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Raw Story @RawStory🔁Former RNC chair Michael Steele says GOP is 'clearly' more racist: 'How quickly they revert to race as a weapon' twitter.com
🐢 @rabebez🔁Former RNC chair Michael Steele says GOP is 'clearly' more racist: 'How quickly they revert to race as a weapon'
Fox News @FoxNews🔁.: "If goes around the country and in the run-up to these midterms and performs anything like he did today at , he w twitter.com ill keep this momentum going and that will lead through to everything he needs to do."
GOP @GOP🔁“I want people coming into this country based on merit. I want people...who will love our people, and who will share twitter.com our values...” -
Deborah Sanders @DeborahSander12🔁New: Commissioner Michael O'Rielly violated the Hatch Act today at when he explicitly called for the reelection of . We're asking OSC to investigate:
Texas Bex 🌻 TRUMPED @Bexofeasttex🔁 Freedom’s Voice : Dr. Kelli Ward at #CPAC pscp.tv
Deplorable Chuck. @kimeranch🔁 President @realDonaldTrump fresh off his successful #CPAC speech will join me tonight on ‘Justice’ 9 pm ET.
We have who actually fulfilled
promises he made during campaign

was firm👍
he was funny👍
he was personal👍
he twitter.com was resolute👍
Resolute in making sure that confidence is📈
that unemployment is📉📈✂️

Kerry Dalton @kerrdaltz🔁. on Pres. Trump's attack on her father at today: "My mother is coming on [] on Wednesday — both of us will be addressing this together."
Gerri 👠#ReleaseTheMemo @gkilti🔁What an honor it was to sing the anthem for our nation and our live 🇺🇸🙏🏼❤️ thank you America. Thank you CPAC. Thank you President Trump
Cb59 @Cb59Carolina75🔁Two years ago, certain forces essentially kept from speaking at because they did not consider him sufficiently conservative.

It infuriated me.

In minutes, he'll enter having done more for our cause in a year than any living figure has in a lifetime.

Wai @uberwai🔁Wayne LaPierre is viciously attackin' the FBI at . Keep blamin' the FBI while takin' dirty Russian money and see how that ends for you, Wayne.

The C👀p ⛷️ @TheCoop48🔁. puts its official stamp of approval on racism & criminality.

100+ charges (thus far) from . And they're just fine twitter.com with that.

Tom "YES, TRUMP IS GUILTY!" Page @ThomasPage1🔁"Michael Steele" should realize is nothing more than a KKK RALLY without the hoods!
Said at
✔Lock her up
✔Media loves crying white mothers
✔Obama ruined the country & wasn't born here
✔Mexicans are gang members

The Grand Wizard Trump has made it ok to be racist!

PattySS55 @PattySS55🔁Dana, , YOU ARE SPOT ON.
What an amazing, empowering, speech!.


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