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Great Value Jae Crowder @el_budget🔁 Looking to see why y'all fake mad at Cari Champion today...
Perc Nowitzki @_blkgenius_🔁Cari Champion says it’s easier for her to date white men? Well guess who’s transracial now...
Cari Champion suckaforbigforeheadsandabigass @traytrayolay🔁@_SamUncensored "Cari champion is canceled"
Mr October @MrHendo50🔁 Grown ass brothas: Cari Champion is cancelled, man! 🤔

Sees Cari Champion in real life:

Cari Champion Fooly @ 2018 🇧🇷 @YFNFooly🔁 @_SamUncensored "Cari champion is canceled"
Dank Gallagher @Haywardboyz🔁Nah there won't be any Cari Champion slander. I will NOT stand for it
jamal shabazz @kingboola🔁Just read about ESPN commentator Cari Champion (a black woman) remarking that dating white men is easier in the “same way that black men say dating white girls is just easier”. Whew.
jamal shabazz @kingboola🔁I see folks didn’t read that Cari Champion article.

1) she said she prefers black men.
2) she said that “struggle” to date black is a stereotype & asked what is the struggle.
3) she said black men use that “struggle” stereotype to date white women. And a lot do. We’ve seen it.

Steve @estvan_🔁 You a grown ass man saying Cari Champion is canceled. Now what's next
taymiyyah muhammad @_OmgItsMimi🔁 Idk what cari champion did or said but we still protecting her at all costs
My du-rag jiy like yeah @Terence_da_AMOG🔁ESPN's Cari Champion Blasted for Telling Yvonne Orji That There’s Less ‘Struggle’ With Dating White Men
LittleZani @little_andy95🔁Ya'll mean to tell me yesterday Tomi Lahren was hot and fuckable, but today Cari Champion is cancelled for her preference to date white men? Let's talk, guys.
LittleZani @little_andy95🔁The same ppl slandering Cari Champion slander, probably thought Tomi Lahren was "for the culture" after she was bumping 21 Savage.
T. @RickyRawls🔁I un-RT'ed the Cari Champion retweet because it just hit me that I don't care lol
Quisreal @quisreal🔁Cari Champion clearly said she prefers black men. Stop reading and running with headlines. That's still bae.
Brother Numpsay @Curt_ThaFlirt🔁Wait Cari Champion said she like to date white boys because its easier? Isn't that the same shit that ya'll coons use to justify dating white women? And she did say she prefers black dudes whats the hangup did people read that shit or just do the usual
Don Draper @Jordyyyy___🔁Cari Champion: "Dating white men is easier"
Some black women: 🤷🏽‍♀️

Black men: "Dating white women is easier"
Those same black women:

ARI-Miller @amzilla22🔁The Cari Champion article title might have been a little misleading, but saying “it’s easier to date white men” isn’t even slightly misleading. It’s ignorant.
Tony™ @thill_man6🔁 2018 and we lost Cari Champion. Let's just go to 2019.
Marcus @MarWash_art🔁Sitting here tryna figure out why a bunch of dudes who were never gonna be in the same room as Cari Champion have a p roblem with who she likes to date.
drawing a blank @KingpinCamGood old cari still dancing 🔁 ESPN's Cari Champion Blasted for Telling Yvonne Orji That There’s Less ‘Struggle’ With Dating White Men
Chapulin @CheladaPapi🔁 if a black man said what cari champion supposedly said y’all would be up in arms but you know how things go
Bnon kom Skycrew 🌌 @Bnon203🔁Cari Champion mused on the same shit black men say all the time about dating white women and y'all trying to "cancel" her. GTFOH.


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