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Cam NewtonCam Newton 🤖 Criptocurrency 👁️ @Agent_Ramos🔁 Lmaoo Cam Newton dressed like Morocco Mole
Cam Newton MTR @MTRGAMINGTV🔁 Cam Newton is the 1st QB in the Super Bowl era to have multiple 60+ yard runs in a single season
Cam NewtonCam Newton SOUTH SIDE SMOKE 💨 @ishot_ricky🔁Why Cam Newton Why!!!!???
Justin @jaburt83🔁 a few plays later on the same drive. embrace cam newton.
Cam NewtonCam NewtonCam Newton sydney! sydni! sydné! @bigassmood🔁 Cam Newton pays tribute to Prince with custom ruffled cleats 💜☔️
Austin @AustinMonahan🔁 Cam Newton is out here destroying people's ankles in the open field.

Cam NewtonCam NewtonCam Newton Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁Cam Newton pays tribute to Prince with custom ruffled cleats 💜☔️
Max Henson @PanthersMax🔁Cam Newton jokes that getting stopped on his 62-yard run was “very strategic” since Minnesota could have conserved t imeouts if he scored. “Let me just put this car into third gear here.”
Dave Dameshek @Dameshek🔁Theory: People who think Cam Newton is overrated only watch his postgame press conferences.
Sharda Turner @shabeautifuliam🔁Cam Newton went to a bridge in Charlotte last night populated with a lot of homeless people and handed out hats, sweater and other warm gear. Why don't you hear about that in the media?
Titan Scout (13-0 GM) @Titan_Scout🔁Nick Foles winning a Super Bowl would top off how odd this season has been. Lol (Others who would take the cake: Case Keenum, Blake Bortles, & Even Cam Newton to some degree.)
Monique @mowo12🔁Jake Coker - Transferred to 'Bama in 2015. Won a natty.

Cam Newton - Transferred to Auburn in 2010. Won a natty.

Jarrett Stidham - Transferred to Auburn in 2016. Led them to SEC title game in 2017.



Brandon ⁶𓅓 @ovobrandonnn🔁 @ovobrandonnn Even then cam newton sells out to loose a championship 😂
Gerin Honeycutt @_OGerin_🔁“There’s nothing to be afraid of on that offense, other than Cam Newton.”

I’m glad he pointed it out. Y’all want him throwing 300 yards a game? TO WHO? Y’all want him throwing it 40 times a game? TO WHO? He doesn’t have one HEALTHY, PROVEN NFL weapon. The man wins games.

Ronaldo Elicea @HotNigga15🔁@ovobrandonnn Even then cam newton sells out to loose a championship 😂
Fire Shula 9-7 @StevenMozes🔁. makes a very good point: forget the stats and all of that stuff, Cam Newton is one of the best QBs in football!
Jessicat @ayeecutayy🔁Bae let me open an early gift, and he got me a Cam Newton shirt, literally smiled so fucking big, I love it 😊💙💙
David Sale @dawgperson47🔁 our troops fight for the right for us to watch football and cam newton wants to "dab" ? try "dabbing" in iraq u loser
salty @SaltySads🔁@REALPACMAN24 Derick Carr and Cam Newton too


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