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#Charlottesville Randall Stephens @dailyDonaldDis🔁 .@realDonaldTrump's fan club is at it again.
#Morons with tiki torches.
Matt Talhelm @MattTalhelm🔁HAPPENING NOW: & white nationalist supporters are back with their torches in front of Lee statue in . twitter.com
Joe @joesgarage101🔁 Some “very nice” white supremacist friends of Trump are marching in #Charlottesville again
ted clubberlang @paul_boo6880🔁 #Charlottesville ain't got nothing on the turbo-supremacists in Tel Aviv.
Peter Daou @peterdaou🔁White supremacists are marching again in #Charlottesville. REMINDER: #Pence vouched for Trump verrit.com
Derrick Clifton @DerrickClifton🔁Richard Spencer and white supremacists march in #Charlottesville yet again, but please tell me more about "black identity extremists." 🤔🤔
Frances @pennyblab🔁Don't be fooled into thinking that the small # of people in is a sign that their movement is losing steam. It's not.
Jenn @Jennoneilsworld🔁Richard Spencer and white supremacists march in yet again, but please tell me more about "black identity extremists." 🤔🤔
PocahontasB Ingrate @OleHippieChick🔁 rallied in today saying "RUSSIA IS OUR FRIEND." Hmm

Carly Says @carlyinNJ🔁 The Khakis & Polos are gettin Tiki wit it again in Charlottesville #Charlottesville twitter.com
Olly Gourley @ollygourley🔁So #Charlottesville happened again last night and no ones really talking about it on my feed.
Garance Franke-Ruta @thegarance🔁These comments were on Richard Spencer's website just after Unite the Right. This is what you're seeing in tonight.
Cassidy Williams @harleysurfer🔁If only all the people in the US who were outraged about #NFL players taking a knee were as outraged about this. #Charlottesville
Zan Green @ZanGreen1🔁Tonight, white supremacists in chant, "The South Will Rise Again! But we can still get our government checks, right?"
Sharlene Kuruppuarac @SharleneMelb🔁Why are these #white nationalists protesting at night? BTW their fashion looks very #RickAstley. #Charlottesville
Steve Salter @SteveSalter48🔁 a broken America where the far right Nazi supremeists are alive and well and still allowed to preach hate in public twitter.com places.
BeckblowsKoch @Mayzee590🔁 Don't look now, but Trump's "Very Fine People" are back in #Charlottesville.


Barbe Levitan @bjatmcw🔁NEW: police considering legal action against torch-wielding white supremacists


Katheleen Mitro @KatheleenMitro🔁Last time there were hundreds of white supremacists in , tonite there were 30. Like Trump’s downward approval, end is near.
Kate Kelley @TBFawn🔁trump's *very fine* Tiki Nazis are back in with Richard Spencer and his blah beige bigot brigade.
Party Worm @delicategreen86🔁#Charlottesville once again the torch to pitchfork ratio is completely unacceptable
Thermal Resistor 🏴 @TorridResistor🔁 activists took 2 streets last night in response to 3rd torch rally.


Tim Bestbudz ✊🏴 @TimBestbudz🔁Where were you tonight? As "White Identity Extremists" terrorized once again?
Kelly Rek @KellyRek🔁 protests hold torches & in Berkeley liberals try to burn the city down What difference does it make Both groups are racists
Becca @bextrex9437🔁 White supremacists are marching again in #Charlottesville. REMINDER: #Pence vouched for Trump verrit.com
Rad-Dad ☿.♇ @Aware_wolf_🔁* 1 day before #Charlottesville part. Deux twitter.com
Robbi Huffine @RobbiHuffine🔁But has sense of community: 2 dozen ppl, inc clergy, guarded front of Synagogue, where congregation was celebrating Sukkot
TheyCallMeYucca @tyizar🔁#WhitePrivilege allows them to protest in #Charlottesville AGAIN but Black athletes can't #TakeAKnee. Check yourself if you don't see that.
Edward T. O'Donnell @InThePastLane🔁New podcast episode! What Little Rock in 1957 can tell us about in 2017 inthepastlane.com ps://twitter.com/i/web/status/916985379781251072" target="_blank">twitter.com
Truth Hurts @ITK_Source🔁Starting to think these white nationalists in #Charlottesville are paid protesters by the left, because they really can't be this stupid!
Isaac Brookman @IsaacBrookmann🔁 No one attacked Mayor Signer's house like BLM did Krewson's in St. Louis #Charlottesville twitter.com
Jon Hopper @Hoppalicious🔁Will you be speaking out against those "very fine" Nazis who support you in ? that they killed twitter.com
ʀɦɨǟռռռօռռ @Rhiannnonn🔁We all know what happened the last time Nazis had a torch party.
My livestream from that night:

Roopa Rings @roopavive🔁 Deeply saddened Trump & GOP ostracize NFL players, but silence on Nazis in #Charlottesville chanting "Russia is our friend."
Paula @PaulaEckels🔁 why do racists chant "Russia is our friend"? Please go and live there and let true patriots carry on with freedom here.
Jessica Hladky @Jessica_Hladky🔁They’re white supremacists. The last time “white activists” gathered in , Heather Heyer was killed by one of them.
Mel Stanfill @melstanfill🔁 From the #Charlottesville mayor: twitter.com


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