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tommy payton @freddyrace14🔁 Watch .@MarkGeistSWP receive the Defender of the Constitution Award. #CPAC2018 #CPAC #ATimeForAction
Offended? @andyaddickCAFC🔁 @RaheemKassam speech at #CPAC2018 message for @SadiqKhan
LOBBY LUDDITE @LobbyLuddite🔁 "Do not underestimate the power of ordinary people..." @Nigel_Farage #CPAC2018 #CPAC #ATimeForAction
#CPAC2018 Tazzi1083 @Wiggy1731🔁Great moment at #CPAC2018 . 🎶This magic moment 🎶 #MAGA
#CPAC2018 Diane Daisy @blossomcountry🔁 #CPAC2018 survey about approval ratings of President @realDonaldTrump.
#CPAC2018 Fox News @FoxNews🔁#CPAC2018 survey about approval ratings of President @realDonaldTrump.
Katie Hopkins @KTHopkins🔁Delighted to talk with @ChrisLoesch & @DLoesch at #CPAC2018. I’d carry if I could. So #IJoinedtheNRA. Stand strong. membership.nra.org
Fox News @FoxNews🔁. on at : "Congress needs to get behind this president in a way that they haven't done. And by doing so, they're get twitter.com ting behind the American people."
shinpaku123 @shinpaku123🔁If you wanna know who the cucks are heading the war on the second amendment are here twitter.com
Steve For Trump @Retired_me🔁🚨 Trump Lets His Hair Down At CPAC: "I Try Like Hell To Hide That Bold Spot"! 😄😄😄

joelle vuillot @oriabelle21🔁"I'm not offended when says America first."
#Deplorable Sunny @Wutevuh🔁#Trump #CPAC2018 watch pscp.tv
De León @MyMysticMuse🔁 The only Republican Woman panelist booed for blasting Trump, Moore #CPAC2018 msnbc.com via @msnbc
OverTheMoonbat @OverTheMoonbat🔁 -- |

Kaya Jones at CPAC: “We should start acting like we won”

| twitter.com

One Voice™ @KevinMcGil🔁The only Republican Woman panelist booed for blasting Trump, Moore #CPAC2018 msnbc.com via @msnbc
James Wrate @WrateJames🔁
stands for anything except
Making All Government Atrocious


* Rufi * @rufinalaffey🔁Eric Trump speaks at Conservative Political Action Conference ( ) – LIVE at 6pm ET on C-SPAN
Hurricane Watcher @GodlessNZ🔁If someone had the time & inclination a "best of" video compilation from President Trump's CPAC speeches each year w twitter.com ould be great!
Carolyn Burnett @Carolyn10311944🔁 .@RealDonaldTrump at #CPAC2018: “We passed the biggest #taxcuts in the history of our country.”
James Wrate @WrateJames🔁BREAKING NEWS: Rare footage of the "Super Secret Society" plotting to politically take down Trump and the ~
OverTheMoonbat @OverTheMoonbat🔁"" --

Pat Buchanan: ‘The Bush Party Has Become a Trump Party’ on Immigration, Trade, Staying Out of Foreign Wa twitter.com rs


👻👻CASPERkdw👻👻 @CASPERkdw🔁Media will never show you this. Trans Conservatives at . They got hugs and love and thank you’s from CPAC attendees ❤️ Not attacked, insulted or disparaged like the left do to anyone they don’t agree with.

I don’t care what you think about Trans-this was great to see

Pets4Trump @Pets4Trump🔁President Trump narrates ‘The Snake Poem’ at as a cautionary tale if we don’t FIX our BROKEN Immigration System.

We *MUST ONLY* admit those who EMBRACE our VALUES and RESPECT our LAWS. MUST STOP the DISASTROUS and .

OverTheMoonbat @OverTheMoonbat🔁 --

[VIDEO] Anti-Gun Protester Gets Schooled By Black Conservative At CPAC

| twitter.com

Demby @Sirdemby🔁Former RNC chair Michael Steele was shocked when he was called the Republican's "token black guy" at :
Lisa Lu @lisalunu🔁Some thoughts for these boo-birds at . My father, the son of an Italian immigrant, was proud to read the oath of allegiance at naturalization ceremonies. (1/)
Helene @HeleneBlau🔁"We are about breaking the chains of victimhood for women" Carrie Lightfoot
Eliza200 @rudybird100🔁What we saw at this past week was the final descent of the GOP into near explicit white nationalism, with Loesch claiming the media uses "crying white mothers" for rating and Le Pen inciting fear of non-white immigrants.
Barbara Paige @pagepaige9🔁Thank you Mona! Breaks my heart what the has become. I'm so proud of you! Watching you at gave me hope there are still some SANE republicans. 👍🇺🇸
Pissed Off ⚓️ Patriot @PatriotCzar🔁JWPrez speaks on the , Corruption, & more!
Frederick Douglass @AmazingDouglass🔁 Reminder: Most of Donald Trump's hotels are "gun free zones:" abcnews.go.com

#CPAC2018 #BoycottNRA

Christine Carpenter @Christi77929362🔁 Your speech at was amazing! It's time someone with a voice stands up and sets the record straight! Thank you for everything you are doing. Purchased my 5 year NRA membership today because you are an inspiration!
Delila Lou Hall @delila_hall🔁Fox News' Laura Ingraham at : ''Liberals Are Like Herpes!''

Patriot7 @QStormPatriot🔁

▪️A Quick ReCap of this Week's Top REAL News Stories ...


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