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Carson Wentz Durvguy @Derviddd🔁 The Cowboys when Carson Wentz walk past them after the game
Carson Wentz Jason McIntyre @jasonrmcintyre🔁Why is Kareem Hunt struggling? Last 5 games, he hasn't topped 100, Chiefs have lost 4 times
Carson WentzCarson Wentz BirdGang ( 9-1 ) @Phillyphan1994🔁 Carson Wentz made a fan’s night by meeting with him after the game.
Sad Face Latinx @ACFlako🔁 Carson Wentz: positive vibes only #PVO
Strizzy @bstrunk27🔁 "Dak Prescott is better than Carson Wentz"
Josh Kocotis @joshkocotis🔁 "Dak Prescott is better than Carson Wentz"
Carson Wentz Matt Borchert @M_BoRcH3🔁 The NFC East is Carson Wentz's world
shannon sharpe @ShannonSharpe🔁Carson “Walk it to him” Wentz putting on a show tonite #MVP
Field Yates @FieldYates🔁Bills QB Nathan Peterman threw 5 first half INT, which is as many or more than Alex Smith, Tom Brady, Tyrod Taylor, D rew Brees, Dak Prescott, Jared Goff, Kirk Cousins, Case Keenum and Carson Wentz have thrown ALL season.
Big Cat @BarstoolBigCat🔁🚨🚨🚨Big Cats Fantasy Corner Is Now Open🚨🚨🚨

Tom Savage
Blaine Gabbert
Brock Osweiller

Drew Brees
Tom Brady
Carson Wentz

Let's get weird

Eagles(9-1) @Ariliza4ever11🔁"You see what happens when there's no Zeke, no left tackle…Dak looks very, very average. Carson Wentz is the real deal." —
Eagles France @EaglesFR🔁Every throw from Carson Wentz vs. Cowboys / Tous les lancers de Carson Wentz vs. Cowboys

(8-1) @brooklynboii06🔁 If Carson Wentz isn't NFL MVP, why even give out the award #Eagles
Owen Lawn @owenlawn🔁 I NEVER wanna hear a comparison between Carson wentz and dak Prescott ever again
Lauren Fink 🌸🌺 @laurenfink21🔁Part 1: When ur mom mom says that "Carson Wentz did not win the Eagles game, the other players won the game". What?? That's like saying the "Nascar driver didn't win the race, the car won the race". What the hell is she freaking talking about?
Lyn Trotter @CltrotLyn🔁The take down Dallas 37-9!

9-1, best record in NFL
7-0 in the NFC, 4-0 in the NFC East
4 game division lead, 6 to go
8 straight wins
Carson Wentz MVP candidate
Doug Pederson COY candidate

Vince Saiz @vincesaiz1🔁Why is Kareem Hunt struggling? Last 5 games, he hasn't topped 100, Chiefs have lost 4 times
Kyle OBJ Buttermore @Browns_SZN🔁Sorry Ryan. Sashi hasn't brought in 67 Pro Bowl WRs, He passed on Carson Wentz and hasn't won a Super Bowl in his 2 s easons since taking over. He must be fired because he didn't build fast enough....🤷‍♂️
Jason Ott @jasonwott🔁@cj_wentz BOOM!! Thank you for bringing excitement back to Philly fans Carson! Loving the vibe man!
Clutch Films YT @ClutchFilmsYT🔁Carson Wentz Highlights | MVP? via @YouTube
Brandon Marianne Lee @BrandonHerFFB🔁Kaepernick's stats are WAY BETTER than what the Broncos have on their roster as we speak. I'm not saying bench Carson Wentz or Tom Brady for the guy, I'm saying give that defense a chance to win a game for a change. People cheer for teams with worse people on the roster.
Browns Talk @Browns_TT🔁Report: Hue Jackson wanted Carson Wentz, front office nixed it #DawgPound
Philly Boy @PhillyBill🔁 Carson “Walk it to him” Wentz putting on a show tonite #MVP
Patrick Lynch @BigPat31🔁Do not tweet about passing up Carson Wentz. Do not tweet about passing up Carson Wentz. Do not tweet about passing up Carson Wentz. Do not tweet about passing up Carson Wentz. Do not tweet about passing up Carson Wentz. Do not tweet about..
Caitlyn Sullivan @caitsullivan26🔁Carson Wentz is SO much better than Dak Prescott, and it’s at the point literally everyone outside “Cowboy Nation” - aka everyone with a brain - knows it too.
John Gonoude @john_gonoude🔁Carson Wentz joins Tom Brady (2007, '15), Aaron Rodgers (2011, '14) and Y.A. Tittle (1963) as the only QBs since 1950 to throw 25+ TDs and no more than 5 INTs through 10 games.
kaylee jackson @kayyjacksonn_🔁 Carson Wentz could give me Ebola and I️ would say thank you
Frenchtoast Montana @Gib215🔁 Never compare Dak Prescott to Carson Wentz on my timeline ever again.
Todd Archer @toddarcher🔁In this round, Carson Wentz gets best of Dak Prescott
Alfonso M @RealTalkFonso🔁Yeah bro but I think it’s Carson Wentz he is bringing us a lot of new fans! Last night the stadium was packed with ea gles fans bro it was dope
Comrade Bone-Spurs🚽 @TrumpEaglesFan🔁BIRDS EYE VIEW: Carson Wentz is the only QB with 10+ TDs, 0 INTs and 0 sacks in the red zone this season.
mikeycox @Mikey_Cox🔁Carson Wentz's 25 Pass TD are the third-most by a 1st-or-2nd-year quarterback in a team's first 10 games of a season in NFL history (via ).
🏋🏿 @NotoriousDTB_🔁"I'm so thankful for Carson Wentz."

is already giving thanks for the QB after their Week 11 win

nicole @nicolepsaila🔁Every day we wake up, Carson Wentz is our quarterback and Ben Simmons is our point guard. Life is just so swell right now
Dashawn Abrams @_DAsports🔁 -@Eagles. Carson Wentz is a modern day Roger Staubach. Big,mobile and the same motion throwing the football.#nfl
Brian Leighton @phillyleighton🔁 What we learned from Eagles blasting Cowboys in Dallas by @Jeff_McLane
(9-1) @noahrowandnr🔁The reason the are so successful this season is because of the emergence of Carson Wentz and Jalen Mills. Both made players like Clement, Douglas, Hollins, Kendricks, Barner, Vaitai, Curry, Graham, Robinson and Elliott become key contributors.
jules @_janetsnakehole🔁Dak is good, sure.

But he’s no Carson Wentz😉

🌵Jack @DanBeinlich🔁 Carson Wentz is the MVP y’all.
Austin Artinger @AJ_Artinger41🔁*inside Eagles injury tent*

DOCTOR: Carson, are you concussed?

WENTZ: Maybe.

DOCTOR: Can the team win without you?


DOCTOR: Congratulations. You are not concussed.

Todd @TH_Audiomatic🔁Took some guts to give up a bunch of picks to move up for Carson Wentz. Instead of bashing the Browns, need to give Eagles a ton of credit. That move should set them up for a decade of winning football.
MW @Mwhitehead310🔁Same age. Same division. Same number of games and TD passes.

Carson Wentz vs. Dak Prescott is the next great QB rivalry. Who you taking tonight?

DAN DOAN @DDoan54🔁@barstoolsports Carson Wentz tears his acl
Brian Lewis @Brianlew22🔁Fucking love you Carson! By the live 10 mins from where I grew up. You should check out the number one dive bar in New Jersey call the “Corner” in woodstown
AJ @ajtorres1230🔁 Imagine thinking Dak Prescott was actually better than Carson Wentz.


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