼 @radiosong94🔁My thoughts on the madness. Along with the KKK and White Supremacists, Antifa must go!
stuart jones @gooner4evr🔁@NicolleDWallace Great Show!Everyone WAS on Fire!Does Mr Trump think that the #Charlottesville terrorist should get the Pershing treatment?
Jamie York @mediagonebad🔁 The Vice documentary on #Charlottesville, for those who haven't watched it yet:

Amor7879 @amorganfloyd13🔁So these killers are terrorists while Nazi killers in are a few bad apples in a peaceful sea of good guys? Who are you for?
Heather H. @Heatherhamama🔁Nazi in kills a woman and I'm told I must disavow . Muslims kill 13+wound 50 and I'm told to be tolerant.
QuantMonkey @fotespeaks🔁here's why I criticize liberals when it comes to terror attacks. argument after a :every White person is a potential racist
Igor Todorović @Igor_Todorovglu🔁Plug may be pulled after termination of manufacturing council + strategic, policy forum. #Trump #Charlottesville
OFFICIALYENLO @minor_thrill🔁#Charlottesville Reportbacks livestream can be accessed on the @workersworld FB page. Stream will start around 7:
Chris @IndexTradeChris🔁One lunatic kills someone in , the right is condemned wholesale.

Muslims kill 13 in , the left demands tolerance.

Sally Bridge @SallyBMetal🔁When are you going to label White Supremacist Terrorism? That terrorist used the exact same tactic we see in .
Tweety on the left @devalara44🔁Trump immediately calls terrorism yet still hasn't called terrorism. Why? B/c White Supremacists voted for him.
jude @bunnyhoney45🔁After comments on , I'll be introducing Articles of against . No good Nazis or Klansmen!
PirateTruth 🇺🇸 @piratetruth🔁Will #msm continue to gloss over #Charlottesville truth and avoid glaring questions?
Johanna Greeson, PhD @johannagreeson🔁Want to support & organize locally in your community? Here are some specific actions you can take:
Bond 007 @Wellness4You13🔁Trump's response to was indefensible. Let's take a look at how the House GOP has been promoting racism and xenophobia ⬇
ande lane @jimdandeo🔁In the wake of and , note the deep and alarming similarities between white supremacists & jihadis.
Doxxed Funny Woman @TallCoreopsis🔁Bigotry is hardly limited to : This Des Moines City Council candidate has faced down a heap of it.
Luis L @llalalu1🔁 Donald Trump has every reason to keep white people thinking about race #Charlottesville #p2
Dana C. @thatdanagame🔁Recall the bloody brutality against honor student Martese Johnson on "the corner" in in 2015
Violet Sunset @IvyFoliage🔁Director Busted In Charlottesville! via
Brian Walton @Va49erfanBrian🔁 Police Back - BOTH Sides Came To City Looking For A Fight

Sketch by: 💖

Pity♔Add @lydzatwit🔁Pretty funny. All those racists descend on to protest a statue coming down. Result: they're now coming down everywhere.
Donald J Trump @ALTERNATVEPOTUS🔁We condemn the attack on BOTH SIDES! There are some fine poeple in ISIS!
Tana @bananaboat76🔁2 VEHICLE ATTACKS

Trump condemns quickly
Calls it Terror

Trump waits
Blames "Both Sides"
Never calls it Terror

Joseph Patrick Jr @joeyjrfl🔁
The Other Inconvenient Truth

Jason Kessler,
Is A Former Obama Activist

↘️ 🐟y

Glamour @glamourmag🔁My grandfather was killed in the Charleston church shooting. Here's my advice for :
Dæstrudø @MelodeathRabbit🔁Unless they warrant the violence first, like #AntifaTerroristOrganization did at #Charlottesville
Ian Fitzgerald @fitzgeraldian🔁No kinder, more poignant lyricist in New England than friend/folk singer Ian Fitzgerald who played in near Emanicpation Pk.
paulusthewoodgnome @woodgnomology🔁 Nor you.
Piss off out of it.
Hilarious @WISuperstar🔁Analysis:

"Terror" struck , according to Trump.

? "Call it whatever you want."


The Dunedain @AlaskaFreeman🔁Perfect example of a typical thug threatening a disabled VET!

Francis Allenby @francisallenby🔁500 march through in solidarity with & to honor of .
Lea Bea @LeaBea01🔁Get these Motherfcukers out of the White House!! #CaptionThis #Charlottesville #COMPLICIT #Impeach45 #TheResistance
Turnaround @Turnaround🔁Read @Turnaround President and CEO @DrPamelaCantor's statement on disturbing events, response re: #Charlottesville
Todd C. Armistead @tcarmistead🔁What is vital now is a swift restoration of law and order and the protection of innocent lives.

John Magyar @magyar_john🔁😳 says a copycat of 🤦🏽‍♂️ What's next from ? Will they accuse Trump of driving the white van?
jim snively @jsnive🔁The Right gets blamed for violence, but the organizer of the hate rally was an Obama guy and an Occupier. What's going on?
Antoine @minichaumont🔁The White House makeover ...

Ben Jennings on and in the


was in

was right again

Kevin Rodela @KevinRodela🔁Cory Booker vows to introduce new bill after Charlottesville
Mary Ellen Nesham @MaryNesham🔁Where were these extremists radicalized? Right here in America by the Tea Party, Breitbart, Fox News and the .
🌕CoCo Butta Bey ✨ @Charvettebey🔁Terrorist weaponizing motor vehicles in #Charlottesville against protesters& #Barcelona against tourists! #MTPDaily Barricade public space?
B G @bguezzie🔁FWIW - The terrorists w/ flamethrowers in #Charlottesville were just as despicable as the torch-bearing protestors. Both were wrong.
Scott Swanson @Scott2Bfree🔁Make no mistake, Democrats are using to justify scrubbing their racist history, i.e. Slavery & Jim Crow.

Mezome @mezomefans🔁As Violence Raged In Charlottesville, People Wondered: Where Were The Cops? …
Top-secret Issues @top_issues🔁If it's not tragic enough the events of & the constant MSM exploits tragedy attempting to discredit
Jennifer Carson @scooby98660🔁3 hours . 3 hours to condemn a terror attack in another country and 48 hours here after . You're a disgra ce.
Pistolannie @Pistolannie31🔁I wonder what Wolf's IQ is...

Wolf Blitzer wonders if terror attack was copycat


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