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Alex Kirschenbaum @kirschhoops🔁 When you realize your backups this season are Derrick Rose and Jose Calderon:
Crandall Dinsbach @cavsfilmroom🔁Calderon AND Rose? This is worse than the Heat trying to keep LeBron with Danny Granger, Josh McRoberts, and Shabazz Napier. #titanic
CelticsBlog @celticsblog🔁So the Cavs have signed Calderon, Jeff Green, and maybe D.Rose?

Sounds like an offseason run by an owner saying "hey, I've heard of him!"

Josh Eberley 🇨🇦 @JoshEberley🔁Knicks get rid of Jose Calderon to acquire Derrick Rose.
Knicks let Derrick Rose walk.
Cleveland signs Calderon and Rose?
teej @FeedmeMoore16🔁From PG to jimmy to Calderon to jeff green now this....
Jordan @BNEnigma🔁100 percent. Whatever happens with Rose, the Calderon signing will continue to make absolutely zero sense whatsoever
MVP☔️☔️ @Thawk49🔁@CTowersCBS Let cavs fans tell it they trash compared to felder Calderon frye and Deron Williams 😂😂😂
Big Tasty @LakersGold🔁 Also, so like, did the Cavs just forget that they signed Jose Calderon? Just kind of writing that one off?
Mike @MikeDCtown🔁@bigern245 @mitchdamann I was hoping Calderon was gonna take us to the promise land again 😭
Mike Seuffert @MikeSeuffert🔁@eatonam I'm on the "he can't be worse than Calderon or Kay Felder" rationalization train now.
Nick Norcia @nick_norcia🔁@jeffkopache Better than Calderon off the bench though.
Bertis Jordan @b_wyze🔁@drtraylor Where is the money coming from? What becomes of Calderon and Felder? In many ways I'm not buying this rumor.
Levi Duku @lduku13🔁Knicks get rid of Jose Calderon to acquire Derrick Rose.
Knicks let Derrick Rose walk.
Cleveland signs Calderon and Rose?
James Boyd @RomeovilleKid🔁Mannnnn listen. NOBODY can convince me that Jose Calderon and Deron Williams are better than ANY version of D. Rose. Get on with that!!
TA @ClevTA🔁@SportsBoyTony Would u rather Calderon, Felder or Rose matched up v Livingston? Doesn't win them a title but it doesn't hurt at all
MVP☔️☔️ @Thawk49🔁Rose not gonna sign so stick with felder and Calderon bum asses cavs fans 😂😂😂
linda🌼 @lindaa_calderon🔁 @lindaa_calderon this is all youuuu
linda🌼 @lindaa_calderon🔁gabby leave me alone 😂😭? ?😭
Dakari Humphrey Jr @Karithesecond🔁idk why everyone is roasting the Cavs for wanting to sign Derrick Rose when he’s obviously an upgrade over Calderon and Deron Williams.
Tae_Eazy @Mr_Elite269🔁@Niles_23WR Plus I don't think Jose Calderon is it for a good backup point guard down the stretch
Mikey ®SBS® @Mikey15bra🔁 cavs got rolled by the warriors and the best they could come up with is calderon jeff green & knee rose??? LMFAOOOOOOOOO
Brenden Welper @BrendenWelper🔁The Cavaliers have added Jeff Green, Jose Calderon and Derrick Rose in free agency. Yeah, LeBron's gone next year.
Eric Goudreau @therealwalfy22🔁Derrick Rose, Deron Williams, Channing Frye and Jose Calderon!? Damn, when the Cavs find that time machine they are g onna be CRAZY.
Anthony Marciano @A_Marciano691🔁
JR Smith, Iman Shumpert, Derrick Williams, Channing Frye, Jose Calderon, Derrick Rose.

The Cavs see the vision.

Scott Lear @Scott_Lear95🔁This would be a good move considering Jose Calderon is trash
Cavs Chat @LetsChatCavs🔁Seems as if Cavs intentions all along was to use Calderon in the role James Jones played, a locker room guy.
Anthony Edwards @TezAnthony🔁@undisputed @JoyTaylorTalks @ShannonSharpe Better than having Jose Calderon
Eric B @ebiz42🔁@ESPNCleveland With Calderon already signed I wonder if this signing is a precursor to another move being made
Jason Novicky @jdrex73🔁@DustinFox37 Those peeps are probably cool with Calderon.
Lydell @DVO_Lydell🔁So why'd they sign Jose Calderon??
gabriella✨ @yo_gabb_agabba🔁@lindaa_calderon this is all youuuu
Dolla Bill @Dolla00Bill🔁 @willhudec Major upgrade from Deron Williams and Jose f****** Calderon. Why not?
SN31203 @SN31203🔁 Jose Calderon and Derrick Rose on your bench is something. By something, I mean not the answer
Danielle Spiller @Thunderlover0🔁 Potential New York Cavaliers:

Kyrie / Rose / Calderon
J.R. / Shump
LeBron / Cedi
Love / Melo
Thompson / Frye

Cody Reynolds @21cavsallday🔁 Would love this move! Does this mean Calderon is gone after about a week on the team?
_| |-| @J_Helms10🔁@BillT85 @wojespn @WindhorstESPN And again I'd like to point to point #3 of its better than Jose Calderon
Owen @Oweeeenn🔁@xOGCamox @LegionHoops @WindhorstESPN That's like saying he's as good as Calderon lmao
Jermell @mell2real🔁Then why the sign Calderon . Wasting money we need man
#FREEMe7o @haaaanh_🔁If the Cavs ain't grab Calderon they off-season wouldn't be as bad if niggas sign Rose.... 🌹 & Jeff Green coming off the bench 🔥
MVP☔️☔️ @Thawk49🔁Y'all are just dumb Derrick Rose is better than what u have now lol calderon as back up or rose? 🤔🤣
Dom 2 Timez @Domonick_S🔁This makes more sense than the Jose Calderon signing.
♉️ danté ⚡️ @zeusisblack🔁legitimately forgot we had Calderon last year until I read this. I can't recall a single play he was involved in
Been had @OGFlash🔁 Calderon can carry Rose bags
⚯͛King Germ 6/9△⃒⃘ @DrDreddyMurphy🔁Didn't the Cavs sign Jose Calderon or some dumb shit?
♉️ danté ⚡️ @zeusisblack🔁As someone who roots for a team that employed Jose Calderon, I can attest to how easy it is to forget about Jose Calderon.
Jacob Rude @JacobRude🔁@AnthonyIrwinLA legitimately forgot we had Calderon last year until I read this. I can't recall a single play he was involved in
MACaveli @ATHdaMACnific1🔁We just signed Calderon.. we dont need another PG yo
Washington D.C. @doctor_krieger🔁 That Kyrie-Calderon-Rose-Felder-Shumpert lineup >>>>>>
Cream Biggums @NeilOT50YL🔁Warriors added:
Nick Young part of MLE
Omri Casspi min
Jordan Bell 2nd rnd deal

Jose Calderon
Kyle Korver 3/22
DRose MLE?

Finals 🤢

nkemelue.candice @nkemeluecandice🔁@DreJaxBx He is the biggest name they acquired this offseason. Aside from Calderon. lol two former Knicks players.
Jess👑. @Jess_Taylor315🔁Easily an upgrade over D-Will. Remember they still have Calderon too. Rose is just a scoring option off the bench.
Tyler Birss @tybirss🔁Jose Calderon, Jeff Green, Derrick Rose, etc 😂🤣🤣😂
Tim Demchuk @Villain22384🔁@Drewggy they're obviously limited in what they can do. But I do think rose, green, cedi, calderon help

Better than j. Jones, (1/2)

Anthony F. Irwin @AnthonyIrwinLA🔁As someone who roots for a team that employed Jose Calderon, I can attest to how easy it is to forget about Jose Cald eron.
The Last Jerm @SocialJerm🔁@mjtwo3 I don't understand this. He'd have to play for peanuts and they already signed Calderon to be their backup.
Buc Nastyyy @CL_Smoooth🔁 New York Cavliers roster:

Derrick Williams

Ian Banks @ibanks95🔁Disregarding the veterans minimum, Jose Calderon shouldn't make more from the Cavs than Derrick Rose 😤
🇵🇭JeFF OweN🇵🇭 @JeFFOweN27🔁DRose could be a good backup but..... hmmm Calderon? Felder? Someone gonna get trade or what?
Nick Fink @finkn23🔁Calderon signed the minimum and sit at the end of the bench. As for the Butler trade how close were the Cavs? No deta ils have come out
RIPPOOPIE @LW52_🔁I'll take drose over Jose Calderon lame ass
Jonathan Walker @JWalker_GtG🔁I said it at the time: Incredibly dumb to sign Calderon that early in the offseason
Dylan Haines @DHaines1🔁The Cavs signed Calderon, Green, and Rose. The Warriors added Casspi, Young, and Bell, and didn't lose anything. The gap has gotten wider.
Kyle Pierce @kyle_pierce01🔁 Everyone is so negative about this when Jose Calderon is our current backup PG
Young Neil @QrispyJones🔁@MisterIgnorant If the sign d rose they signed 2 pgs that hurt the team more than they help. Both him and jose calderon have negative +/-
. @KingJourdain🔁me watching the Cavs second unit of Jose Calderon, Derrick Rose, Iman Shumpert, Jeff Green and Channing Frye
N.W.A. @SCTheSecond🔁If D Rose signs, he will make the Jose Calderon signing look more questionable. Should have went after Rose in the first place...
James To Tha Hizzo @SnottieDrippen🔁Just give me a 6 minute stint of Calderon-Dahntay-Cedi Osman-Jeff Green-Walter Tavares, and keep panning to Bron's face on the bench
💥Dylan Baker💥 @brodieislitty🔁Who is Jose Calderon
Scoops Maroun @ejmaroun🔁LRMAM or Omri Casspi who both signed for the minimum. Not signing Jose Calderon on the first day of FA. Pulling trigg er on a Butler trade
Cephas ben Uthai @EnigmatikBGDB🔁Yeah, Calderon would be a better option than Rose at this point
Jeff G @thejeffgomez71🔁Min to D-Rose but $14 mil total for Cavs. If they're going to pay that it better be for a vet w/upside like Rose & n ot another Calderon.
Don Nowitzski @danny_started🔁Drose gonna kick up in cleveland fck it better than just calderon 😭
matt @mtompy🔁Just saw "Derrick Rose is better than Atlanta Hawks legend Jose Calderon" on the TL so it may be time to spam some Lasik discount links..
Alondra Veloz✨ @ayoo_Nona🔁@calderon_eileen Thank you boo💕
Swaggy P @PPioszak🔁We both know KD isnt the only problem defensivley. I think they shouldve waited on calderon and green and taken a sh ot a seflosha.
CV @C_Vin11🔁 Why sign Calderon and rose tho??


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