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Randy Bresnik @AstroKomrade🔁From it looks like the winds have shifted and hopefully dying down, nice to see Point Mugu and Oxnard again, hopeful twitter.com ly Ventura soon.
Dennis B. @SunCityWest1🔁In 8 years Obama increased National Debt $2 Trillion. Now Dems crying about $1 Trillion increase in 10 years for "wo twitter.com rking" Americans tax breaks and huge 401k wind fall 💕💕 for retirees

BarryFurey @BarryFurey🔁Shout out to dispatchers in CA dealing with the wildfires. Cool in the face of chaos! tinyurl.com twitter.com
Randy Bresnik @AstroKomrade🔁Today’s pass over SoCal unfortunately doesn’t look any better. The fires east of Camp Pendleton and in Baja are visi twitter.com ble as well.
The Cat of Monte Cristo @RealNobilityCat🔁Haven’t heard too many liberals in California demanding impeachment and secession lately or Los Angelenos yelling “Fu twitter.com ck Trump!”. Hmmm.

Ryan @ThunderBirdRyan🔁Conservative Christian Republicans want to act like its some mythical "God" punishing Cali with Quakes & Wildfires w twitter.com hile ignoring science

Carmela Burke @bylinecarmeLA🔁"The threat isn't over...it's our objective to be fully prepared to help where needed." Provides Shelter and Comfor twitter.com t as Force Thousands of Southern Californians from Their Homes
Ryan @ThunderBirdRyan🔁Remember these are the same Conservative Christian Republicans who blamed all California's Earthquakes, droughts, wil twitter.com dfires etc. on the fact Cali supports and welcomes

Cari Funkhouser @CariFunkhouser🔁Best video ever. I love this guy. If only all humans were like this. twitter.com
Ryan @ThunderBirdRyan🔁..so when Conservatives & Republicans see forward thinking liberals.in a state Repubs will NEVER win,suffer from wild twitter.com fires..sick sadist Conservatives are happy about it.
No heart!

Ryan @ThunderBirdRyan🔁Conservatives & Republicans are mad that California is so liberal and progressive and Conservatives & Repubs knows t twitter.com heir backwards hatred will NEVER take root there.

Ryan @ThunderBirdRyan🔁The reason Conservatives & Republicans hate California is becuase its a blue Democratic state & thry will NEVER win i twitter.com t.

TheBarb ☮️✡️✝️💟 @GrammaTrex🔁The fact that the President of the United States felt the need to tweet instead of dealing with shows his l twitter.com ack of ability to lead.
Mr. Anono @anono2🔁I agree with you Jordan. Yes. Everybody is in jail for no reason! Set them ALL FREE!! FREE EVERYBODY!!!! twitter.com
Lala Leyva @Lala_Leyva🔁And the smoke is thick! My sister found this on Facebook. So true! ojai twitter.com


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