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Morgan Skye @openskyebookrev🔁 Brightening up warm-up because #HockeyIsForEveryone 🌈🏒
Vancouver Canucks @Canucks🔁.@Guddy44 is back for three more years!
Colorado Avalanche @Avalanche🔁#WelcomeBacK, indeed.

Avalanche 5 | Canucks 4


Adam Spatafora @spat_47🔁 Go net runner go! A new record for the speediest speedster around. 🥅💨
Vancouver Canucks @Canucks🔁Nilsson has mask pride and he's excited to be part of the night . 🥅🌈🏒
Conor Bennett @CBennett_12🔁@Canucks Ya but Edmonton lost and Montreal lost in OT so this ones even worse
Sean Foley @SeanRFoley🔁Waking up to see the threw away a 4-1 lead is pretty sad... assuming we're blaming Benning and the Guddy extension for the loss? Y'know, since it's always his fault 🙄
FluffyBunnies @GigglingLama🔁Here is how Rachel Notley could really take the boots to B.C. via

GOOD ..Horgan needs a good kick in the behind. N OT LEVY will deliver...!

Marc Mercier @marc__mercier🔁 Erik buddy you need to start throwing your weight around my man. 3x4M.. There's thousands of canucks fans that want benning head for that signing, I'm not one of them. Prove me right.
Canada First @TrueCanadaFirst🔁Alberta should ban Vancouver Canucks until Pipelines are built
Jimmy Basra @jimmybones989🔁The Provies: The Horvat statement, Henrik's frustration, the rebuild thing and peeling back all the Guddy layers
Anthony Olynyk @TehFalom🔁@NHL @Canucks He isn't bad, he's inconsistent.
Jason Botchford @botchford🔁The Provies: The Horvat statement, Henrik's frustration, the rebuild thing and peeling back all the Guddy layers
Sean Ryder @SeanRyder27🔁9 years ago today in Toronto the Vancouver Canucks def. the Toronto Maple Leafs 3-2 in a Shootout in former Leaf Capt ain Mats Sundin's return to Toronto. 1 of the fans in attendance that night was .
Michael Paweska @mrpaweska🔁1. Ok, let's examine what will have next season based on current personnel

Top line: Baertschi-Horvat-Boeser
Checki ng line: Archibald-Sutter-Granlund
4th line: Goldobin-Gaudette-Virtanen

mullato milhouse @RossBiggums🔁Them shits fire.
NHL Discussion @learn_kody🔁Although he won’t declare starter until tomorrow, Travis Green says he’s been very impressed with Anders Nilsson’s focus in practice & work ethic the last month. Nilsson has yet to appear in 4 straight games with . His career high for consecutive GP is 6 (Dec.2015 w EDM).
Aynsley Scott @HockeyMinister🔁Yet the Canucks will retain significant space to add in any potential deal. I have them at least $9mil below the ceil ing. So the opportunity cost decreases with increased unused cap space. 3/
Erin Norwood @ErinNorwood8🔁Great game tonight! Loved Golodbin, Sutter, Archabald is an awsome addition.Ecstatic to hear that my favorite player Gudbrandson will be sticking around for 3 more years!!! I just wish that the "Three Blind Mice Brigade" would stop playing as sixth man for USA teams!
(⌐🇨🇦_🇨🇦) @Al_SportsLover🔁What what the #canucks signed gudbranson for three more years???

Surprised there hasn't been any riots yet.

Morgan Skye @openskyebookrev🔁"I think it's important for us professional hockey players to show that it's ok. Everyone should be able to play." - Nilsson on why he supports
J @CrownRoyal22🔁Ever notice that some people have a problem with rainbow jerseys for pride and red jerseys for Chinese New Year... Yet nobody ever says anything about green jerseys for St Patrick's Day or camouflage jerseys for military night?
Justin @OHYAHH🔁@JMLaF1 @petbugs13 Absolutely horrible signing. The team is going nowhere fast #Canucks
Vancouver Now @Vancouver_CP🔁Canucks Post Game: The momentum kill, the Dorsett 2.0 search
Dylan Nicholson @radiocodex🔁 have 2 games left before the deadline. Friday and Sunday. Has Ben Hutton already played his last game as a Canuck? I 'm guessing yes.
Adam Spatafora @spat_47🔁 #Canucks recall @Bacher31 from @UticaComets.
Hershel Sivik @hershelsiv🔁"MacKinnon Scores in OT, Avalanche Beat Canucks 5-4" by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS via NYT


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