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Cardinals IamCubsessed @IamCubsessed🔁Bryant's return helps fuel Cubs' win over Cardinals
Tom Whillock @TomWhillock🔁 My face whenever the Cardinals bullpen comes into games
Cardinals Shawn Wedow @SkedderRules🔁Last tweet. Shits official. Party on. #bouwzer&sandi @Cardinals_Mitch
Denise Gross @DGrossRN🔁 A play that would make the @STLWizard proud! #STLCards
Cardinals Stone @Stone_InSpace🔁 Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald will sit out the Hall of Fame Game.
CardinalsCardinals leslielarson @wcfamwc🔁 Our annual golf fundraiser is underway. Thanks for supporting your Cardinals!
Cardinals Tiny Kingdoms @TinyKingdomsIL🔁Post game show for Cubs/Cardinals in the books, were playing again at 10:30, come hang!
St. Louis Cardinals @Cardinals🔁We've scored 9 runs this inning... Still no outs!

🔼8⃣ #STLCards 11, #Cubs 3.

St. Louis Cardinals @Cardinals🔁Our 9-run 8th
Walk 1 run
Double 2 runs
Single 1 run
Double 2 runs
Single 1 run
Single 2 r uns
Double Play
St. Louis Cardinals @Cardinals🔁Cardinals have acquired OF Tyler O'Neill from the Seattle Mariners in exchange for LHP Marco Gonzales.
Impeach45 @nunubuziness🔁@JohnSwagener You killed us yesterday #Cubs vs #Cardinals
Parker Hageman @ParkerHageman🔁Here's the thing about the 1987 World Series: The St. Louis Cardinals were absolutely decimated by injuries...
Randy Bishop @bishandbeug🔁 Travelers trail the Cardinals 2-0 after 5 innings.
Braden Bishop 1-2, BB
Kyle Waldrop 1-2, 2B
Kelli @crdsgrl13🔁If I were deciding who stays and who goes, I would return Fowler to the @Cubs and ask for @jonjayU to return to the #Cardinals. Just sayin
@dougmarlin @MyInfo70010027🔁Bryzzo coming up CLUTCH. Anthony Rizzo game-winning 2-out RBI double scoring Kris Bryant in the win over the Cardinals
Joey Janisch @jjanisch8🔁 I love when the World Series champion Chicago Cubs beat the St. Louis Cardinals at Wrigley Field.
Luis Torres @ChemTorres21🔁I just realized that my first article for BtBS went up a year ago today. Time flies when you're having fun.
J.C. Cardinals @JC_Cardinals🔁M6: Jake Walsh hurls a 3️⃣⬆️3️⃣⬇️ inning! #DANvsJC
J.C. Cardinals @JC_Cardinals🔁Thanks to the @patsummitt Foundation and all our fans for a tremendous night! #WeBackPat
Dr. Bourne @harrisbournex🔁Other sports never mattered here? 15 years ago, the Rams were much hotter than the Cardinals. The Blues also have gre at support here, too.
Patricia G @gagen_patricia🔁@realDonaldTrump I'll be going to the pre-season practice for the Phoenix Cardinals football team!
AZ Cardinals Spyder @CardinalsSpyder🔁[NBC Sports: Pro Football Talk] Cardinals sign LB Tevin Floyd, release C Lucas Crowley #GoCardsGo #AZCardinals
Carl Seacat @SeacatGardens🔁Cardinals starting camp a week before @Seahawks? Guess they need the practice.
Cardinals aggbot @Cardinals_Newz🔁No More Weight And See For Mike Iupati - Official Site
German Empire @2ndReich🔁How in God's name did YOU ever get into the college of cardinals? I ask this as a devout Catholic who desires good Ge rman-Italian relations.
BOSS 🐗 Mencho @HELLonDAscale🔁Cardinals shit fire too
Phoenix Now @PhoenixCP🔁Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer on the first day of training camp
David Elfin @davidelfin🔁@Cardinals' bullpen blows yet another late lead, this one with four outs to go in a @UncleCharlie50 shutout at Wrigley. Sigh.


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