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Christian Wood @Chrwood2🔁 On the floor by himself 3+ hours before tipoff vs. the Cavs.

It's the Russell Westbrook way.

Cavs ESPN @espn🔁JR and LeBron are feeling good about the new-look Cavs.
Julio Garcia @juliogarcia🔁Even before the Cavs made their moves,

@warriors / #dubnation:

Cavs 🇵🇪🌹Bromeo Santos🌹🇵🇪 @NaNeLooo🔁 It's true 😘 @cavs
SportsCenter @SportsCenter🔁On the floor by himself 3+ hours before tipoff vs. the Cavs.

It's the Russell Westbrook way.

Brendan Murphy @BCM11🔁@aejonesleggo As a cavs fan I won’t complain but why would they give up hood for Crowder
Boy Dawg @bigeazy95🔁 @connerladner @LuciousLogan20 @BruhReport The Cavs was the worst team after he left and retuned, where's the superteam?
Karma Bangs @KarmaBangs🔁@OprahSide How you not upload the cavs vs Celtics and thunder. U folding bro.
olivia willss🔅 @oliviawillss🔁 @oliviawillss yo and she bought me cavs tickets so i can see the greek freak play 🙏🏼
Alexander Whitney @NilesGordon🔁I’m afraid they’ve largely been a fugazi, won a lot of games should have lost. other teams have studied them and gott en better. Clearly miss Smart on D. Idk. I’m frustrated. I don’t think we even make the ECF. Toronto&Cavs frankly better right now. We’ll see.
Willie B @sillyy_willie🔁@dmackk_daddy @Titty_Litty @cavs Turned out great !!! At least these last 3 games 😋🙌🏻
CERTIFIED G @DonArtistry🔁Cavs almost traded for DeAndre Jordan at the trade deadline, per
Joseph @8nswfa52yw_775🔁Chris Broussard reveals how the new Cavs players recharged LeBron and the team
Jeremy @jeremy_semick11🔁@oliviawillss yo and she bought me cavs tickets so i can see the greek freak play 🙏🏼
Kenny Roda @TheKennyRoda🔁On AmicoHoops: Former GM David Griffin offers insight into LeBron James, Dan Gilbert, deadline trades. "As a Cavs fan, which I’m always going to be, I’m pretty excited ..."
Ryan Wick @RyanWick_07🔁Sheesh, Swish!

In addition to this nice dish, shot 6-9 from downtown last night. 👌🏾

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Markayla🌹🌹🌹 @thatgirrlkaay🔁 Cavs beat them already remember You don’t remember Bron 39 14 6 gm? I do 🤷🏾‍♂
#1 LEBRON GOAT STAN @Jordan_VanBeek🔁@frostyy24 I’ve been a Cavs fan all my life shoutout to Anderson Varejao
K.M. @KAM2487🔁Two weeks ago the Cavs got dubbed off the sticks in the first quarter and Dean was all giggles. Now he wanna be serious
Halfrican American @OldManJenkss🔁*Cavs win*
ESPN: “Are Cavs the obvious favorite to win the East?”

*Cavs lose 7 straight*
ESPN: “Should we be worried about the Cavs?”

*Cavs win 4 straight*
ESPN: “Are we too excited about the Cavs”

*Raptors win 6 straight & lead the East*

Hector Feliciono’ @FlashyNova🔁Cavs got the entire league in shambles 😔
JustinGI91 @JustinGI91🔁@cavs Damn Lebron is a fuckin ninja
Mickey™ @AstroMickeyT🔁Larry Nance Jr. said LeBron James has made his transition to the Cavs much easier because he's constantly directing guys on offense and defense. Nance said he "sees everything." He added, "He's not 'probably' the best player of this era. He IS [the best]."
Leif9091 @leifagent91🔁@cavs @KingJames, Danny Ainge should be put on the NO FLY LIST for sending the Thomas-crowder bomb to Cleveland! Love the new look!
sean galusha @seanmgalusha🔁It's laughable that everyone's talking about whether the Cavs have a shot at the Warriors. Right now, it doesn't even look like the Warriros will make it out of the second round.
PuRgeSZN🤐 @bucketboybj🔁D-Wade promises Heat tickets to fan who made a trip to Cavs game to see him play…after the trade deadline
Athletics Anonymous @ATHANPodcast🔁@ThunderUpLB Haha yes very funny. I like the Cavs one.
Martin Heidenigga @EnigmaticSense🔁14 = straight starts for when he suits up on Sunday.


Kelly. @mooreky5🔁Does in come down from rafters then? Will someone else be able to wear it after? I wouldn't wear it either!
THELAND&DUKE🤴⚡️😈 @DukeTheland🔁@BillSimmons @NBA_Buckets Lmao. What about @cavs bill? Are you entertained yet? 😂😂😂
Maxwell Sonntag @Maximus_Gluteus🔁@SportsCenter The Celtics, Cavs, and now the refs don’t want IT on the floor playing
Frogman @Frogman980🔁He will be out west! And Cavs are still 6 games behind us! We all still have 23 games left let’s see what happens! Ca use I still believe Danny is making a move in the open market and Hayward will be back for the playoffs! Just watch
True God® (DAR) @TrueGodImmortal🔁To BE fair... he did say THIS Cavs team lol which is not at all the same now lol
Albert Voss Jr @Al_B1dirtybird🔁For a smart basketball man this is a dumb statement. At the end of the day kyrie was the reason the cavs won a title and also why they even made the finals. Lebrons #’s in playoffs, off the charts but the 👀 saw what they saw & that was kyrie was the closer. You’ll see this year
Kerv @KervinSMC🔁@LK3185 Too bad these new Cavs still gonna run y’all out. Save this tweet for later. Love ya, Matt 😂😘
J Wiz @Wizman23🔁@BillSimmons Well they aren’t beating the Cavs 4 out of 7 that is for DAM sure. This past Sunday your Celtics faced reality.
🍯 🖤 @SASSYandSPICY🔁@JacobyMatthews3 @cavs @NBA Why? Bc of the trading?
Jesse Rackson @ThatDudeDavonne🔁Warriors gotta be the worst team every time i watch them on national tv against not the Cavs
Ben & Jo Show @phillieprocess🔁Warriors- 50%
Cavs- 20%
Rockets- 10%
Thunder- 4%
Celtics- 4%
Raptors- 4%
Sixers- 2% (Yes, I am a Sixers f an)
Other- 2%
Mac Robinson @MacRobinsonCLE🔁Will elaborate more this Friday on , but come Playoff time, I'm rolling out George Hill, Rodney Hood, LeBron, Kevin L ove, and Larry Nance Jr. as my starters.
Eugene Vo0d0oMaN Land @voodoomanland81🔁Ikr honestly it's sadly making me want to quit watching basketball after 35 years of being a fan Can't stand Lebron or the Cavs and i'm from/and live in Ohio...
Baby Fuego @KalienteKaivo🔁“All it is, it’s playing hard & making the right plays. If you do those two things, you can go to any team in the league & fit right in. That’s what I wanted to focus on – just come in & make sure I’m out there making winning plays.” -

Chevy🕊 @chevdagod🔁Bruh the Warriors out here looking like the pre-trade Cavs 😂
mike perry @jrisgr88🔁I’m sure glad I.T and Crowder having fun with their new tms. I’m DAMN sure having fun watching the CAVS now.
jib @joh1st🔁Championship/playoff fatigue is a real thing man. Play 100 games a year on top of practice and a 3 month offseason. I can’t blame the warriors and Cavs for taking nights off
Colin Keefe @colinkeefe12🔁@CarverJohnny Mine
1. Warriors 50%
2. Celtics 20%
3. Rockets 10%
4. Cavs 10%
5. Thunder 5%
6. Raptors 5%
Neal Caffrey @JRSwish727🔁ODDS to win Eastern Conference:
Cavs +100 (EVEN MONEY)
Celtics +280
Raptors +450
Wizards 18/1
Bucks 18/1
76ers 22/1
Heat 40/1

ODDS to win Western Conference:
Warriors -250
Rockets +400
OKC 19/1
Spurs 20/1
T'Wolves 35/1

Milano Man Me 👹 @134pounds🔁Even tho I don’t fw the cavs , I see these two having good chemistry
Hot Sports Takes @rsventing🔁I think they forgot how to play defense. Giving up 121 to the cavs is somewhat understanable, but not great. But givi ng up 129 to the clippers is an absolute joke. I hope brad stevens has something up his sleeve because they are an absolute mess right now.
kd @myKDprofile🔁I think Boston is just tired right now. Gonna need the 4/5 seed or we play Toronto/celtics/cavs. I think we will hol d our own but I like our chances a lot more against wiz/pacers/bucks


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