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#COYB The_DCC_5150 @the_gift_15🔁Good match #COYB 💙
#COYB Lee Green @GrampianBlue🔁 Joey Garner wallpaper.
Likes and RT's appreciated.
#itfc #RangersFC #coyb
#COYB achmad @araflimm🔁Back to fake manchester, and make draw #wazza #COYB
#COYB Kylie Carr @q2GZODlNjckv7Ik🔁 Wembley is Blue🔵 #COYB #TOTCHE
#COYB Colin Wilson @Colin_Wilson67🔁I think her son looks a bit embarrassed!! #COYB
Everton @Everton🔁🚀 | We've had fireworks at the Etihad as both sides emerge from the tunnel. Here we go... #COYB #EFCawayday
#COYB Yannick Bolasie @YannickBolasie🔁3rd kit on show tonight @Everton #coyb tonight il look forward to the day I put this on hash tag slicccccck 🔥 🙏🏽
#COYB Idrissa Gana Gueye @IGanaGueye🔁That time again! #COYB 💙
kerry maxwell @TRANKLEMINTEFC🔁Gutted to end that with a point. Eventho I wud have took that result 90mins ago.Too deep at times but great team performance. 🔵⚪⚽ #coyb
Ed Shorthouse @ed_shorthouse🔁Would have loved to see Lookman run at the back 2, as we offered little counterattacking threat against 10 men
Dan Shanks @danshanks🔁Can't believe some of the negativity on here tonight #EFC #COYB
Michael Kogler @mkoglerwsu🔁Hurts to know the Blues were so close to 3 pts at The Etihad, but an outstanding effort by the lads to secure the draw! #COYB
Rodger Armstrong EBM @rodgerarmstrong🔁Wayne gives this team so much of what we've lacked for so long. Proud of him & all the lads tonight. #COYB
Simm Minogue @simm_minogue🔁Thought @WayneRooney was decent tonight. Held the ball well. 11k covered. Gotta love that passion. #COYB
Seb Donoghue @Seb_The_Blue🔁Both Reds were snide - enjoyed ours until we were at the wrong end of it 😂 Good game good point 💙 #coyb
craig lewis @CraigScratchy🔁Would have like the 3 points but would have took a point before the game #COYB 💙
James McCoy @JimmyMcCoy11🔁Missed opportunity that for me with them going down to 10. Would have taken a point beforehand though #COYB
John Bennetto @JohnBennetto🔁Would have taken a draw before the game but gutted to only get a point. Plenty of positives in particular DCL, Pickford & Gueye #EFC #COYB
Paul Gotts @PaulGotts🔁Good, full performance from Everton tonight I thought #coyb
gr14 @GaryRichards14🔁Not going argue, probably would have taken a point b4 game, but just disappointed after being ahead against 10. Onwa rd to Thursday
Dan Jones @dan_jones51🔁@everton @CalvertLewin14 DCL outstanding tonight well played fella! Thought Jordan was going to go entire career without conceding! #COYB
John Bennetto @JohnBennetto🔁Excellent performance from Calvert-Lewin tonight, led the line well and got a decent assist @CalvertLewin14 #MCIEVE #EFC #COYB
Pep @PepTalkOfficial🔁Man City 1-1 Everton. Rooney does it again! 💙 #COYB #EFC #Rooney #MCIEVE
Alun Jones @Bluesaint72AJ🔁Once again the spine of the team played very well tonight-the need for a striker with pace once again highlighted. Good pt away. #COYB
Jimmie @jimmie_phillips🔁A shame Everton allowed a tap in late to settle for a draw. On to Chelsea #COYB
Kyle Austin @kylefourstrings🔁I would have settled for a draw pre-match time but that was two points lost. #coyb #efc #EFCawayday
RiotBoys @brian_famiglia🔁@IndoEvertonian Still Proud! #COYB
Robert Hughes @Robster36🔁Disappointing to concede late against 10 men, but a point against supposedly title winners,I'll take that #NSNO #COYB
Dive at Dawn @DiveatDawn1🔁Well, do we keep DCL as our main striker through the middle , Sandro/Rooney/whoever either side,he's a gem this lad, #everton #coyb
Huw Preece @huwpreece🔁Take a pt
On the road
Now finish the job in the jungle
Me @doubletopfox🔁@sandroramirez9 @Everton Mate your killing me got you 40/1 top goalscorer #COYB
Tom Davies's socks @cfmarkey🔁a point against City away 2nd match of season with loads of new players still settling in. I'll take that. Defence esp Jags great #COYB
Mark Lally @marklally10🔁Great point that..! #city are a very good side, movement is unreal... @WayneRooney 200th @premierleague goal as well..👌🏻🔥#COYB #greatstart
Terry O'Hare @oharetezzel🔁Great point #Everton not many teams will come away with a point there this season. Would of took a point before the game. 💙#COYB
Toffeeforlife @JonToffee🔁Given our lack of pace & DESPERATE need for a striker - Rooney goal was our only chance - so take a draw boys. DCL, JP & Mason awesome #coyb
top_balcony @top_balcony🔁We're a way off being a top side in the league, happy with a point, a bit disappointed with our 2nd half against 10 men #COYB
Ben Pleasant @bpleasant_efc🔁1 half decent header away from a win away to city! #efc #COYB
Gary John Mercer @GaryJohnMercer🔁I'd take a draw from the Etihad. Another goal for @WayneRooney but definitely need another striker. #COYB 💙
Simm Minogue @simm_minogue🔁I'd take the point before the game, but we should be bossing 10 men about. Gotta be braver. #COYB
Phil Livingstone @Livooo🔁Gutted to concede in the 2ND half but would have taken that before KO. #DominicCalvertLewin 👏⚽💪 #EFC #COYB #MCFCvEFC
Adam Epling @epzilla🔁Me if you'd told me this 2 hours ago: "Hey! We got a point! 😁"
Me now: "Kinda lost 2 points there, didn't we? 😐"
Andrew O'Mara @omaratweets🔁Should've put Mirallas on b4 Klaassen. Other than that & Mason's one mistake? Can't fault the boys. @grandoldteam


the proud YID @spurzcrazzy🔁 We'll take a point from the Etihad! Off to Stamford bridge next week. What a crazy start to the season 😂 #COYB
Patrick McAuley @caddypaddy11🔁Gutted to not have got the win. #MCIEVE #PremierLeague #COYB
Pep @PepTalkOfficial🔁We'll take a point from the Etihad! Off to Stamford bridge next week. What a crazy start to the season 😂 #COYB
Andy @TheReal6STRING🔁Deserved point. Decent start to the season. #COYB
Luke Forward @BramMoreAlmanac🔁Very good performance so far against a very skilled Man City side. 1-0 up at ht through Wayne Rooney-?well deserved
Matt Bocking @bocko43🔁Settle for that. Dominic Calvert-Lewin MOTM. First Class. #COYB
GullyGuyDelo @Deloben50🔁Everton may not have gotten the 3 points but I'll take the point. Great game by both sides. Especially by Everton. #coyb
Sean Jones @srjwxm🔁On the bright would have took a point. Got my gum shield and knuckle duster ready for the next one #split #efc #coyb
Mark @markbeams🔁Always take a point at title rival #COYB
Mason Burke @MasonMBurke🔁If someone would have told me two hours ago we'd get a point and play like this today, I'd have been very happy. On to Croatia #COYB
David Jones @dbj510🔁@MasonHolgateee was superb tonight. He'll learn from that mistake and get even better. Makings of a good team with all the young lads. #COYB
Rich Will @Nuwart🔁Good point #COYB
Craig maidment @chubberoo🔁 Thought we were unbelievable tonight!!! .. unlucky not to win but still a decent result @Everton #COYB 🔵⚪
Ronnie's Blues @Rons_Blues🔁I would have taken a point before the game! Still unbeaten this season. They are also a very good side!! #COYB #MCEVE 👏👏
double_toffee @jondouble🔁Feel bad for Holgate, he had a good game otherwise. Anyway blues, onwards to Split . . . .#COYB
Domingo @DomingoOfficial🔁Would've taken that at kick off. Shame we couldn't hold on for the win though. #EFC #COYB
nichola kay coates @NicholaCoates🔁Unlucky not to get three, team worked their arses off!!!! Deserved a win, happy with a draw!!! Got some hard games coming up x #COYB
Wizbit @MrWizbit🔁Defended well for most of the game. Should have pressured them more though. Referee a joke. Unbeaten. #COYB #efc
AndyB @AndyPB353🔁I would have taken a draw before the game. We worked hard. DCL man of the match he worked great up front. #COYB #EFC 💙💙💙
Dave Jones @DaveJonesLaaa🔁Shows how much we've come on when we're disappointed with a point away at city #COYB #EFC
Joe Silvestri @DrinkAtJoes🔁I'll take a point but we looked over matched with a full squad. #COYB
EFC FanZone @EFCfanzone🔁This giveaway closes at 11 pm TONIGHT! (1 hour)!

Lets get it to 100 RTS blues!

Rees Jones @ReesJones99🔁Can't complain with that at all, apart from the fucking useless ref #MCIEVE #COYB #EFC #Everton
Jacob Batte @ja_batte🔁Frustrated by that late goal but the world expected a loss and we got a point. I'll take it. #COYB #UpTheToffees
Chris Lindsay @cclindsay8662🔁Solid point away at City but some work to be done to see games out. @WayneRooney makes the difference again #nsno #coyb
Ross Clayton @rossclayton11🔁Ref had an absolute mare tonight. Thought @CalvertLewin14 was brilliant though. Decent point!! #COYB #UpTheToffees
⚽Hel⚽ @EvertonHel🔁Take a point everyday of the week there 👍😂👏obvs annoying late on but great point away at the best team in the league (for me) 👏👏👏💙💙💙 #COYB!!
sophie austin @oursophieaustin🔁 We'll take that...don't think my nails had much more to give #coyb #EFCmatchday
Craig Campbell @CraigEFC93🔁Brilliant performance blues! Well deserved! #COYB
Chris @tenzochris🔁Poor officiating both directions, but I think heading home with a point today is a good result for us. #COYB #NSNO #MCIEVE
Brendan Murphy @whoaskedya🔁If we are all honest we'd have taken a draw before the game. Obviously disappointing to concede late but hey, we didn 't lose.
Simo @andysimo5🔁So near but a point is better than none #COYB
Jack Copeland @jackoEFC66🔁Good draw. Should of won #COYB
Ben Poole @benjaminbump🔁Not many teams will come away from the Etihad with something this year, good point for the Toffees 👏#coyb #efc
Ben Pleasant @bpleasant_efc🔁So should i be dissapointed or pleased with that #efc? I am going to be pleased i think #COYB


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