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Chargers Rick Onassis @RickOnassis🔁 Philip Rivers becomes the 9th QB in @NFLhistory with 50,000 career passing yards! #Chargers
Jeremiah. @plainJM__🔁 We love you, Coach ⚡️
jvannybo😈 @juannyboii_🔁 We love you, Coach ⚡️
Juan garcia @jcgar42🔁 A message from @Dodgers manager Dave Roberts ⚡️⚡️ #OAKvsLAC
Chargers Los Angeles Chargers @Chargers🔁About that #Chargers defense...


Chargers Los Angeles Chargers @Chargers🔁#Chargers finish out the regular season with a VICTORY! #OAKvsLAC
Ian Rapoport @RapSheet🔁 RB Melvin Gordon bought his offensive line some Louis Vutton travel bags for helping him reach 1000 yards. Love thes e.
Sa Da Tay @PootieTaye🔁The Chargers had:

4,000+ yard QB (Rivers)

1,000+ yard rusher (Gordon)

1,000+ yard receiver (Allen)

100+ catch receiver (Allen)

2 shut down Cornerbacks

(2) 10+ sack defensive players (Bosa 11.5 + Ingram 10)


Michael Hamilton @MJHamilton113🔁What a year. Loved seeing the fight that the Bolts had to come back from a horrendous start. That’s what it’s all about.
KarhanFhan @KarhanFhan🔁Wow. Ravens finished +92 and Chargers +83 in scoring differential and missed the playoffs. Bills -57 and Titans -22 and got in. Unreal.
Chris Johnson @feardemonkey🔁Zach went to his Drs game today. Loved coming home and letting me know this Chargers beat my Raiders. Happy New Year Adam.
🅱️🅱️🅱️ @Chapingos🔁@BB_Chargers 12-4 if team is healthy and of course if we have a KICKER
FloydGondolli @SwopeBuck🔁Randy, SD sign guy is anti LA and yes we all know they do. Why are you telling me this?
Boltman @BoltmanTweets🔁It's no secret I can't stand the ownership. However I will always support the players and the brand. Owners will come and go, but the brand Remains the Same. Go Chargers!
Diddy @pdiddu🔁 Chargers TE Antonio Gates says he still wants to play
Mike Honcho @MichaelCade860🔁So Close...
NN @nunnars🔁@BB_Chargers Eh. Dropped ball today pretty much sums up where he’s at.
William Hronis @WHronis🔁Keenan Allen is the first player to top 100 receptions in a season, breaking LaDainian Tomlinson's team record.
Beau Hossler @beauhossler🔁What a year. Loved seeing the fight that the Bolts had to come back from a horrendous start. That’s what it’s all abo ut.
N8 @nathan_zinser🔁5 min in the new year @maxhof7 shatters his phone screen, breaks his toe, breaks his chargers, and his phone dies
Mirror @MeeraSyaflnaz🔁👉 12th straight BIG with vs 🏈

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IAN PAUL JOY @JOYPAULIAN🔁@shamrock2711 @Chargers @RamsNFL @NFL Really cool but old.
Ty @xentyler🔁⚡️Win, Lose, or Tie my Fam⚡️ly is always Bolted Up! Even our dog Sproles reps the Bolts!
Ed Graney @edgraney🔁 It was a strange game between the Raiders and Chargers in LA
Zachary Hamilton @zachhamilton27🔁All of my teams are undefeated this year! @RaysBaseball @Chargers @MasonMBB @MasonWBB
Sam Graves @SGraves10🔁The fans in San Diego lost the Chargers. But no one misses the feeling current Charger fans have right now. So, happy new year San Diego!
Bueno @Bueno_No_Bueno🔁Can’t believe the Chargers finished 9-7 after an 0-4 start. This is just the beginning. We get back Lamp, Verrett, etc + FA assets and draft to improve this team even more than what it is now. 2018 season watch out the Chargers are hungry and going after the 🏆
Sam Elliot @SamElli58969085🔁Exactly, tix are 1/7 the price in Oakland & parking damn near free so of course fans will show up regardless of their record.
すけろく @tdcharge1🔁It was an amazing run Chargers! After going 0-4 and now improved to 9-7 to end the season. This future is bright, especially on the defensive side
★The Good Girl★ 😎 @KoolyDGAF_🔁 RB Melvin Gordon bought his offensive line some Louis Vutton travel bags for helping him reach 1000 yards. Love these.
Brian Ulrich @StoneColdUlrich🔁What happened to your 25% ? Looks more like 2%. If anyone wants to know how to destroy a business/fan base, look to the business model run by the spanos family (aka Judas family). What a joke!
Rick Onassis @RickOnassis🔁Don’t get me wrong. Considering the Chargers started 0-4 with a new head coach and a new city, the season has been a clear success. But I wanted them to make the playoffs badly. They deserve it far more than the Bills, Ravens, and Titans. Just frustrating.
Bolt Beat @BB_Chargers🔁What will the Chargers record in 2018 look like?


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