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#CTechBBG Cornell Tech @cornell_tech🔁Tonight at #CTechBBG: @MiguelMcKelvey Co-founder and Chief Culture Officer @WeWork. @TechAtBloomberg
#CTechBBG #DigitalNYC @digitalnyc🔁#ctechbbg @TechAtBloomberg tbloomberg completely sold out & that's no surprise. There's never a dud at these events.
#CTechBBG Stella Au @stellaau🔁Miguel McKelvey @WeWork #CTechBBG @techatbloomberg
#CTechBBG Gwen Rocco @gwenrocco🔁WeWork Co-Founder @MiguelMcKelvey talks WeWork’s growth and future with Bloomberg anchor @scarletfu #CTechBBG
Tech:NYC @TechNYC🔁“It’s not just whether you build a better break room. It’s about making it OK to leave your desk. Environment is a b twitter.com ig part of it.” - co-founder
Spykuta @Spykuta1🔁#FY18NDAA Justin Simon Zimbabwe #CTechBBG #DukevsMSU Rose McGowan Golden Globes Marvin Bagley tinyurl.com
BΞKVRTZ @bekurtz🔁., co-founder :

- All humans deserve thrive-able environments
- helping corporates embed ‘we’ mentality internally
twitter.com - WeWork members can have great impact on local community, example: in SF’s Tenderloin

Cornell Tech @cornell_tech🔁At , credits 's success to never accepting the conventional wisdom and regularly taking the hard path
Cornell Tech @cornell_tech🔁“I absolutely believe that whether you have a chief culture officer or not, there need to be better, more accessible twitter.com structures that help you implement culture.”
Jill @devhax_jill🔁#CTechBBG Oh, thanks, i'll keep this fuck fuck fuck.
Tech At Bloomberg @TechAtBloomberg🔁At #CTechBBG, @MiguelMcKelvey credits @WeWork's success to never accepting the conventional wisdom and regularly taking the hard path
Maryam Daryabegi @MaryamDaryabegi🔁Inspiring conversation => Miguel McKelvey & Scarlet Fu twitter.com
Allie Felix @alliemfelix🔁“We never accepted any conventional wisdom” - @miguelmckelvey on what he attributes @wework’s early success too #CTechBBG
Tech At Bloomberg @TechAtBloomberg🔁"Women of @WeWork (WoW) are powerful and we're very responsive to their needs," says @MiguelMcKelvey #CTechBBG #WomenInTech
Cornell Tech @cornell_tech🔁 “Community wins. People want to be around each other” @MiguelMcKelvey #CTechBBG @TechAtBloomberg
lisakovitz @lisakovitz🔁“Community wins. People want to be around each other” @MiguelMcKelvey #CTechBBG @TechAtBloomberg
#DigitalNYC @digitalnyc🔁 Chief Culture Officer (& co-founder) We are working on creating the best culture internally and then provide that twitter.com externally. Evolving a culture is not easy. It doesn’t happen overnight.
Joseph R. Martelli @JoeyMartelli🔁“We’re going to layer on additional ways that we can impact culture in positive ways” — twitter.com
Cornell Tech @cornell_tech🔁“The environment is our entry point” but if you don’t take the further steps to improve culture it won’t work. twitter.com
Tech At Bloomberg @TechAtBloomberg🔁Fortune 500 companies are approaching to develop work environments where all of their employees feel great about th twitter.com eir infrastructure and creative culture.
Gwen Rocco @gwenrocco🔁“Everyone deserves to be in an environment that makes them feel good every day” - @WeWork Co-Founder @MiguelMcKelvey #CTechBBG
Kiyan Rajabi @krajabi🔁70% of members have collaborated with one another. That can range from personal/professional needs or strategic part twitter.com nerships. -
Tech:NYC @TechNYC🔁“Who we are in the world is changing. Coworking is a very shallow description of what is today.” - WeWork co-founder twitter.com
#DigitalNYC @digitalnyc🔁#CtechBBG @TechAtBloomberg @MiguelMcKelvey We put “We” in front of everything because we are a community company
Cornell Tech @cornell_tech🔁“A big thing to me was not claiming community before you have it.” We were looking for a connecting thing and that’s twitter.com what ‘We’ is.
Tech At Bloomberg @TechAtBloomberg🔁On the name: "We wanted something 'connective.' It was important not to claim the concept of 'community' before we h twitter.com ad actually built it." --
Gwen Rocco @gwenrocco🔁.: Can’t claim community before you actually have it. Putting We first is the premise for everything we do / twitter.com
Tech:NYC @TechNYC🔁.: Is your company a lifestyle company? co-founder : “At our base, we are a community company.” twitter.com
lisakovitz @lisakovitz🔁“It’s hard to go home for Thanksgiving and explain what we do” relative to all the different aspects of business twitter.com
Lydia Belanger @LydiaBelanger🔁"It is hard to go home for Thanksgiving and try to explain what is," says. "If we had a more abstract name, it migh twitter.com t make it easier sometimes."
Kiyan Rajabi @krajabi🔁“At its base, we are a community company; building and supporting companies in different contexts. All we encourage o twitter.com ur company to do is build communities.” - co-founder + chief culture officer
Gwen Rocco @gwenrocco🔁At , WeWork Co-Founder says at its base is building community and helping people feel more connected to each other twitter.com
Tech At Bloomberg @TechAtBloomberg🔁"The investment in is diversified - part is for expansion into China and Japan. It will enable us to move much fast twitter.com er and enter new markets because of the partners we're aligned with." --
Lydia Belanger @LydiaBelanger🔁"Coworking ... is a very shallow description of what we do" and aims to influence work culture in Japan in a positiv twitter.com e way, co-founder says
Gwen Rocco @gwenrocco🔁“It’s not just about numbers it’s about what kind of impact we can have” - Co-Founder & Chief Culture Officer twitter.com
Chaim Haas @chaimhaas🔁 "Co-working is a very shallow description of what @WeWork is today" -- @MiguelMcKelvey #CTechBBG
BΞKVRTZ @bekurtz🔁.@MiguelMcKelvey hails #Intrapreneurship as a growth strategy at @WeWork - personally drove early stage development of @WeLive #CTechBBG
Tech At Bloomberg @TechAtBloomberg🔁"Co-working is a very shallow description of what @WeWork is today" -- @MiguelMcKelvey #CTechBBG
Gwen Rocco @gwenrocco🔁SoftBank’s investment “empowers us to move much more quickly than we could otherwise“ - Co-Founder & Chief Culture twitter.com Officer
#DigitalNYC @digitalnyc🔁 Quotes:
People invest in us (WeWork) because they believe we can execute.
In 1999 I felt we were in a bubble. Now twitter.com I don’t feel the same thing.
Intuitively, it feels different
& The Fine Print @TheMickLewis🔁. talks w/ 's about the growth & breadth of building the many aspects of twitter.com
Kiyan Rajabi @krajabi🔁“To be able to take on these challenges, you need to build teams that are responsive. But you can’t stretch your team twitter.com s too far.” - co-founder + chief culture officer
BΞKVRTZ @bekurtz🔁. in conversation with , co-founder & Chief Culture Officer at

Vision for - “A multidimensional support system fo twitter.com r people who think differently about the world.”

Tech:NYC @TechNYC🔁“In some ways we’re still a startup. ... There’s a mix of strategy and opportunism in everything we do.” - co-found twitter.com er
Tech At Bloomberg @TechAtBloomberg🔁"We're not only looking to support people in business success, but also health and wellness and education in cities a twitter.com round the world" says 's
Lydia Belanger @LydiaBelanger🔁 “There’s a mix of strategy and opportunism in everything we do” -@MiguelMcKelvey of @WeWork #CTechBBG @TechAtBloomberg
Lima Charlie Tech @limacharlietech🔁. with discovers the challenges in the beginning, & how their POC worked out. twitter.com
Cornell Tech @cornell_tech🔁“There’s a mix of strategy and opportunism in everything we do” -@MiguelMcKelvey of @WeWork #CTechBBG @TechAtBloomberg
Tech At Bloomberg @TechAtBloomberg🔁"To create the environments we think will work best for , we need to do build outs from the ground up" says , co-fou twitter.com nder & Chief Culture Officer of
Lydia Belanger @LydiaBelanger🔁. co-founder & chief culture officer tells how during Great Recession, everyone thought WW was successful bc people twitter.com didn't have $ to sign leases and now many link success to everyone having $ to start up
Allie Felix @alliemfelix🔁“The premise from the beginning was that this was a multi dimensional support system of people who thought differentl twitter.com y” - of
lisakovitz @lisakovitz🔁“There are no incubators for architects & independent accountants” @MiguelMcKelvey at #CTechBBG @techchatbloomberg
Kiyan Rajabi @krajabi🔁“When we started, a lot of businesses were struggling. By creating a broad community of industries, we were able to h twitter.com edge for business types.” - co-founder + chief culture officer
Tech At Bloomberg @TechAtBloomberg🔁A very small portion of members are -- many of them are traditional that don't usually have a support community; twitter.com this diversification also hedges against an economic downturn says
Tech:NYC @TechNYC🔁. co-founder and Tech:NYC Leadership Council member discusses his company’s quick success at tonight’s . twitter.com
Tech At Bloomberg @TechAtBloomberg🔁At tonight's , chats with , co-founder of about the 4th most valuable in the U.S. twitter.com
Allie Felix @alliemfelix🔁Now I️ see why you wanted to be a professional basketball player when you grew up ! Kicking off twitter.com


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