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Nick Short 🇺🇸 @PoliticalShort🔁Harry Reid’s briefing from John Brennan “was used in Michael Isikoff’s [Sept. 23, 2016] Yahoo News story.” Isikoff’s article was then used as evidence for the FBI’s FISA warrant being granted against Carter Page. h/t
Frank Lo Stracco @FrankStracco🔁2/ People don't seem to *get* this—the "coordination in plain sight" thing. Trump *knew* Russia had made an offer to help him, communicated via Carter Page. Trump then *asked* Russia to commit crimes, *knowing* help had been offered. That's Trump-Russia coordination, *full stop*.
Evan McMullin @Evan_McMullin🔁There is still no reason to believe that the FISA application for Carter Page was improper. Even the DOJ IG acknowled ges that its new probe is a response to pressure from Trump's congressional allies, who like him, seek to undermine the Russia investigation through various means.
Michael Isikoff @Isikoff🔁Breaking: In response to requests from AG and members of Congress, DOJ IG Horowitz says he will investigate the FBI' s request for FISA warrant on "a U.S. person"-- a reference to Carter Page. Probe will include role of "confidential FBI source"-a reference to Christoper Steele.
Pjmooers33 @Pjmooers33🔁Donald Trump's day so far:

- Weird attack against Amazon
- Did Trump's package arrive late?
- Brad Parscale blows it
- Laura Ingraham loses sponsors
- Carter Page blabs
- David Shulkin blabs
- Jeff Sessions sells Trump out
- Mueller targeting RNC
- It's still only 9:45pm

Frank Lo Stracco @FrankStracco🔁On July 8, 2016, Carter Page put Trump's campaign on notice—in writing—that Russia supported Mr. Trump, telling Trump aides Russia's Deputy Prime Minister had said so to him directly.

3 weeks later, Trump publicly asked Russia to release stolen documents.

SuccessAffiliates @OneCauseATATime🔁Carter Page was such a threat to national security that him and everyone (Entire Trump Team) he made contact with had to be spied on.

Its been 2 years, Carter Page hasnt been charged w/ anything.

Its almost like the FBI/DOJ only picked him b/c he was on Team Trump....

OCDori @HelloooBetty🔁 OMG! A Chris Hayes double feature of lunacy. Bernie Sanders & Carter Page will be on tonight. #FlipsChannel
ibrahim adamu @evrahim_adamu🔁Fmr. Trump adviser Carter Page confirms to that he told investigators about campaign contacts with the Russian ambassador at the GOP convention.

Watch the the full interview:

Captain Resist 🇺🇸 @AmerikkKAIsDead🔁Trump campaign adviser: I spoke to FBI about meeting with Russian ambassador at RNC
Joyce Ryan @joycieb66🔁Watched 5 minutes of last night and was being interviewed.

Hannity said the “illegal FISA” surveillance against Carter Page (which was legal) was the worst crime committed in US history.

They said MSM won’t cover their “real story.”

This is brainwashing.

Joey Di Marco🌊 @jaydogg2831🔁I don't know if Carter Page is guilty of anything or not, but if he gets cleared, I hope he gets a contract to revive "Pee-Wee's Playhouse"!
Alice Kingsman @fridahmakena14🔁📣 📣

68EmSznne @shesparky🔁They needed a scapegoat to back engineer and cover the fact that they were spying on the Trump team. Carter Page (once working FOR the FBI and AGAINST the Russians) was that scapegoat.
Jim Phillippi @CallingAstro424🔁 Oh gee, why's "Carter Page" trending all of a sudden?

[clicks to check]

Oh you DON'T say? 🤔

Fire Joy Reid @FireJoy_Ried🔁I’m not saying Carter Page isn’t an asshole. I’m saying that casting every action of this presidency as somehow “puti n inspired” especially in light that we just expelled 60 Russian diplomats, is both irresponsible and utterly a stupid move by the media.
Jake Gideon @mrjakegideon🔁I can't be the only one who has repeatedly uttered the words, "Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with Carter Page?"
Jess_gr-au @Nichtarida🔁Carter Page returns to All In via @msnbc
Kim 🇦🇺(Aussie Grl) @Kim_AussieGirl🔁The DOJ's Inspector General is will investigate the FISA court warrant against Carter Page

Let's see; he made contact with Russian intel before.

He passed them documents

FBI & DOJ caught and convicted the spies

He went to Moscow

With campaign permission


John Czerwonka @JohnCzer1🔁NEW: I just found this video of Carter Page in Moscow, Russia speaking in support of Vladimir Putin, while working on the Trump campaign. He calls the American international affairs strategy "hostile," then goes on to talk about the "failure of US analysts & leaders"
Denise marie @P28610287Denise🔁We heard Trump's allies in the House make their best arguments against the FISA warrant on Carter Page, a known Russian intel associate. Those arguments, including those in the Nunes memo, were quickly debunked. Now, we're to believe that they justify a legitimate investigation?
c'villewatch@unrepen @unrepentantlibe🔁Carter Page says FBI asked about RNC meeting with Russian envoy
DHH @dhhutzler🔁Carter Page flew to Moscow the day after Rosneft's big transaction was announced, a month after the campaign ended.

In Moscow, he met with Igor Sechin about the BIG deal with a state-run oil company.

But he thinks FISA isn't warranted.

Michelle @MmhargMichelle🔁Both Carter Page and Rick Gates have now confirmed they knowingly had contact with Russians during the campaign.

If you are betting there was no collusion, you better hedge.

James Boyd @JamesBo59223202🔁James Comey & Andrew McCabe KNEW the Anti-Trump Dossier was paid for by HRC & the DNC

Then they lied to the FISA Court to obtain a warrant to spy on President Trump & Carter Page

How is this acceptable? Do we have a Justice System/DOJ/AG or not?

leo charkins @CharkinsLeo🔁Carter Page lied to this morning & said he’s never spoken with Trump ever.

Here’s video I found of Carter Page saying he had been in a number of meetings with Trump & that he had learned a tremendous amount from him.

leo charkins @CharkinsLeo🔁NEW: Here's video I found of Carter Page saying he's "been working & coming to Russia & living in Russia for 25 years now. And I lived here 2004 to 2007."

This video was shot from Russian Gov't run propaganda TV station RT in Moscow, in December of 2016.

Bob Gardner @B12gardner🔁Instead of investigating ’s🇷🇺efforts to help throw the election to Trump, Jeff Sessions & in Congress want to probe the FBI for its FISA warrant on Village Idiot Carter Page⁉️🙄

And Christoper Steele, who HELPED our country⁉️🤬

David Sheppard @davidsh01060735🔁 Nunes: FBI May Have Violated Criminal Statutes In FISA Application To Spy On Carter Page
Chyrll McDonald @ChyrllMcdonald🔁No he’s not...he has quietly started two days investigations. One into the FBI & one into the original warrant in Car ter Page. These are areas he’s SUPPOSED to be recused from!!! This is why the GOP did their hit job in Franken. He was the only one going toe-to-toe w/the elf!!
barbaradees @deesbarbara🔁 @mkraju @LauraAJarrett Why do Republicans hate the FBI so much? Is it because the wire-tapped Carter Page?
FASCISTS BEWARE 🌊 @LeeWPaul1🔁Hi you said the FISA warrant of Carter Page was the worst crime in history but the MSM won’t cover it. I think it’s because:

1. Multiple warrants were issued for Page before the Dossier

2. FBI investigation began with Papadopolous

3. The dossier is mostly verified

HJLewis @HJLewis🔁 Do you realize that Carter Page uses your show/the media to report his activities in plain sight. It’s a Team Trump/ Russian tactic - don’t hide, use plain talk in public view. “Russia, if you’re listening, release the Clinton emails.”
John Muntz @JohnMuntz1🔁 Carter Page is now on Twitter (@carterwpage), so give him about 48 hours to write something that incriminates himself.
Amanda Rivkin @amandarivkin🔁Carter Page says FBI asked about RNC meeting with Russian envoy
JGo @JgoBluewave🔁 Carter Page does bizarre new Trump-Russia interview on MSNBC, gives something away
SEAN COSMO @SilenceDOGood47🔁Carter Page is seriously not giving another interview.
Cath Walker @Lomandra🔁Watching Chris Hayes interview Carter Page on MSNBC was fun.
I also went on a lovely bushwalk.
Your day sounds fab.
Allie Gay @alliebug5500🔁On page 144 of 265 of Only the Good Spy Young, by Ally Carter



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