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#CTNSC18 るるこ/Ruruko @mariruruko🔁 Kevin Reynolds potentially his Final Nationals and at home in BC #CTNSC18 #views @johanyjutras
Katie V @OlympicKatie🔁When Elladj skates clean at Nationals: #CTNSC18
Teale PB @TealePB🔁Roman Sadovsky at #CTNSC18 @SkateCanada #FeelTheMoment

Amazing #FigureSkating talent on display!

#CTNSC18#CTNSC18#CTNSC18 yash🌸 @eggrater🔁 Backstage views ladies short program on now #CTNSC18 📷: @johanyjutras
#CTNSC18 momo_R @momo95471489🔁 Virtue calls the team’s 85 point SD score validating, reassuring and a boost #CTNSC18
#CTNSC18 Sofya Elkina @Sonya_CT🔁 Olympic dreams start today! 📷: @johanyjutras #CTNSC18
#CTNSC18 🍍Saco🍍 @schumino1🔁 Weaver and Poje describe SD with fall as extremely disappointing and deflating #CTNSC18
#CTNSC18#CTNSC18#CTNSC18#CTNSC18 Bambi @Disneyofheart🔁 What a short program from the defending champs @mhjd_85 @Rad85E #CTNSC18 📷@johanyjutras
#CTNSC18#CTNSC18 TSN Skate @SkateTSN🔁There was no silence after @elladjbalde skated his final short program at Nationals #CTNSC18 📷: @johanyjutras
#CTNSC18 Peter Murray @blazingblades🔁 Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford won the pairs short by 13.27 points @ #CTNSC18.
#CTNSC18#CTNSC18#CTNSC18 마링 @Marine_Sylvia🔁 Backstage views #CTNSC18
#CTNSC18 Golden Skate @goldenskate🔁Roman Sadovsky says his aim for this SP was to “skate with a bang” #missionaccomplished #CTNSC18
#CTNSC18 yucci @3A_3Lo🔁 Roman Sadovsky says his aim for this SP was to “skate with a bang” #missionaccomplished #CTNSC18
#CTNSC18 icenetwork @icenetwork🔁Mild surprise at #CTNSC18, where @gabby_daleman leads @kaetlyn_23 by more than 6 points after ladies SP.
#CTNSC18 Scott Moir @ScottMoir🔁Look Ma, no hands. #CTNSC18
Stars on Ice @starsonice🔁The skaters representing Team Canada in will be determined this weekend @ ! Favorites are & & and ! Watc twitter.com h live on Sat.
Jenny Zhao @itsjennyzhao🔁Tears in my eyes as I watch the replay of @elladjbalde's SP. What a chilling performance. Gorgeous skate. #CTNSC18
@rymar56 @Ham56deb🔁OMG @elladjbalde I am speechless that was so emotional,raw+beautiful!!☀️💙💙#CTNSC18
Amanda Meek @amandameek🔁So obsessed right now with @SkateTSN’s replay of @elladjbalde’s short program. Love this guy! #FeelTheMoment #CTNSC18
Jim Dibblee @jimdibblee🔁There was no silence after skated his final short program at Nationals 📷:
Sherri Dickie @SherriDickie🔁When the perfect music and a powerfully passionate skate come together! Wow Elladj Balde!!! #CTNSC18 #StandingO #AllTheFeels
Jenny Zhao @itsjennyzhao🔁 ⛸️ seems to be more of a preview of the battle lines towards for 🇨🇦 with teenagers Gogolev, Phan, Orzel and Sadovsky really going for broke in their short programs.
Jim Dibblee @jimdibblee🔁 @SkateTSN is replaying @elladjbalde’s skate - it’s even better the second time! #CTNSC18
EastVanHalen @eastvanhalen🔁They are playing YMCA during the ice make. Everyone is dancing. Send help #CTNSC18
Skate Guard Blog @SkateGuardBlog🔁@SkateTSN is replaying @elladjbalde’s skate - it’s even better the second time! #CTNSC18
Rob Brodie @Post_Brodie🔁Sara's right ... it was terrific theatre. Give it a look! #CTNSC18 twitter.com
Terri🇨🇦⛸ @onterrioh🔁Roman is also very funny… take a look at his new YouTube channel m.youtube.com twitter.com
Teale PB @TealePB🔁The depth of talent in the men's competitors is really starting to show through here at . Who will grab that second Olympic spot?
Teale PB @TealePB🔁The arena is electric, as to top male tear up the ice. twitter.com
Jessica Shea Reeves @jsheareeves🔁Between #CTNSC18 @TSNCurling & @Devin_Heroux #cbccurling tweets I may not be able to leave the house this weekend! #my2favicesports
Kiera Greenly @k_greenly🔁Wow. Beautiful. Elladj 🙌🏼 #CTNSC18
Aviva @DivaAviva🔁Undoubtedly THE BEST ice skaters & , you owned that ice this afternoon at . Bring home that Olympic gold! twitter.com
Rob Brodie @Post_Brodie🔁Elladj Balde just brought the house down with an emotional short program skate to Disturbed's 'The Sound of Silence. twitter.com ' It's his last Canadians ... and the audience just give him a moment he'll never forget.
Shoko @CavShoko🔁 Pairs SP
1 Duhamel/Radford 81.78
2 Seguin/Bilodeau 68.51
3 Moore-Towers/Marinaro 68.28
4 Ilyushechkina/Moscovitch 65.45
5 Walsh/Michaud 62.61
6 Ruest/Wolfe 60.18
7 Kolodziej/Deschamps 56.42

E. Laura Cruz @doclaura🔁@Kirsten_MT and @_MarinaroSAUCE_ What a SP!!! Way to skate!!!! #CTNSC18
Robin Punsalan @RPunsalanArt🔁Rudy Galindo moment. #YMCA ... music as we wait til next round of men. #CTNSC18
Shel @shelsteps🔁LOL Fireball is popular at #CTNSC18 today #dancefit #ZIN
barbara middleton @bmiddleton51🔁 Roman planning 2 quad Salchows and 1 quad toe for the FS #CTNSC18
cananga odorata @ruihuismile🔁Congrats Meagan and Eric just keep going #CTNSC18
Ubyssey Sports @UbysseySports🔁Can't go wrong with OneRepublic or Michael Buble for music, that's what I always say #CTNSC18 #ubc
Aviva @DivaAviva🔁Sending lots of ❤️& positive energy to @WeaverPoje #Weapo for tomorrow! #FeelTheMoment #CTNSC18
Katie V @OlympicKatie🔁Canada has been waiting to watch skate a program like that for so long. We were in the palm of his hand, and so read twitter.com y for a long-deserved standing O. Congrats man, an incredible skate.
Sofya Elkina @Sonya_CT🔁 Tracy Wilson: “...the rhumba is a vertical expression of a horizontal wish”. Hahahaha. Perfect. #CTNSC18
Kanishka Jayasuriya @SkateGod🔁One day and I will have to attend the Canadian National Championships together. Everyone in Canada loves him - I wa twitter.com nt a piece of that! ;)
PrincessBeanySkates @BeanySkates🔁 You're a true Canadian fan if you knew of Stephen Gogolev before tonight. #CTNSC18
Lucille @aentisse🔁Mild surprise at , where leads by more than 6 points after ladies SP.
Jan Tietz @TweetBigOrGoHom🔁Ontario can’t help but be proud of that gal from small town can’t wait for Hometown Glory. Over the years, I have twitter.com enjoyed watching you develop into the champion you are. for
Priscilla W @prw2801🔁Now I am SO disappointed that the rest of the men’s program won’t be live streamed because I don’t have TSN 4 or 5 n twitter.com or ctv2! But Even tho I’m sad, I’m glad I got to see SO much else! Elladj bringing it was a highlight!
TSN Skate @SkateTSN🔁There is not one person in this arena that isn't ecstatic that he put together a program like that #CTNSC18
E. Laura Cruz @doclaura🔁@DylanLubov What a pleasure to watch your SP! Best for tomorrow! #CTNSC18
なちゃん @QuadAxel3Toe🔁Roman planning 2 quad Salchows and 1 quad toe for the FS #CTNSC18
Nancy @njkggc🔁@elladjbalde What a great short program! #CTNSC18 #bringonthefreeprogram
Vulnerable Truly S. Resists 📎 @hotincleveland🔁I have to remember how to spell the poor guy's name. Elladj. Not Elijah. Elladj. Forgive me, got Elijah stuck in my h twitter.com ead for other reasons.
Aviva @DivaAviva🔁We have such incredible Women’s skaters! Awesome job ! It’s going to be a battle royale. you were great too. 3rd Ol twitter.com ympic spot up for grabs tomorrow!
K W #TeamRaza @complex_ity_🔁 A girl can dream 😁 #CTNSC18 twitter.com
Maddie @mQharper🔁 and brought the house down today. People were going wild around me, it was pretty incredible. They embody latin on twitter.com ice like no other team, and I'm so glad I could witness it in person. Best of luck tomorrow guys!
Kanishka Jayasuriya @SkateGod🔁Technically Roman Sadovsky was strong, with the exception of the triple Axel and the turn out on the combination, but twitter.com I felt he could have been better with his overall program. However, he is still very young!
Clare @DeanerMom🔁I’ll have what Elladj is having. Performance. Of. The. Night. @elladjbalde @SkateCanada #CTNSC18
Stormpilot trash 🌼 @WhatCassieDid🔁Ooooh Gabby's dress/makeup is 🔥🔥🔥🔥 #CTNSC18
Terri🇨🇦⛸ @onterrioh🔁Roman is a beautiful skater… pays attention to little details … one of these days he’ll skate clean, he’s way over due!!!
Andria @andrialawrence🔁Can we just have Debbie and Ted instead of Tracy and Rod? #CTNSC18
K W #TeamRaza @complex_ity_🔁 The future of Canadian male figure skating looks very bright! #CTNSC18
E. Laura Cruz @doclaura🔁Such a wonderful SP @mhjd_85 and @Rad85E! #CTNSC18 #Pyeonchang2018 #futureisbright
Meagan⛸ @figurskater🔁You're a true Canadian fan if you knew of Stephen Gogolev before tonight. #CTNSC18
Stephanie Ferguson @Snailphanie🔁The depth of talent in the men's competitors is really starting to show through here at . Who will grab that second O twitter.com lympic spot?
Skate Guard Blog @SkateGuardBlog🔁Poor Roman Sadovsky... he was so on in practice yesterday & this program is delightful! #CTNSC18
Andria @andrialawrence🔁Elladj Balde knows how to make me a blubbery mess. Quality, quad-less, but amazing. #CTNSC18
Laura @la_zielinski🔁Ok what happened to Roman Sadovsky? He is so tall. I remember the days when he was 4 foot nothing. #CNPCT18 #CTNSC18
Stormpilot trash 🌼 @WhatCassieDid🔁I take it the theme for the women's short is tango this year? #CTNSC18
K W #TeamRaza @complex_ity_🔁 Crowd on their feet before @elladjbalde even finishes his spectacular, powerful short program. #CTNSC18 #FeelTheMoment
Krista Baker @KKristalyn🔁What a beautiful skate by @mhjd_85 and @Rad85E. Breathtaking. #CTNSC18
Kanishka Jayasuriya @SkateGod🔁When you have great skater turned choreographer on your team, you know the program is going to be great. Joseph Phan twitter.com was a pleasure to watch, despite the one mistake.
hey hey deanna @greasy_bag🔁I think we’ve reached our Michael Bublé quota for this competition #CTNSC18
@rymar56 @Ham56deb🔁❤️💙❤️💙😢@mhjd_85 +@Rad85E-So beautiful, this SP is superb and you skated it so incredibly!! #CTNSC18
Kim Palmer @kiloupa🔁Wowsers! Stephen Gogolev has oodles of talent - need to remember that name! #CTNSC18 @SkateTSN @SkateCanada
Flutzes & Waxels Podcast @FlutzesCast🔁Well that was almost #phantastic #CTNSC18


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