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Chapo Trap House: Become Trend on twitter at (2017-10-12 20:32)

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Popular tweets tagged with Chapo Trap House:
Chapo Trap House josh @liftrs🔁chapo trap house ... thank's for validating sady doyle
merritt k @merrittk🔁chapo trap house makes 87 thousand dollars a month on patreon
Chapo Trap House carrie underworld @saturnineish🔁 Here is Felix Biederman of Chapo Trap House making fun of a rape victim's rape
Ted Cruz Bang Bus™🌹 @eLOLzovic🔁[Sees Chapo Trap House trending]
[No one is saying why other than they don’t like them]
Luis Paez-Pumar @lppny🔁naming their podcast "chapo trap house"
Secular Talk @KyleKulinski🔁I haven't listened to/ watched Rick & Morty or Chapo Trap House yet so I'm not one of the cool kids
Danny Goodwin @goodwinmaadcity🔁If chapo trap house is ACTUALLY radical, why have they not once paid my rent for a year?
spooky brown @neyvay🔁my tl is glossing over the real issue of chapo trap house.which is that one of them introduced himself 2 me at a bar n his hands were so wet
the dang stranger @jakebrodes🔁chapo trap house.... retire bitch
christianity victim @chapsticklover7🔁The Chapo Trap House guys have a history of mocking rape victims for laughs. There is a consistent pattern here.
GROBI / TRⒶVIS @der_Grobi🔁There is literally nothing less inspired than Chapo Trap House leftism and every kind of white masculinist "left" commentary in that vein.
Milds & Henn, Dawg @TheSpacenoid🔁If Chapo Trap House is the face of the American left, we deserve 100 years of God-Emperor Trump
Milds & Henn, Dawg @TheSpacenoid🔁Chapo Trap House is a bunch of white dudes only slightly left of the Democratic Party making $87k a month as the "face of the left" lmao woo
antifa beetlejuice @antifamrrogers🔁anyways, i’ve been telling people for about a year that i wanted to get into chapo trap house but never actually did (i’m glad now)
Milds & Henn, Dawg @TheSpacenoid🔁THREAD: My broader critique of Chapo Trap House's Leftism: that, ECONOMICALLY AND MATERIALLY, it isn't Leftist at all.
Mal Cronin @Krenicon🔁I dont see what’s exactly sexist about Chapo trap house, from my perspective it’s a simple left wing humour podcast, could you enlighten me?
CRIME LICH ☭ @8spinach🔁@transfaerie you know i thought there might've been some when a handful of white dudes decided to call themselves chapo trap house but
menaquinone4 @menangahela🔁@Frogboypriv @Logo_Daedalus 'chapo trap house is a glib facsimile of real leftism'
Milds & Henn, Dawg @TheSpacenoid🔁Chapo Trap House was always horseshit lol.
🕸 dave 🕷 @gaypoison🔁the chapo trap house reddit is hell and it is real
ian @yugenyx🔁Hey, remember when this horror show (one of the Chapo Trap House guys mocking my having been raped) was circulating again last week?
Zach D Roberts @zdroberts🔁Just a quick reminder for supposedly liberal friends that enjoy the Chapo Trap House...
Matthew Bunch @matthewsbunch🔁Wow did a white guy from a podcast called "Chapo Trap House" that men have been explaining to me at parties for a year+ say something dumb??
Crash Bandicam @digital_goober🔁@Rockette_Morton Chapo Trap House, cum town, etc.
🎀DiⒶnaBoo!B☭‏nna🎀 @golemwave🔁@8spinach idk anything about chapo trap house; what's the deal with them?
Max Richards @Max_Richards3🔁Chapo Trap House is trending. Safe to assume some basic point about neoliberalism led us to the Trump disaster was made & not well received.
CRIME LICH ☭ @8spinach🔁today this world wants me to
-listen to chapo trap house even just the once
-like that eminem freestyle

and that's terrible

Michael H🎃ag @HoagMichael🔁when I read “Chapo Trap House Milkshake Ducked” I know exactly what that means im in hell im in hell
The Smoochbeast @discoscientist🔁wait. so youre telling me that the podcast named "chapo trap house" hosted by white guys is a little promblematic? i dont believe you
Paige ☆ DeCorpse @witchgoblin🔁tbh i dont know what chapo trap house is but it sounds skeevy
it's fox @ufohoax🔁chapo trap house gets almost 100k a month on patreon meanwhile i just had to scrape up literal change to buy a package of chicken breast
Less demanding hobby @RoguesClwydRhan🔁The more I look at that picture of the Chapo Trap house guys, the more I think it's time to spend a few decades clean-shaven.
christianity victim @chapsticklover7🔁THREAD: My broader critique of Chapo Trap House's Leftism: that, ECONOMICALLY AND MATERIALLY, it isn't Leftist at all. @CHAPOTRAPHOUSE
Spook 🎃 Laloosh @glittersquirrel🔁I've never listened to Chapo Trap House for the same reason that you don't really have to read Mein Kampf to know that it's Bad
Slenderman vs party @ManVsParty🔁White dorks calling themselves Chapo Trap House is far more offensive than a dumb picture with the Cosby star, but whatever
Antichristopher Grim @GrimmPixels🔁 i'm sorry...are people *just* finding out that Chapo Trap House is shit?
Harvey Zweinstein @basmoetjevoelen🔁ready for "the chapo trap house left is unsympathetic to rape victims but hillary clinton has nothing to explain for regarding weinstein"
Spooky name haver @GeorgeKennett42🔁LEFTIST SWEET SPOT

✅ Medicare for All
✅ Liberals are bad
✅ Stalin did nothing wrong
❌ Chapo Trap House sucks
❌ North Korea is good actually

Spooky name haver @GeorgeKennett42🔁 *flips my DAYS SINCE CHAPO TRAP HOUSE WAS LITIGATED ON THE TL desk sign back to zero*
Nicolas Brussino Fan @ScatmanJohnFan🔁 chapo trap house makes 87 thousand dollars a month on patreon
Forrest Cardamenis @FCardamenis🔁@JulesArk @atstephenbell It's a Chapo Trap House thing.
Suzan Scareaslan @SuzanEraslan🔁 naming their podcast "chapo trap house"
PmknHorrorPictrSpice @mattjuliusyeah🔁@dis_aster_ous i'm trying to imagine having the energy to spend on straining your relationships over fucking chapo trap house
Exmilitory @CzarIito🔁@Suburban_Trxper He didn’t tweet something but chapo trap house did and I assume he is referring to that
Benjamin Howard @BenHowardOPT🔁Not sure what happened, but glad to find out I was on the right side of the Chapo Trap House is Actually Bad War of 2017
⚑ جِبْريل @theindigi🔁 hey hey you guys wanna hear an actually funny joke?
chapo trap house.
Marianna @mcterzakis🔁(I didn’t know what Chapo Trap House was until someone told me, but also - Felix didn’t make an impression on me at a ll during the truncated
Be About It Press @baipress🔁chapo trap house? more like MAYO CRAP HOUSE amirite
Joe🌹 @Safety_Pants🔁Uh oh chapo trap house isn't allowed anymore
🌽whitey blunter🌶️ @nemoklatura🔁hey hey you guys wanna hear an actually funny joke?
chapo trap house.
dog and robot dog @canary_burgundy🔁can someone who listens tell chapo trap house just tweets done outloud or what?
Marianna @mcterzakis🔁Lovett or Leave It had Felix Biederman on from Chapo Trap House, who harassed a woman and made fun of her for being raped a few years ago.
Jesper Problematic @njdmv24🔁me and a swat team going door to door demanding people to denounce chapo trap house
nack miller @NackMiller🔁Chapo Trap House sucks and has always sucked
kelty @crubsy🔁chapo trap house are making $87,000 per month on their podcast, because WHAT COULD BE MORE LEFTIST THAN WHITE MEN MAKING MORE MONEY?
Andy Tanchez💖 @AndyTanchez🔁If you're not listening to Small Town Murder and Chapo Trap House on Spotify what r u doing w/ ur life
🍂it fall lo🍂 @moongrudge🔁 don't ask me about chapo trap house, a podcast tht i have never listened to and have a million opinions about.
PROBABLE CAU$E @dylangrogers🔁I'm pretty sure every member of Chapo Trap House mansplained indica and sativa to me at music festivals in high school


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