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Cahill Sapientiae™ @Wisdom_Wiese🔁 Goal number 170 for Man City ✔️

Business as usual for Sergio Aguero:


Glenn Lund Pedersen @pedgle🔁 When you realise Gary Cahill has a 3 game suspension.
Soq Med'dik @Sirdeeek🔁 Chelsea is playing Tottenham next? Without Diego Costa, Hazard, Pedro, Cahill, Bakayoko, and Moses?
Cahill . @Chana9MUFC🔁Cahill is gone this week why I even picked him fuck knows
Cahill ~ @EdenSzn🔁When Cahill get suspended and Christensen takes his place permanently
Cahill Zesty KC Royals @zesty_royals🔁Cahill knows how to manage shoulder issue
Cahill YourNexTdoorDJ @DJ_MsBoogie🔁 ⚽️ FT: Chelsea 2-3 Burnley

🔴 Gary Cahill Red Card

🔴 Cesc Fabregas Red Card

📅 Next PL Match - Spurs

Cahill Soq Med'dik @Sirdeeek🔁 Red cards in the Premier League:

Gary Cahill - 4
Diego Costa - 0

Makes you think. 🤔

Cahill Soq Med'dik @Sirdeeek🔁 No Costa, Hazard, Fabregas, Cahill, Pedro, Bakayoko

Aug 20 Tottenham vs Chelsea;

Chelsea fans:

Brenda Ward @emtucuchec1985🔁hidden sex with models cahill ft nikki belle sex shooter
Cahill Kiddo @OhSullyVan🔁 Gary Cahill has been sent off in the Premier League for the first time in his Chelsea career.


Cahill ZeezNaija @ZeezNaija🔁Chelsea 2-3 Burnley as Gary Cahill and Cesc Fabregas see red on opening day
Cahill Krachi @Qweku_mingle🔁20th Aug Tottenham Vrs Chelsea
A.S.U be like No Costa No Hazard No Cahill No Pedro No Bakayoko

Morata 😂😂😂

Cahill Justjeans @Justjeansnig🔁 The whole Chelsea FT when Cahill got that red card:
Cahill UrasGamer @UrasGamer🔁 ⚽️ FT: Chelsea 2-3 Burnley

🔴 Gary Cahill Red Card

🔴 Cesc Fabregas Red Card

📅 Next PL Match - Spurs

FPL @OfficialFPL🔁Look away Cahill owners...

rules say: "If a player gets a red card, they'll continue to be penalised for goals conc eded by their team"

Chelsea FC @ChelseaFC🔁Cahill is sent off. #CHEBUR
Chelsea FC @ChelseaFC🔁Conte says Cahill was a natural choice for the captaincy having won so much over many years at Chelsea. #CFC
Dave from Burnley @from_burnley🔁@FPLChef Fluke result let's be honest, Cahill should never have been sent off, but we'll take it, Dyche has then very fit and well organised
Hillz @hillarytee🔁@SiPhillipsCFC I'm sorry to say this but i think it's high time we sideline Cahill. What kind of a leader is soo prone to mistakes???
Boomting Bheks @mondliy🔁 Imagine Gary Cahill being your club captain...
Slimane 🔴⚪️⚫️ @SlimDz78MUFC🔁No Costa, Hazard, Fabregas, Cahill, Pedro, Bakayoko

Aug 20; Tottenham vs Chelsea;

Chelsea Fans/Haters:

Todd Hancock @TODDCastPodcast🔁. brings you ! Ep.125 w/ & actress
Petr' Smo'th3 @petersmooth3🔁 Decent he should take Cahill's place in the back three Rudiger Luiz Azpi ain't bad at all
MH @hussainyyyy🔁👀 Craig Pawson's game-changing decision to send off Gary Cahill was wrong, insists Mark Clattenburg.
Murtala Akanji @murtalaAkanji🔁Chelsea to play Tothenam next weekend without Cahill and Fabregas.....Costa somewhere right now like....
ASO🌊 @Aso_oghenero🔁Dele Alli: Guys this is the Chelsea team that their fans said will win us without Hazard nd pedro and nw they hv also lost Cahill nd Faregas
Martin Wickham @Martin_Wickham🔁If it's a choice between a Cahill lifetime contract and twitter virgins switching teams in protest, sign him up
Valdrin @ValdrinNishori🔁If you told two months ago that we'd be losing 3-0 to Burnley at half time because of a Cahill red card I would have said "yeah probably"
L L COOL JAY @Jejerobang🔁 Chelsea showed poor discipline. Cahill's was a red as was Fabregas'. Squad strangely looks weaker than last season.
CFC 🔵🇩🇰 @JFSorensen🔁Conte: "It was a key moment because after Cahill’s red card we lost our composure and conceded. We need to improve a lot in that aspect."
Ant @AntDala1013🔁@QueenSandy_CFC You going find it hard next weekend against spurs without cahill, fabregas, hazard.
Rafa @praytorafa🔁Unless say dey overturn am, Cahill go chillax for house watch Chelsea play 3 games against Tottenham (A), Everton (H) & Leicester City (A).
David Ezekiel @davezeeaffairs🔁@Tzar_Marc @CFCBella What is Cahill's fault in this life?
Most he lead Chelsea to FIFA world cup victory for you to believe he is good??
🇧🇬 TOMMY @tommy_ktbffh🔁Hope we sign Drinkwater and Barkley. Second half we played 4-3-3(4-2-3 bcuz of Cahill) and it was outstanding. Please, Antonio.
Saad @el_fosco🔁@Kushalcfc Don't know why Chelsea sold Ake.. Should have sold Cahill instead

Ake younger and better

Bridge News @cfc_wale🔁Clattenburg on Cahill: “I think he's unlucky (with the red). He’s dribbling with the ball & he’s lunged...There’s very little impact."
Blurryface. @_Kxsi🔁Please can we restart the FPL next week? How can two of my plays be sent off? Cahill and now Fabregas. Help me please 😭😭😭
Funky-Dee @DjDennysGH🔁Chelsea travel to White Hart Lane next week without Cahill, Cesc, Hazard and Pedro. Entire squad looking thinner than Cabo Snoop.
Nii @Karani_T🔁Next Game Chelsea vs Tottenham. No Cahill No Hazard No Pedro No Bakayoko No Costa No Fabrigas. Lord, If we win I'll never sin again plz😂
Johnny @JohnnyFolly_🔁I liked a @YouTube video CHELSEA 2 - 3 BURNLEY | Cahill & Fabregas Red Card Nightmare | [Vlog]
Neymarrrrrr 🇧🇷 @JeffBazza10🔁@rammy_more You've Spurs away, without Cahill and Fab, you'd be fine. 😉
TuksMega LFC @2kelo_tuks🔁Look away Cahill owners...

rules say: "If a player gets a red card, they'll continue to be penalised for goals conceded by their team"

Mike @IrishPhan61🔁@EaglesCFC But sadly no Fabregas and no Cahill
Darren. bland @depb42🔁Ireland's Stephen Ward with a cracker on a bad day for Chelsea with Gary Cahill and Fabergas sent off

Fionn 🕸 @XhakaTouch🔁@GunnerGrxnit Yea only had 5 players so far and a Cahill -3 doesn't help
R Secci 17 @secci_17🔁14: Cahill gets sent off
24: Chelsea 0-1 Burnley
39: Chelsea 0-2 Burnley
43: Chelsea 0-3 Burnley


Hi, My name is Joe @SayNoMore33🔁@sicky81 They've got no Costa, Hazard, Pedro, Moses, Fabregas or Cahill. There's a big problem if Tottenham don't win
Austin Nardone @1Ratchet_rabbit🔁Great point raised by Chelsea are without Cahill, Hazard, Pedro, Costa & Fabregas next week.

Wembley or not, no excuses.

Mustafa Al Hajj @mustafaelhajj🔁 4 red cards in the last 3 official games for Chelsea:


bill @billa_allison🔁@KazzyDezi Cahill is a bum idc.. he needs to be benched and we need that deal VVD done asap
Click Refresh @James6feetabove🔁Gary Cahill - can't defend, can't play with the ball, isn't positionally smart, has no brain. Ironically, he scores goals.
🤦🏻‍♂️ @samstoner13🔁Wasnt enough having him & Cesc as creative outlets when Cahill went off. Alonso&Azpi were poor going forward. Bats' c udnt get into the game!
Joebadaf @Mr__Joe🔁Chelsea: We have a no space for youth, go on loan

No Costa, Hazard, Fabregas, Cahill, Pedro, Bakayoko

This life is a pot of beans 😂😂

Bori @Irepbori🔁FA Cup final: Victor Moses 🔴
Community Shield: Pedro 🔴
Premier League: Gary Cahill 🔴

Discipline issues on the pitch for Chelsea.

iñutu @tutusaysso🔁@LankyObserver 😂 this not so subtle shade! Lol I had a feeling we would have a rough start but maybe not a loss! That said Cahill lisaka
|The J57 😜| @__Opeoluwa🔁 @ClintonViceB @__Opeoluwa my sister it luks lyk dey bribed fabregas and Cahill ooo,
Mr perfect @hulra97🔁That's not the way to treat fabregas and Cahill for red cards
Jerome Bailey @Jayzinq🔁CHELSEA 2 - 3 BURNLEY | Cahill & Fabregas Red Card Nightmare | [Vlog]: via @YouTube
ADEBIYI ademola @lanredemola🔁@nobbl3 as in fine moses will be back but now we'll be loosing cesc and cahill wt no Costa against TOTTENHAM....
no hope.
Harry Devonport @prawnsandwich🔁 Should Gary Cahill have been sent off this afternoon?
Two Terty @two_terty🔁cahill red card red card Next Match !😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💔😂🔥 😓😂😂😂😂
Everest Egopija @E22Tweets🔁Fabregas has become a liability, Cahill should take a sit on the bench.
Jade @JadeAndieCFC🔁Conte says Cahill's red card was key. 'We lost our composure after this red card and we have to improve a lot in this aspect.'
Mahaz Sayed @SayedMahaz🔁@mouta_2000 Morata surprised us all...maybe even Conte & reg Cahill being made captain I think that the club has taken decision as a whole
Yusuph (MILIKI) @yusuph_zekuf4🔁 Luckily they have zouma to cover for Cahill.

Oh wait nvm.


Prince Kay™ @Priiincekay🔁 Jeremie Boga makes his PL debut for Chelsea. Subbed off after 18 minutes after Gary Cahill gets sent off. Nice one, Gaz.


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