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Popular tweets tagged with Carlos Gomez:
Carlos Gomez Randy Cunningham @goofingaround60🔁@blummer27 I’m Carlos Gomez. I get mad at EVERYTHING! Please love me!!!
Carlos Gomez Aleah Gray @AleahGrayy6🔁 Tough guy Carlos Gomez trying to start a fight. 🙄
Same old song & dance
Carlos Gomez Greg Rajan @GregRajan🔁Dang, Houston NBC sportscaster isn't having any of Carlos Gomez's, uh, guff. #Astros
Carlos Gomez Corey 🇺🇸 @murf_stros🔁 Carlos Gomez at the plate
Patty Mcc @patty_mccormick🔁 @brianmctaggart Typical Carlos Gomez
Jake Kaplan @jakemkaplan🔁The benches have cleared in Arlington. Carlos Gomez and Collin McHugh exchanged words during an at-bat.
Brian McTaggart @brianmctaggart🔁eBenches have cleared in Arlington, and Carlos Gomez is in the middle of it
Ben DuBose @BenDuBose🔁Hey look, Carlos Gomez is being a buffoon. Shocking.
Brandon Epps @brandon_epps9🔁Hey Carlos Gomez. You lack talent.. quit barking & take your seat back in the dugout. You can't handle McHugh or Gattis
Myra Dillard @MyraDillaruoc🔁 Carlos Gomez is a hired goon. This guy is an absolute joke of a person and player.
DickInBae Mutumbo @iam_MR713🔁 Carlos Gomez is a sensitive little bitch.
Nicky Mintz @chunky37🔁 The benches have cleared in Arlington. Carlos Gomez and Collin McHugh exchanged words during an at-bat.
iamtrendbot @iamtrendbot🔁 Hey look, Carlos Gomez is being a buffoon. Shocking.
Adam Spolane @AdamSpolane🔁Astros should pull everyone off the field when Carlos Gomez comes up and see what happens
Sydney Lynn🖤 @Sydney_Lynn_97🔁 Is Carlos Gomez a piece of shit? #GoAstros
Ben DuBose @BenDuBose🔁Carlos Gomez strikes out swinging with 2 outs... and reaches base to move a runner into scoring position. #AstrosInArlington
Miranda Leigh @mirandale1gh🔁Carlos Gomez thought Collin McHugh was looking at him wrong after that ball inside and McHugh was all, who are you again?? & struck him out
Dowsy @SwaglsDead🔁Is Carlos Gomez a piece of shit? #GoAstros
Philip Carrizal @CptnPCarr🔁@ArtOfJason @NRGGrassField @Evan_P_Grant Not Carlos Gomez' head. That's for sure.
Sam Dallas @FounderOfDallas🔁 Collin McHugh needs to take a knee to Carlos Gomez's jaw.
Annie Haynes @AnnieSweebra🔁@astros I can't believe how many times I defended Carlos Gomez. I always looks for the best in people but he gets ruder each series.
Win/Home-field(ad) @walter44957850🔁Umpires issue warning to both teams after Carlos Gomez gets upset over pitch little inside from Collin McHugh & Gomez then takes called 3rd.
Jay J. @el_hombre_rojo🔁I'm convinced Carlos Gomez can't fight. Nobody talks that much.
Put God First @pg1st🔁100+ patients are in Centro Médico emergency room. Water problem has been fixed, says director of Nursing Emergency Carlos Gomez.
BN @BrandiCreech3🔁 eBenches have cleared in Arlington, and Carlos Gomez is in the middle of it
Carlitos Gómez @Carlos_Gomez_N🔁My week on Twitter 🎉: 31 Mentions, 195 Favorited, 30 Replies, 58 Retweets, 244K Retweet Reach. See yours with
JB @J_Casto15🔁@_Oscarrrrrrr_ I hate Carlos Gomez so much haha. Biggest douche in the MLB after Bautista
Kelli Key @key_kelli🔁Carlos Gomez is such a douche.
Luke Christensen @lukeaaron12🔁Thank goodness I’m not a rangers fan, Carlos Gomez is a piece of garbage #Astros #arlingtonrangers
AstrosRocketsTexans @12713399HOU🔁@MLB @JoeyGallo24 Carlos Gomez is a bum
LandeyAdams @LandeyAdams🔁Carlos Gomez is the dumbest baseball player I've ever seen. Why is he still in the league? #Astros
Chris Hampton @ChrisHamptonWx🔁Carlos Gomez has some serious mental issues.
Nathan Murdock @NathanGraviteh🔁Lol so many astros fans calling the carlos gomez to “fuck off” while us rangers fans are just sitting here thinking... Tf’s the problem?
Norma Guerra @nguerra94🔁So glad Carlos Gomez is no longer an #Astro! @blummer27
Luke Christensen @lukeaaron12🔁Put Fiers in the game later to have him throw at Gomez, he catches another suspension to end the season, and beans Carlos. Win-win!
Eric Stokes @ejstoke🔁Carlos Gomez could not have tried to look like a bigger jack ass in 1 at bat. Broke his bat on homeplate, talked shit, then K’d looking.
Erin @ErinSosnoski🔁 Gomez strikes out! In other news, Carlos Gomez is still Carlos Gomez
Brandon Blair @BBlair06🔁As much as I love the @Rangers, they really need to do something about Carlos Gomez. Seriously.
Ben Wertz @bigbenwertz🔁I need Carlos Gomez re-signed promptly.
Ty Garl @DTDTGarl🔁Carlos Gomez is a tool bag
Jason Duke @Jduke17🔁 @kellehfreeze Carlos Gomez is on the Rangers?! Oh my God its like the two people I hate most getting married
N1ck Ram5ey @nchram15🔁Carlos Gomez you show-boating, sensitive little bitch. Grow up & stfu. F*%€ you #GoAstros #HoustonStrong
Jose Hernandez Jr. @ProbablyJose🔁@kellehfreeze Carlos Gomez is on the Rangers?! Oh my God its like the two people I hate most getting married
Goop Scoop @okcumputer🔁Carlos Gomez is the Matt Barnes of the MLB. He is infinitely more annoying and dumb than he is good.
Jexas @Jexas🔁The thing I hate the most about Carlos Gomez is that for the longest I defended that guy.
John Booyy 🏎👌🏼 @cantujonathan97🔁Carlos Gomez is bitch bro lmao
Brad Duke @bmduke35🔁 "Here's a shocker, Carlos Gomez staring out at he pitcher for no reason" @blummer27
Jay⚡️ @jalynnwhalin🔁Fuck Carlos Gomez and fuck the rangers
Ryan Casey @Ryan_Casey5🔁Carlos Gomez is my hero!
Roel Alaniz @StroRo03🔁@JuliaMorales Looks like Carlos Gomez wants to psych out the @astros
matthew @matthewc_02🔁@emmyb84 Because Carlos Gomez is baseballs biggest bitch
Patrick D. @IsThatACorndog🔁Carlos Gomez is the biggest piece of shit in professional sports.
CJ Bonnette @bonnettecj🔁Carlos Gomez has always been bitchmade.
Danny Lund @Dlund87🔁Carlos Gomez is a scrub glad we cut him
L.A. Nation @TheLANation🔁Carlos Gomez wished he was still on the Astros
Mrs. T @LJ_Tynan🔁You'll be surprised to hear that Carlos Gomez got mad at a pitcher and dugouts cleared in an Astros/Rangers game.


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