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Pablo Runco @prunco94🔁 Edinson Cavani brought off by Emery after 66 minutes.
FOX Soccer @FOXSoccer🔁Not Ronaldo, not Neymar, not Benzema, Cavani or Mbappe. It's Adrien Rabiot who opens the scoring between Real Madrid and PSG.
UEFA Champions League @ChampionsLeague🔁Wish Paris stars Angel Di Maria (30) & Edinson Cavani (31) a happy birthday! 🎉🎉🎉

heroes tonight? 💪

UEFA Champions League @ChampionsLeague🔁Kylian Mbappé, Edinson Cavani & Neymar have scored 16 of Paris' 25 goals in the this season...

Best trio in the com petition? 🔥🔥🔥

PAIKAR SYED @PaikarSyed🔁Reasons why lost: Main leader Thiago Silva on the bench, you must have a leader in the team. Subbed Cavani off and g ave Dani Alves a free role, no striker in the last quarter of the game. Referee decisions could be another point
H Ξ R I¹⁰ @futbolHeri🔁PSG should learn that taking out Cavani is a bad move, now that they have lost a 2-0 lead in Madrid.
JM @Mourinholic🔁@CalArsenal If we believed everything they said, Manchester United would own Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Cavani, Fabinho, Ramos, Bale & more 🙈😂
Louie Pereira @LouieP_13🔁Champions League top scorers this season:

- Cristiano Ronaldo: 11
- Firmino, Kane: 7
- Neymar, Salah, Mane,Cavani, Ben Yedder: 6

Mind the Gap

- Messi: 3

VMC™ @iamVMC🔁Neymar was honestly awful tonight. Cost Cavani so many goal scoring opportunities by not finding him with simple passes but instead kept the ball too long and the chance was gone. The first goal was all Cavani's doing. When he came off PSG crumbled. No coincidence
treadlightly12 @amiraakhaled🔁 Cavani with his most notable run of the night, Meunier comes on for him.
Patrice ANDRE @Patricelandre🔁Not Ronaldo, not Neymar, not Benzema, Cavani or Mbappe. It's Adrien Rabiot who opens the scoring between Real Madrid and PSG.
Tomi! @The_Adetommy🔁Most goals in the Champions League this season:

[7] Firmino, Kane
[6] Neymar, Salah, Mane,Cavani, Ben Yedder
[5] Coutinho, Aboubakar
[4] Mbappe, Tosun, Sterling, Aguero, Talisca, Oberlin, Lukaku, Aubameyang, Higuain
[3] Messi

ghandi @MahatmaRaphuti🔁If you're going to even take off Cavani, the least you can do is bring on Di Maria. You replace a threat with a threat so Madrid would not be too comfortable to attack you and actually have to watch their backs. TF would Alves do upfront other than keep crossing? 😂😂😂
R.H Piper @Lauric_Etienne🔁Course he'd focus on that and not him not putting Mbappe/Cavani through 🤷‍♂️
ghandi @MahatmaRaphuti🔁Once Cavani went off, Zidane could afford to take off his DM for an attacking player. And he did it without suffering any repercussion whatsoever. And he knew he would not suffer any repercussion. Don't some of you understand? Lmao.
mitchel @lilmitchi🔁Thought tonight’s game was decided by the talent of the managers.

Zidane brought on more width and Asensio’s involvement practically decided the game.

Unai Emery left Lo Celso on for 84 minutes and took Cavani off after 66 minutes with the match in the balance.


mitchel @lilmitchi🔁"Well you saw Cavani's face and what he thought of it." 😠

"It didn't work."

Owen Hargreaves's brutal assessment of PSG and Unai Emery's tactics against Real Madrid.

Happy Skand @unrealis_🔁Number of passes between Edinson Cavani & Neymar tonight: 0
Number of passes between Edinson Cavani & Kylian Mbappé tonight: 0
karmelia tiffinie hamel @KarmeliaHamel🔁 The only thing Cavani did was walk in and out of the Stadium.
David @SimplyDave_🔁@Mohamed11_1999 Loooool proper trash. That’s why, as good as Cavani is, I can never rate him for goals he scores in France
The Man @paolokonqueror🔁This man wanted to take off Cavani and his plan was to bring on a right back then move a right back forward.

With Di Maria, who is in the form of his life, on the bench.

mitchel @lilmitchi🔁65' - Real Madrid 1-1 PSG

66' - Unai Emery takes forward Edinson Cavani off for defender Thomas Meunier.

86' - Real Madrid 3-1 PSG

NYCule @NYcule🔁I saw a graphic that showed No completed passes between Neymar and Cavani, and No completed passes between Mbappe and Cavani.

8 completed passes between Neymar and Mbappe.

Pablo Runco @prunco94🔁It is impossible for Cavani to score with the lack of precision from the side of the pitch and mids. PSG only score o ff crosses and when someone finds space outsid the box, eg. Di Maria. Other than it is rare for Edi to receive a decent pass where he can dribble or take a shot
Fernando Perez @Fernand48316667🔁@totalBarca Yea Emery gave the game away. He was obviously scared. I.e taking out cavani.
Arsene @biglilsen🔁That’s actually sackable from Unai Emery. Taking off a player like Edinson Cavani that early to play for a draw is a joke.
Efie Onduku @efieonduku🔁If PSG wants to get back into the game in Paris, they should play without Rabiot and get Cavani to look more alive. #UCL
Don Corleone @BabouYann🔁Meilleurs buteurs du Real Madrid cette saison :

1️⃣ 🇵🇹 Ronaldo : 24 buts
2️⃣ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Bale : 9 buts
3️⃣ 🇪🇸 Asensio : 8 buts

Meilleurs buteurs du PSG cette saison :

1️⃣ 🇺🇾 Cavani : 28 buts
2️⃣ 🇧🇷 Neymar : 27 buts
3️⃣ 🇫🇷 Mbappé : 15 buts

MiguelPortella @MiguelPortella🔁Cavani and Mbappe coulda just not played honestly
treadlightly12 @amiraakhaled🔁 Sergio Ramos will pocket Mbappe, Cavani and Neymar tonight
ioneenmuhknodood @mbarras17🔁I feel so bad for Edison Cavani
The Soccerist @The_Soccerist🔁Very entertaining match no doubt! Disappointed that Cavani and co. weren't able to win in Madrid. Any idea how they f air going back to Paris?
🇬🇳#SkinnyGang 🕊 @DiallooRamadane🔁Unai Emry should be sacked for benching Di Maria.

Who dares bench such player against his old team?!

Clueless manager. Cavani was lost in the game and expected Di Maria to be subbed in and accommodate Mbappe in the middle.

Lucia® @MissLucia_SA🔁@juanrg74 I thought they buried the hatchet with Cavani? So all is not well then...
Sammy @Sam_Sahmy🔁Cavani should've made it 2:0 in the first half though. They've got themselves to blame. Not a big fan of CR7 but dude is a beast
⚠️ @Van_Slootson🔁no thiago silva, taking out cavani and not using di maria
🇬🇳#SkinnyGang 🕊 @DiallooRamadane🔁Unai Emery really has problems with substitutions, he lost all shape in midfield after Cavani withdrawn. Dani Alves decided he had a free role and caused so many overloads on their right side. Thiago Silva and Di Maria shouldn't be benched for this game of magnitude.
Cyntomentor Nkosi-Brown @Cyntomentor1🔁you let Neymar play a selfish game instead of subing him for Di Maria but you sub Cavani out? and you ler Lo Celso play over Draxler? what about Silva? horrible coaching
Fowosere Tozzy @fowoseretozzy🔁I think it’s fair to say , Emery substitutions costs the game tonight . Lo celso should have came OFF for Draxler in halftime and Di maria should have came ON for Mbappa , Cavani wasn’t the right man to substituted OFF at that moment
Luis el 9 del area @LuisRMCF93🔁Meunier por Cavani ALWAYS
Igwe @Igwe_17🔁So PSG Coach subs Cavani for a defender. Dani Alves moves to midfield.

Zizu the Master realises that the PSG wing defenders are now super slow.

Asensio, Bale & Vazquez come on.

A round of applause 👏 for Zidane.

طراد الرقيب @T_Alrugaib🔁As always its nice to watch your videos

i think the biggest mistake was the substution of cavani i still dont know what is the purpose of it .. it went downhill for that point.

chi @alderweirelds🔁@morganmessiah cavani is literally a hot pile of garbage stat padder who has never had a big game performance before in his life
• Conzema • @TheFirmino76🔁@BBCSport Should ban Suarez and cavani from World Cup that’ll teach them
Jatin Kapoor @jatinkapoor101🔁dont start an experienced defender Thiago silva, dont start di maria who has been on form, sub of cavani for a defend er, and put dani alves in midifeld and go against real madrid. emery is the reason madrid won
Sam Maidi @footyzoneplus🔁Real Madrid vs PSG 3-1 All Goals & Highlights 14/02/2018 HD
🛑👀👂 @Mike_Ligue1🔁Silva benched was a great thing, when Cavani was subbed (he shouldn't have been) Meunier? Not Di Maria? Emery tried t o outsmart himself. Lo Celso was horrendous, Lass should leave now since he's useless for us if we're not in champions league
FutbolHUBRelations @FutbolHUBUSA🔁Great piece, Jon. Neymar did technically assist Rabiot with that backheel, no? Rabiot proving he’s a true baller thou gh. This is his third big UCL goal after Chelsea and Manchester City. Right - baffling substitution. Cavani off for Meunier. ❓
Cerè @Cerebrone🔁Yeah. I saw that. How this man thought Lo Celso was the best option for a game like this is beyond me, especially wit h Lass sitting on the damn bench. And then he took off Cavani for Meunier when he had Pastore & Di Maria on the bench. I'm still so confused.
hoodiefredo @hoodiefredo🔁 Honestly PSG deserved to lose bc Emery took out Cavani for a defender and made a scared move 🤦🏻‍♂️
Julco @Julco_9🔁Happy 3-1st birthday Edison Cavani! #PSG
Ahmed #Messi @MessiCuIe🔁@ilMessi10i Same shit, Unai really took Cavani off for Meunier and that's when I knew it was done
David @SimplyDave_🔁I’ve held this opinion since last season. This isn’t new for me. Cavani has body of work over Kane and that’s it. Kan e is a better all round striker and that’s a fact
Gabe 🦁 @icecube373🔁Emery lost the game the minute he subbed off Cavani. How can he defend that substitution. Inviting pressure vs Madrid at the Bernabeu and you are bound to get hurt. Poor decision making.
Mohammed McLovin @couldbemoh🔁 This man really subbed cavani for meunier. In a just society that’s 25.
Michael Hemby @Munkeefuzz🔁I also think they're trying to cover their asses after paying so much for Neymar. Cavani should be taking their PK's too.
Neymar's more of a creater than a goal scorer. Why do you think Suarez and Messi always seem to score more than he does?
marjof @jeffrey4008🔁Kylian Mbappé, Edinson Cavani & Neymar have scored 16 of Paris' 25 goals in the this season...

Best trio in the competition? 🔥🔥🔥

Porch of geese @Adam_YA🔁This man really subbed cavani for meunier. In a just society that’s 25.
Lio @fcbgm🔁@SaliaK2 I actually liked the Cavani sub, score line says different but they created more. Just lacked that final something.
AhmaertMJ @Ahmaert10🔁Oh no bro. PSG is out again !! Hope Unai Emery gets fired. Such a boring game!! Substitute Cavani for a defender and concede two goals??
Michael Hemby @Munkeefuzz🔁Another thing..Cavani is like Ronaldo in the respects that he ends up where you need someone when nobody else does. T hey lost that aspect of their game, struggled and lost.


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