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Charlie Sheen Colt74 @XXXL74🔁Charlie Sheen said he had Tigers Blood
Kanye said he has Dragon Energy.

See the connection yet?

Eli Valley @elivalley🔁We should've seen Charlie Sheen's "tiger blood" meltdown as a harbinger of our current dystopia
OMGFacts @OMGFacts🔁Sean Penn, Robert Downey Jr., Charlie Sheen and Rob Lowe were all friends in high school.
Josh Marshall @joshtpm🔁Didn't Charlie Sheen have something like Dragon Energy?
Grant Lee Stone @GrantLeeStone🔁@TheGingerarchy Remember when Charlie Sheen said he had Tiger’s Blood? Dragon Energy is just like that, crazy megalomania.
Anna Marie 💐 #EnoughIsEnough @littlemoonmixer🔁Kanye’s ‘dragon energy ‘ tweet reminds me of Charlie Sheen’s famous rant, “People who aren’t special, people who don’t have tigers blood and Adonis DNA. Winning!”
Alex Kidwell @alexkidwell🔁 Is Dragon Energy the generic version of Tiger's Blood? Asking for Charlie Sheen.
windowtothesoul 👀 @windowtothesoul🔁@traebordileau Dragon blood... i remember tiger blood and winning. Haha Charlie sheen the has been...😂😂😂
Dollydimples82 @deerigs🔁Kanye West the new self appointed Charlie sheen of Twitter #dragonenergy vs #tigerblood
Alex Moyer @Alex_Moyer_🔁Kanye's Dragon energy is reminiscent of Charlie Sheen's tiger blood. If you don't understand something it may be beca use there's nothing to understand
dylan 🧜🏽‍♂️ @dylaaaaan_yo🔁Who winning in a fight? Kanye West (w/ Dragon Energy) Vs. Charlie Sheen (w/ Tiger Blood)
Dave Mackey @davidamackey🔁@cmclymer Dragon energy! Kind of reminds me of when Charlie Sheen said he had tiger blood.
A soft bright light @theBuscemi🔁 All this Kanye shit is like when 2011 Charlie Sheen was all “winning! tiger blood!” and that fool had AIDS
Donna Renee Spires @Dunkin_Donna_🔁@Gingery_Injury All I can think of is Charlie Sheen screaming winning right now and that he had tiger blood
President of the Secret Society @FUtrumputin🔁@rolandscahill The answer is: Who is Charlie Sheen? 😂
Matt JK @dcdaddysWT🔁Reality would cease to exist if Kanye, Trump, and Charlie Sheen all occupied the same space at the same time. "Tiger Blood"
Matt Mulligan @mullymt🔁@SethAMandel He's certainly allowed to be a conservative, but he's having a bit of a Charlie Sheen meltdown right now.
Marla✊🏻✊🏾✊🏿#FBR #NotMyPresident @DvinMsM🔁 New movie starring Charlie Sheen and Kanye West: Crouching Tiger Blood, Hidden Dragon Energy
Michael Diaz @RealMichaelDiaz🔁Dragon Energy sounds a lot like Tiger Blood and Adonis DNA. Looking forward to when we see Charlie Sheen running for President. #Kanye2024
NotBuffytheVMPslayer @NotBUFFY_VS🔁Dragon energy?! 🤣 oh, , I’m gonna file that behind Björk’s swan dress and Charlie Sheen’s “tiger blood.”
Ken Camp @sherylshusband🔁@patphelan You have to demonstrate dragon power to get his attention. Drinking tiger blood can get you Charlie Sheen.
Samantha Schuh @WiseGalSam🔁 2018 Kanye West "dragon energy" is the 2011 Charlie Sheen "tiger blood" remix
haylee⛓ @plaguebby🔁“dragon energy” just reminds me of when charlie sheen used to say he had “tiger blood”
Ambereve Ginunas @JinkiesMsJenks🔁Sooooo, is “Dragon Energy” the same thing as Charlie Sheen’s, “Tiger Blood”??? #Kanye
Jeremy Duncan @TheJeremyDuncan🔁@redsteeze Few years ago it was Tigers Blood than Charlie Sheen caught Aids. Who can predict what's next.
'((Adam (Elkus))) @Aelkus🔁Reminds me of Charlie Sheen Tiger Blood moment.

Feels like there ought to be some Chinese zodiac predictability here.

Careless Gatsby @JamesGatzTrump🔁@realDonaldTrump Remember Charlie Sheen? Let’s do the kind thing and let this go...
NohMoar @noh_moar🔁Kanye West, Charlie Sheen, Elon Musk, and Jordan Peterson are the heads of an ancient dragon cult. They initiated the false flag Toronto van attack to stir up anti-incel sentiment and hacked Joy Ann Reid to slander her. Their true goals are as of yet unknown. The lore runs deep.
Leslie💜🐕🌊🐘 @lezleedee2🔁Kanye’s ‘dragon energy ‘ tweet reminds me of Charlie Sheen’s famous rant, “People who aren’t special, people who don’ t have tigers blood and Adonis DNA. Winning!”
Autodidactic Cat @Banana19691🔁Levi, Trump's tax plan says youre lying. also, kanye, are you turning into charlie sheen?i don't think kim will be pl eased with that.
Elizabeth Turner @lizenlair🔁Somewhere in the world Charlie Sheen is shaking his head saying "it's energy from tiger blood...not dragons."
Calvin Gregory @CalvinGregory70🔁Dragon Energy? is that anything like Tiger's Blood? Starting to sound like good ol' Charlie Sheen. He was delusional as well. I personally believe that no sitting president should be allowed to tweet. Only to let us know of upcoming press conferences at least but otherwise, no
Noah Tries Again @noahfloods🔁2011 Charlie Sheen looks like Aristotle now
Psyberus @Psyberus🔁@caro @michelemorrow It's a case of Charlie Sheen (2011) MKII.
Katherine @Agitate1865🔁@Falcone234 They should get Charlie Sheen and make a gang. The Narcissists, maybe, or the Turds
CAPPIE @cathie_peterson🔁 I bet even Charlie Sheen thinks Kanye is fucking insane.
benzo @benzobongo🔁@NBCNews @wbaltv11 Seen this movie before. Charlie Sheen was in the lead role. Tigers blood and dragon energy...
Michelle @Bing7789🔁Two words...CHARLIE this space...Kanye West...Fears for Kanye's health emerge after Scooter Braun's fir ing via
darklight bot @DarklightBot🔁Don't judge Charlie Sheen until you've snorted a mile in his coke.
Petty Chicken Wap @cee_pain🔁Ye straight went full Charlie Sheen.


Jordan Brown @J_Brown61🔁Kanye reminding me of Charlie Sheen
Matthew Aponte @MattDawgs🔁Navy Seals with Charlie Sheen is an underrated movie.
Bryan Garcia @bgarcia935🔁What’s with your mental gymnastics trying to justify Kanye becoming a Trumpster? At best he’s having a mental breakdo wn a la Charlie Sheen. At worst he’s throwing other black people under the bus for money.
Pat X @redsnoopystock🔁@eclecticbrotha He reminds me of Charlie Sheen. It’s a manic episode. Look how Charlie turned out
Nikki Hollywood @NikkiNHollywood🔁Omg. Are we really about to go through another Charlie Sheen moment! Remember how much fun that was!?
aamya @aamya🔁Has anyone noticed that Kanye's tweets are very Charlie Sheen-esque with talk of dragon's blood? "Winning!" (not) Charlie Sheen may be crazy AF but he's a helluva lot smarter than Kanye. Spoiler alert: donning the hat (literally or metaphorically) never ends well.
stelth mode @la700🔁 Dragon Energy is just a play on Tiger Blood because Kanye West is basically MOCKING Charlie Sheen.
Kenny BooYah! @KwikWarren🔁 @KwikWarren It’s more powerful than Charlie Sheen’s tiger blood.
🦁🐯🐻 @mrthunderst1ck🔁I'm an independent you snowflake.
Do you remember when Charlie sheen was having his manic break & talked about "tiger blood" its called manic. Deal w your own self & you will be able to understand
HAW @HAWofPA🔁When he’s tweeting about dragon blood, mental health must be discussed. Reference Charlie sheen and his tiger blood rants for point of reference
Bromarion @abstractfishco🔁Charlie Sheen isn't a POC just because he's Hispanic
DeeVsEverybody @912LivingLegend🔁I hope Kanye and Trump both understand that #dragonenergy is the same kind of energy that Charlie Sheen has....
Dallas Harrison @dallas90210🔁 Didn't Charlie Sheen have something like Dragon Energy?
Debbernaut @Debbernaut🔁Thought I'd managed to dodge the K-word today, but accidentally clicked "trending" and saw "dragon energy."
Full-on C harlie Sheen.... actually, beyond.
Ray Aldridge @rayntpa🔁"Dragon energy"?!?! HaHa
This is just the 2018 re-boot of the Charlie Sheen "tiger blood" craziness. Remember how that ended for him? Yup, Kanye is on the express train to CrazyTown.
Eric Clymer @ericsclymer🔁Charlie Sheen’s news cycle rant ended with Fukushima. I hope Kanye’s ends more peacefully. #KanyeWest
Janey and Ira @Janey_And_Ira🔁Ira: "Is Dragon Energy a by-product of Tiger's Blood? If so, we can expect Charlie Sheen to get in on this soon. A nice trifecta of Trump West Sheen.

By the way, Trump West Sheen is the color at Home Depot of the offices in the White House."

Skyler_Not a bot @Catness16🔁The dried up, lying whore will not prevail against Trump because he never slept with her trashy ass!Satanic scum such as charlie sheen, the clintons sleep with her. POTUS is a germaphobic. A life supply of penicillin would be needed if that whore brushed up against you.
Chad @Chadaoliver🔁 Is Dragon Energy stronger than Tiger Blood? Maybe we should get Kanye & Charlie Sheen to debate this on CNN.
Chad @Chadaoliver🔁If dragon energy is anything like tiger's blood, then Kanye might want to be careful--that tiger blood ended Charlie Sheen's career.
Casey Nugent @CaseyNuge🔁Calling some Kanye Tweet Thinkpieces Now:
Kanye is 2018's Charlie Sheen
Kanye is The New Roseanne Barr
This Is Actual ly About Mental Health
This Is All A Stunt to Promote an Album/Kanye Is Banksy
Somehow This is Kim's Fault (But Don't Ask Me How)
James Wigderson @jwigderson🔁 Kanye West’s dragon energy > Charlie Sheen’s tiger blood
Keith A Loyd @Circle_City_93🔁@kanyewest @GreenArrow374 The black Charlie Sheen
Urine Trouble @Bewtawful🔁@kellyjoyrf Is that like Charlie Sheen’s tiger blood except tigers are real, dragons are not, and both KW and CS are fools?
Nick Kait @NjKait🔁@kanyewest Dragon energy? Is that like when Charlie Sheen was a rockstar from Mars?
Jesse Pohlman @JPohlmanWriting🔁"MAGA and Dragon Energy can be yours, straight from Kayne and Charlie Sheen, so long as you PLEAD THE FIFTH AMENDMENT ! Plead it. Pleaaadddd it. Tiger blood is yours to be had if only you'll plead the fifth!"

? No, but that's some tacky movie scripting.

Mark Allister Benson @Swassesois1🔁@CBCNews I can't believe Charlie sheen was 8 years ago.
Ladies Making Comics @LadiesMaknComix🔁@ColleenDoran Considering that Charlie Sheen's "tiger blood" turned out to be HIV+...
Loraine Cothren @lacothren🔁Is that anything like Charlie Sheen comparing himself to a tiger and having tiger blood? He was okay at the time, ri ght?
Julie Behre @JulieBehre🔁@kellyjoyrf Yeah, but it won’t be a *real* party until Charlie Sheen and his tiger blood show up.
Charles Jaco @charlesjaco1🔁FLASH
Kanye West receives tiger blood transfusion from Charlie Sheen, immediately tweets.
Tina-Ald @Tinaa43🔁I hope #Kanye ain’t about to have the Charlie Sheen meltdown from a few years ago... That was all bad 😳😳
Steve @SteveR39🔁Sounds like your the one dreaming or you're from the Charlie Sheen school of winning. All he needs is some Tigerblo od to top it off.
J.D. Sadler @TheFinalDoctor🔁@MichaelRapaport @IAmCreeSummer Kanye West is the New Charlie Sheen (In terms of loony Rants) IMHO
Jennifer H. @Jenojen🔁I bet Charlie Sheen is pissed he didn’t think of Dragon Energy.
Linda Mac Dougall @lindamac12steps🔁Charlie Sheen's tiger blood Trumped by Kanye's Dragon Energy
Generic American @musashi7711🔁@LeslieSimone_ I think it’s what gave Charlie Sheen HIV.


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