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Cambridge Analytica Miranda Date @DateMiranda🔁Mark Zuckerberg Reveals His Data Was Shared in Cambridge Analytica Leak
Ravi Shankar Prasad @rsprasad🔁Now that Cambridge Analytica‘s role in manipulating elections is clear & Facebook has assured to stop it and maintain integrity of India’s elections, probity demands that should apologise & promise not to manipulate voters and divide the society in future!
Cambridge Analytica Jessica Smith @JessicaSmithCA🔁Mark Zuckerberg Reveals His Data Was Shared in Cambridge Analytica Leak
Cambridge Analytica karime williams @secretsinfashio🔁Mark Zuckerberg Reveals His Data Was Shared in Cambridge Analytica Leak
Beto O'Rourke @BetoORourke🔁Cambridge Analytica sent staff to Cruz campaign headquarters in Houston. The company ultimately did more than $5.8 m illion worth of work for his campaign.

Palmer Report @PalmerReport🔁Donald Trump’s day so far:

- Confesses to obstruction
- Gives away his military strategy
- FBI / Access Hollywood t ape
- Nadia Schadlow quits White House
- CEO of Cambridge Analytica quits
- John Boehner is selling marijuana
- Paul Ryan quitting Congress
- It’s still only 3:25pm

Lizette Kodama @lizette1234🔁The Zuckerberg hearings aren't simply about the Cambridge Analytica leak, or even Facebook's role in the world's elections. These hearings are about a more profound question: Is Facebook too powerful?
Robin Wright 🌊 @Happy2BNana🔁Donald Trump’s day so far:

- Confesses to obstruction
- Gives away his military strategy
- FBI / Access Hollywood tape
- Nadia Schadlow quits White House
- CEO of Cambridge Analytica quits
- John Boehner is selling marijuana
- Paul Ryan quitting Congress
- It’s still only 3:25pm

Al Mortlock @almortlock🔁@SenTedCruz Cambridge Analytica? Did you think to ask fair and balanced questions?
lena ♡ @lena_macias18🔁Wait wait wait wait wait wait WAIT.

So Trump's personal lawyer was working out of the Squire, Patton & Boggs law offices, who just HAPPEN to be lawyers for Cambridge Analytica, AND are main lobbyists for Russia's Gazprom oil company? WOW.

Adam J. Kerpelman @thekerp🔁056 - with Mike Rosolio - On Privacy, Facebook and Cambridge Analytica on @Breaker ❤️
Winnie CullMac @WCullmac🔁Cambridge Analytica's CEO steps down. New CEO is Julian Wheatland, the chairman of the totally-separate-and-nothing-to-do-with-it SCL Group. You know the ones who do the military stuff. For British & US govts.

L Dianne ⚖️ @Resist_4Justice🔁 Facebook and Cambridge Analytica face class action lawsuit
Lizette Kodama @lizette1234🔁When I questioned Mark Zuckerberg, there were critical issues for which he did not have a clear answer. One of those was the decision to not inform users about the Cambridge Analytica breach. I'm concerned about how much Facebook values transparency.
oweniverson @oweniverson🔁Imagine if America had an education system that was relevant to the 21st century. An educated population makes a nati on strong. What we have gives you Cambridge Analytica, Breitbart and Donald Trump.
George Insull @Gegsull🔁The Wall Street Journal reporting that the new CEO of Cambridge Analytica will be none other than Julian Wheatland. He's the chair of SCL Group, as well as the Oxfordshire Tories. Here he is out campaigning with David Cameron.
genereaux @genereaux64🔁Facebook:
Q: Why did you make legal threats against The Guardian
-Zuckerberg: There was concern about a factual inaccuracy
Q: But you apologised after publication?
-Zuckerberg: Yes
londonyc #FBPE #ABTV @londonyc🔁SCL Group like to compartmentalize each of their divisions and refer to them as completely separate companies. Why, on August 9th,10th,11th of 2016, was an SCL developer working with code, authored by AggregateIQ staff, which contains Cambridge Analytica markings?
simi chawla @simi_kc88🔁Cambridge Analytica Could Also Access Private Facebook Messages

Texas Blue Dot @tx_blue_dot🔁Someone might want to ask about the fact Facebook staff were working alongside Cambridge Analytica & the RNC at Trump's digital campaign HQ - as we showed in our series in August. Clip here.
Gym Fitness Koh Tao @GymFitKohTao🔁Top News from Facebook Fallout Deals Blow to Mercers’ Political Clout see more
Mohamed Abdel-Gaber @mabdelgaber🔁#Cambridge Analytica’s acting CEO Alex Tayler tells company leadership that Julian Wheatland would take over
angie de kleine @adekleine🔁The harsh truth on Facebook:

No matter how careful you are with your own data, your friends can compromise you easily.

Jessica Kia @JessicaKia🔁What I am shocked about is that not one of them asked Zuck to confirm that Cambridge Analytica’s ban from FB was perm anent. If there is one job they needed to do IMO, it was to make sure those aholes aren’t able to do this again. No tech savvy required, just common sense.
️Donnas☕JimmyJam🐤 @DonnasJimmyJam🔁Would you pay for Facebook??? (If it ever did happen, I wonder how many stupid saplings would give there credit/debi t card # out. Ya know, with all that Cambridge Analytica stuff going on). Not a good idea.
Jarrett Rose @jarrettrose4🔁Written by my dear friend, the one and only !

(p.s. It's his !)

Rosestone @Rosestonetravel🔁Lying weasel plays the victim: 'My data was breached". BS.
The data was sold by Facebook to Cambridge Analytica, which they used for targeted election advertising.

This ass clown is not under oath. Waste of time and money.

Beth Lahaie @bethlah🔁Cambridge Analytica's Acting CEO Alexander Tayler Steps Down Amid Facebook Data… , see more
Roger BUFORD @bufo7120🔁Cambridge Analytica sent staff to Cruz campaign headquarters in Houston. The company ultimately did more than $5.8 million worth of work for his campaign.

Cassandra Tillery @cwtillery🔁Fallout from the Facebook scandal has dealt a blow to the political clout of the Mercers, the conservative donors behind Cambridge Analytica
Tom Alderton @Aldertontom0🔁The Acting CEO of Cambridge Analytica Dr Alex Tayler has stepped down from the role, the firm has said in a statement.

He was keen to claim credit for securing the votes that decided the 2016 US election - in this undercover reporting by Channel 4 News:

David Golumbia @dgolumbia🔁Reminder to Snopes and other smug liberal sources saying the Obama 2012 campaign’s use of Facebook user data was NOTHING like Cambridge Analytica’s and totally 100% above-board, from Obama’s media director:
chloe philippe @chloephilippe14🔁Cambridge Analytica sets up new standards of idiotism. Their principals bragging shows such abyss of stupidity the whole thing seems stage for amateurish comedy movie. CA is “just starting” in China!
tasty Carey @CareyTasty🔁 Mark Zuckerberg says his own personal data was sold to third parties.
Resist 2018 Alice🇺🇸 @momusaf🔁Senators HAD NO BASIC UNDERSTANDING of Facebook

Asked how they made money with no fees. Zuck laughed

Unprepared, NO probing questions on
👉Data privacy breaches
👉Cambridge Analytica
👉Russian bots driving content
👉No user notification of data breach

AL LEO SPARZA @leoesparza1969🔁 Zuckerberg says his data was part of Facebook's Cambridge Analytica scanda.
jirakay @Oshilo🔁Day 2 of Mark Zuckerberg Testimony: A Tougher Round of Questioning - New York Times
Kevin Mullins10 @KevinMullins10🔁"Missiles are on their way to Syria" says Trump. Nothing to do with his domestic problems, including his own lawyer's office being raided, and allegations of corruption, & all the Cambridge Analytica stuff, that he needs to distract the world's attention. Oh no. 🕊️
SFHomelessYahooGroup @sfhomeless🔁AGI today are symbiotic entities, political, economic & technological systems that conduct social engineering for profit. uses psychology & ML optimized content targeting to radicalize civilians in elections worldwide. That’s dangerous.
Bill M 🇺🇸 @realbillm🔁Someone pass this on to Zuckerberg:

"Had I know that you, , and your colleagues would have knowingly purchased stolen data from Cambridge Analytica to help Putin sway the American election for Trump, I would have shut Facebook down immediately!"

Roger Gall @Shambles151🔁Birds of a feather....those involved in the melting pot that was Cambridge Analytica/AggregateIQ/VoteLeave/LeaveEU all singing from the same hymn sheet - Verse 1 - Look how clever we are. Verse 2 - We didn't do it. Verse 3 - It wasn't me. Verse 4 - They made me do it.
Adrianna @adrianna_falco🔁Here. It was in his "hard questions". He had no idea Cambridge Analytica was working with Cruz. Even though - yes - that was the headline of the first article. And Facebook took no action because CA didn't use Facebook. Not true.
oldbiker54 @oldbiker54🔁Facebook, Cambridge Analytica Hit With Class-Action Lawsuit
James Anderson 🏛 @tufnelljimmy🔁Trump
Cambridge Analytica
North Korea

Setting the alarm to tomorrow morning. An d if you guys happen to miss the news bulletins that’s ok by me.

Becca O'Keefe @BeccaOKeefe1🔁Cambridge Analytica has revealed that its acting chief executive Dr Alexander Tayler has stepped down from the post. Dr Tayler, who was featured in the Channel 4 News undercover investigation into Cambridge Analytica, will remain employed by the firm.
J.🇳🇱🏳️‍🌈 @MJCT20🔁Trump wins
"It was the Russians"

Brexit wins
"It was Cambridge Analytica"

Kurz & Strache win
"Austria is not that important"

Salvini wins
"Oh, that's just Italy"

Orban wins
"It was not a free or fair election"

Head. Meet Sand.

SNUBBS @SnubbsTre8🔁Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower: Facebook Able to Listen to You at Home and Work
Bruce Gender @pc_tol🔁What he did was far worse than what Cambridge Analytica did and what the Russians are accused of doing in Western ele ctions. His 'punishment' is no where near as punitive as it should be IMO.


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