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CalderonCalderon jen @calderon_jenna🔁 me tweeting vs. me opening texts
CalderonCalderonCalderonCalderon Kaira Calderón @Calderon_2713CS🔁 details
Calderon Mya @mya_calderon🔁 A perfect bag of hot fries, RT for good luck!!
CalderonCalderon Mya @mya_calderon🔁 my two moods:
Calderon Mya @mya_calderon🔁 why am i just now seeing steve carell dressed as gru
Calderon Jonny @Jonny_Calderon_🔁 Not a fan of the new Harry Potter book
CalderonCalderon J A N E Z A @azenaj_calderon🔁 RT FOR GOOD LUCK
B/R Football @brfootball🔁Calderon 🏆
Bernabeu ✨
Wanda 🏆

Lionel Messi's last visit to each Madrid stadium has been special

Chris Broussard @Chris_Broussard🔁I know he didn’t play a ton, but Cavs still 24-9 when Jose Calderon starts. They should keep him in the first five.
Dave McMenamin @mcten🔁Tyronn Lue says that Jose Calderon is starting Game 4. George Hill is out.
RGH @RobDash6🔁 went 23-9 with Calderon as a starter during the regular season....

He’ll make the 9th playoff start of his career tonight.

El-Mayor Clasico @ElMayor1813🔁Pitbull ft. Tego Calderon – You slip she grip (Fast & Furious Movie)
Power Flow™ @ThePowerFlow🔁Pitbull ft. Tego Calderon – You slip she grip (Fast & Furious Movie)
J @Jxyyy__🔁 I know he didn’t play a ton, but Cavs still 24-9 when Jose Calderon starts. They should keep him in the first five.
Tay Cal @Tay_Calderon🔁I wanna be someone’s cinnamon apple
J A N E Z A @azenaj_calderon🔁 LOOK AT HOW SAD SHE LOOKS 😭😭😭😭 who or what did this to her I will FI GHT
J A N E Z A @azenaj_calderon🔁 When I say... SHE DID THAT... I’m not exaggerating
Jordan Zirm @clevezirm🔁@phoenixjizboi69 yes you’re right Jose Calderon won them that game good call
Tay Cal @Tay_Calderon🔁Lmao me falling for someone and then it all kicking me in the ass
Sheila G @SheilaMaureenG1🔁Miss Calderon can you send me a link of where people can go to get information of where they can support , volunteer or donate to your campaign. We need to support energetic progressives like yourself.
Sarah @saruhh_calderon🔁U think u have senioritis every year til it’s senior year and u graduate in 4 weeks and every test is a pop quiz and u don’t know how to add
dama @DamaSzn🔁@SammysGotJokes ok true lmaooo it’s damaris.calderon 😂😂😂
El Pauly... @paullombardi2🔁"Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its
loveliness arises."

~ Pedro Calderon de la Barca

Gentle Earth.


Mya @mya_calderon🔁how i sleep at night knowing the boy i like doesn’t like me back but he still gave me his attention so i won
Mya @mya_calderon🔁stop putting an effort into those who show no effort towards you, there's only so much you can do before you're wasting your time & energy
Melissa Calderon @Melissac2385🔁@jjessieniegocki @calderon_zaylie @SoftballRider So excited for you!
Melissa Calderon @Melissac2385🔁@rileyrjcarley @calderon_zaylie @cassiecast1 Love this kid!
Taylor 💚 @Tay_Calderon_🔁YES STORM PREACH IT
Taylor 💚 @Tay_Calderon_🔁To everyone who thinks we are trying to ban guns...
riley carley @rileyrjcarley🔁 @macd_44 @calderon_zaylie That's my girl!
Melissa Calderon @Melissac2385🔁@macd_44 @calderon_zaylie That's my girl!
Mya @mya_calderon🔁This is James Shaw. He's a hero. His hands are burned from grabbing the barrel of a gun used to kill four people at a Nashville Waffle House. He says he's sorry he couldn't save more people.
Rabindranath Ramroop @p_ramroop🔁...and then this.

We were once very strong supporters but have learned a lot about Calderon over the past few weeks and are now distancing ourselves from her campaign.

Mya @mya_calderon🔁 i got a back pack full of love and affection who tryna go camping?!?
ERIKK™ @Erikk_the_Dane🔁@cavs KLove was horrifically bad. So was Calderon. But thankfully Korver, JR and Clarkson pulled their weight to help LeBron win the game.
Mya @mya_calderon🔁writer from 300 years ago: writes a simple story about a man on a boat with no underlying themes

english teachers:

LUCIE CALDERÓN @Lucie_Calderon🔁@carotweeted LOVE YOU SO MUCH 🤩💛
LUCIE CALDERÓN @Lucie_Calderon🔁 the prettiest of them all!!! ily!!
Mya @mya_calderon🔁It’s 2009. You’re watching Jersey Shore or Parental Control on MTV because your parents aren’t home from work yet. You have the remote set up so when you hit the “last” button, it immediately goes to Suite Life on Disney Channel. Life is good.
Tay @alvinlikesfries🔁@PrentisGant Hood has experience from the jazz, and Calderon does too. That’s why everyone keep saying there is no excuses
TheGreatHeisenberg @MahamedMoweezy🔁Jose Calderon whips the extra pass to Kyle Korver! 👌

73 | 68 midway through the 3rd on

Mya @mya_calderon🔁 I was today years old when I found out Camels could swim
#MerciArsène @ArtizanOzil🔁@JoshEberley But but Bron handpicked to play with Hood Hill Calderón Nance Love instead of CP3 Harden Klay AD etc. Bron is dump
SunnyDevil91 @Calderon__17🔁@ChibiReviews Watching Westworld season 2
Andrea Calderón 🐯 @Drea_Calderon🔁 No one ever thinks they’re wrong. And they sure don’t need to hear it from us.
alexzandra @allie_calderon🔁I can't wait till I can start working out again once I have Emersyn!💪
ƇƱĿ❤S ƤЄƦƲ́ 1⃣1⃣3⃣ Ҡ ™ @CULOS_PERU🔁 Kickstarter for The Oswald Chronicles, issues 7 & 8 by JD Calderon on @Kickstarter
Mya @mya_calderon🔁Imagine being born this way then getting in a roast session in grade school.

“Tommy I KNOW yo artificial ass ain’t talkin! How you get made in a whole lab and still ugly?”

🏹RESIST🗽CONSERVATISM @mahilena🔁Retweeted Roza Calderon ():

@sameenacongress I’m at . We’re...

Sarah @sarahi_calderon🔁This is what is happening in Nicaragua right now. Please spread the word. The government is taking away internet, light, and water to control the people. The government is not allowing hospitals to help citizens who are injured, only the police.
🏹RESIST🗽CONSERVATISM @mahilena🔁I’m at . We’re currently under a talent hold and can’t participate. But we’re so excited to see these names here! I’d like to add a few more: and @michaelbracamo
القلب من 🐺 @PrentisGant🔁Hood,nance,Clarkson,Osman,Calderon
They have 7 players with playoff experience an 5 that don’t so that’s half the pe ople who play😐 once again what playoff experience got to do with anything if u don’t help yo team win? Please tell me
Mya @mya_calderon🔁 neither do niggas pockets
Mya @mya_calderon🔁 I want every single Black person incarcerated for weed released immediately
Mya @mya_calderon🔁 a bunch of trees chilling in the forest, 5 feet apart cause they’re not gay
shawty @calderon_meyri🔁 Im never watching movies again
Mya @mya_calderon🔁 A man:
Haise Sasaki/ Ken Kaneki @TruthKills89🔁He’s the superstar. Love is an all-star & Future HOF. Hill, JR Smith, & Jeff Green are playoff tested vets. Clarkson, Nance, Hood are young athletic players. Korver is the lights out shooter. Calderon, Osman, Tristan Thompson can play if absolutely necessary. What else is there?
Mya @mya_calderon🔁I went from shocked to cracking up laughing to real concerned for all of them, in the 13 seconds of this video
Mya @mya_calderon🔁 I worked out two days in a row. Why don’t i look like Beyoncé’s right thigh yet @RealiLuvBBall🔁Calderon's Fake Is Deadly 🔥:


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