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Case Keenum NFL World @NFLWrld🔁Case Keenum happy working with Mike Sullivan
James Palmer @JamesPalmerTV🔁From Up to the Minute on (Where BTW was really on top of his game) ... What have the Broncos seen in Case Keenum th us far? And what will this offense look like under Bill Musgrave?
Denver Broncos @Broncos🔁.: Quarterback and ... author?

A new chapter: Case Keenum pens memoir, 'Playing for More' »

Case Keenum John Fitch @TexansJohnny🔁 Case Keenum on his book "Playing For More," which he wrote with @andrewperloff
NFL Network @nflnetwork🔁What has Case Keenum done to build closer relationships with his new teammates?

details the QB's offseason so far ⬇️


Quinn @Ghost_Wave🔁Broncos QB Case Keenum on offseason passing camp with teammates: “It’s going to be an undisclosed location, so none of you guys are lurking around and creeping on us. If I see any of your faces, I’ll call the cops on you guys."
Ian St. Clair @IanStClair🔁 Case Keenum has high praise for the #Broncos rookie wide receivers
Jeremy † @ArdoinJeremy🔁"It’s my story. God has intricately placed every tiny detail with masterful perfection. We wanted God to be glorified. It’s not my story. It’s God’s story told through me." -

Bridget @denbron77🔁Jake Butt has the perfect attitude per Case Keenum:

“I like a guy that comes back to the huddle and, ‘Hey, were you open on that play,’ and even if there were three guys on him, he’s like, ‘Yeah, you could’ve fit it in.’ He wants the ball and I love that. He’s hungry right now”

MileHighReport @MileHighReport🔁Case Keenum has high praise for #Broncos rookie wide receivers Courtland Sutton and DaeSean Hamilton.
bdorsey @sparkylicious1🔁.: Quarterback and ... author?

A new chapter: Case Keenum pens memoir, 'Playing for More' »

Denver7 News @DenverChannel🔁No detail too small for right now. That gives him a chance to be a big deal this season. My story:
Troy Renck @TroyRenck🔁No detail too small for right now. That gives him a chance to be a big deal this season. My story:
Ruth C. Greene @ruth_greene🔁A new chapter: Author (and quarterback) Case Keenum pens memoir, 'Playing for More'
Tadd #flytheW #skol @ST7cubs🔁8 years away seems like a long time but really it's only as long as the flight to Hattiesburg - Donovan McNabb - Chr istian Ponder - Joe Webb - Matt Cassel - Josh Freeman - Teddy Bridgewater - Sam Bradford - Shaun Hill - Case Keenum era until now.

I'm sure time will fly by!

ƬΉΣ ӨЯΛПGΣ PΛGΣ @theorangepage🔁My Broncos report on Case Keenum's desire to iron out every wrinkle in this new offense. Cap tip to for the expert editing as always.
Jake Schwanitz @JakeSchwanitz🔁 Case Keenum says of DaeSean Hamilton: "He doesn't act like a rookie, he doesn't play like a rookie.
Cameron Parker @CameronParkerPO🔁Courtland Sutton and Case Keenum article will hit tomorrow on @PredomOrange. Get lit #BroncosCountry
Livin4Racin @Livin4Racin🔁Case Keenum is excited to be working with Broncos QB coach Mike Sullivan.

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Anthony Fiato @LAmobslugger🔁Case Keenum’s first Network Day as a Bronco
LockShields @LockShields🔁Denver Broncos QB Case Keenum announces plans for his first book


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