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Donald Trump @USsupremeLeader🔁How trump views himself inside his megalomaniacal, morbidly narcissistic microbrain.


#CadetBoneSpurs MH @MHPCB🔁 @business Really #CadetBoneSpurs? What do you call a guy who dodges the draft?
#CadetBoneSpurs Connie Sowell @ConnieSpeaks42🔁 Man. I miss the @BarackObama and @JoeBiden memes! #Trump #CadetBoneSpurs
Trumpisadickwad @trumpisadickwad🔁@NBCNews How'd you like that #CadetBoneSpurs #dirtydonnie
VoteVets #VetsVsTheNRA @votevets🔁Please. Just like Donald Trump ran to Vietnam. He hid behind bone spurs in his feet. #CadetBoneSpurs #VetsVsTheNRA google.com
Clara Jeffery @ClaraJeffery🔁five
#CadetBoneSpurs twitter.com
(((DeanObeidallah))) @DeanObeidallah🔁Funny he could've served in US military but choose not to during Vietnam war claiming bone spurs but now he's ready t twitter.com o dodge bullets?!
SisterResister 🏋️‍♀️ @DanerE_57🔁I’ll tell you what I’ll believe you when you’ve held your best friends bullet riddled body in your arms, until then SIT DOWN SHUT UP,you orange skinned 5 time draft dodging coward!You don’t even have the courage to face Robert Mueller How you gonna face a shooter
Aliyat Lecky😈 @aliyatlecky🔁 says he’d have entered school even if he wasn’t carrying a gun. Really?! twitter.com
Dixie Anderson @dixie70056🔁., the FUCKING COWARD now talks tough talking about the officers in the . This POS is such a pussy he'd grab himself! HURRY UP We need to impeach this clown. The entire world is watching and laughing at him.
Emerson Quinn🌊 @EmersonQuinns🔁
You couldn't push through fear when there wasnt shooting
There is no way you'd run in to an active shooter situation

All you, & know abt guns is punching holes in paper & animals who don't have guns

Try being a cop or soldier for a day

Spank Me with Forbes @supswamp🔁We’re all rightfully laughing at ’s claim that he’d have run in to stop the shooter, but think of how disgusting it is for him to be using this horrific tragedy to boast. 17 people murdered, most of them kids & he brags about himself. Pathetic!
Yvette @prettyladii_🔁President Fake Tough Guy: "I really believe I'd run in there even if I didn't have a weapon."
Hey - we've seen you with an Eagle. You're not running IN anywhere.
MH @MHPCB🔁"I really believe I'd run in there even if I didn't have a weapon."
~ on

seems to have forgotten this little incident, where there wasn't even an Active Shooter Present 🙄

Hope Aldridge @HopeAldridge🔁 @stephenlautens @Moe456 Be kind people; for years he’s had a medical problem.


melanie miller @trinideli🔁Please. Just like Donald Trump ran to Vietnam. He hid behind bone spurs in his feet.
Connie Sowell @ConnieSpeaks42🔁When said he'd run in there without a gun, which reporter asked the obvious follow-up question to John Kelly:

"How long has the Commander-In-Chief been suffering these delusions and what doctors is he seeing about them?"

Yvette @prettyladii_🔁Worth re-posting on the day draft-dodger claims he would have charged an AR15-wielding shooter bare-handed
Jaye Simms @Missjayette🔁@wvjoe911 I'd just pay to see #Trump run. Hell, he gets winded walking down the stairs of Air Force One. As if. #CadetBoneSpurs
#IamTheResistance. @Anneredmond13🔁#CadetBoneSpurs
Devin Nunes said he witnessed Trumps heroic act!
Larry W. Callahan @LarryWCallahan🔁. You POS. I guess that you really don’t believe . You’re a complete waste of space. would’ve run into an active sh twitter.com ooting? You’re afraid of taking the stairs, things in front of meetings and germs. You’re a worthless human being.😡
cowboytexas🇺🇸🌊 @cowboytexas🔁#CadetBoneSpurs @realDonaldTrump running into a mass shooting would be like #TedNugent crapping all over himself. #CowardInChief
LJM @ljmcc🔁get it trending. he’ll hate it. #GIJOKE #donaldjtrump #parkland #boycottnra #CadetBoneSpurs #DirtyDon #muelleriscoming #notmypresident
Larry The Cam @safetysecurity🔁@williamlegate @textifyer59 The #NRA can always use #RoyMoore Pony Express Delivery?
Elizabeth Prewitt @ehprewitt🔁First of all you wouldn’t be anywhere near a public school. Second, you begged out of serving your country 5 times f twitter.com or “bone spurs.” How does such a young person develop bone spurs anyway?
Will Richardson @willyr9🔁@ProudResister #CadetBoneSpurs would have run in there even without a gun? youtu.be
David Backlin @arroadscholar🔁@NPR PUT UP OR SHUT UP #CadetBoneSpurs
Agent Michael Scarn ... 's Robot Butler @MichaelOrdona🔁The is at it again, unable to keep still while an invited governor voices an opposing view. True, it included a dig twitter.com ("Less tweeting, more listening"), but proves him right before he even finishes by not listening.
Val Maynard, Esq. @VAL_MAYNARD🔁But he sooo would have run into Parkland HS to confront a bad guy with an AR-15!
Just ask him.

George Washington @jenralgeorge🔁 Suuuuuure you would have. Just like you jumped in to serve your country.

Yogisvana @yogisvana🔁Mr. big talker, Trump says he'd rush an active shooter with and AR-15. even without a weapon.
Even Stephen Miller, twitter.com while falling asleep, didn't believe him.
Cattun @CatherineTunney🔁😂😂😂😂😂Trump just said he would run into the Florida school even without a weapon! This is coming from who managed to avoid the draft. Like if you think he is a brave super hero and retweet if you think he is lying!😂😂😂😂😂
robyn fleming @flemingfliesup🔁 Really? You would’ve run into an active shooter situation? Talk about delusional! twitter.com
PAZER LENIS ᴸᴵᴹᴵᵀᴱᴰ ᴱᴰᴵᵀᴵᴼᴺ @PazerLenis🔁I just realized that if only had fought in Vietnam, we would've won the war. could've taken out the whole Vietkong twitter.com himself - no guns needed!

#TheFutureIsFemale♀️ @starbuck13502🔁@Jamal_Barry @realDonaldTrump No way. He would 💩 himself.
#IamTheResistance. @Anneredmond13🔁#CadetBoneSpurs
Would have worn a dress to get off the Titanic.
Independent Patriot @TylerBlackwell4🔁 says he would run in, even without a weapon!?! won't even protect American from an attack from Russia! has been exposed as a & two bit con man on all 4s for ! A coward is no leader for American!
#SneakyNastyPersistingWoman🌊 ✌💖🎶 @SaysSheToday🔁Lol just like you turned down Vietnam due to your ... too busy battling your "personal Vietnam" of Studio 54 New York. Cowardice and absolutely no record of public service plenty of self service aye
janep80 @janep80🔁Hooray! #CadetBoneSpurs is trending again. I’d like to see this at least once a week until he is gone.



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