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#COP23 Linda Totino @LindaTotino🔁 Look who I found on the train tonight! Bonn has great transit. #COP23 #GPC
#COP23 Elizabeth Seger @Lizmseger🔁 Please share the #PoweringPastCoal declaration! #COP23
#COP23 Sylvia Livingston @khanmohsinm4u🔁#nubile #COP23 Louis CK
#COP23 Linden(林田)立憲民主党支持 @LindenMesicku🔁 Save the climate, stop coal! #SayonaraCoal #cop23
Al Gore @algore🔁More countries are committing to phase out coal, as the world transitions to a clean energy future. Congrats to Canad twitter.com a and the UK for their leadership at . Other large nations should step up and follow their lead.
UN Climate Change @UNFCCC🔁German Chancellor Angela Merkel at opening of high level segment : "We have come here today because we are facing th twitter.com e definitive challenge for humanity. will determine our fate"
Erik Solheim @ErikSolheim🔁Peatlands store twice as much carbon as all the world’s forests.

If the peatlands are destroyed, virtually all othe twitter.com r emission-curbing measures will be without meaning.

rushva @rushva🔁Listening to US delegate Judith Garber tonight was like listening to Theresa May talk about . "Irrespective of our views on the Paris Agreement, the US intends to remain engaged with our many partners and allies around the world on these issues".
Melissa Moreano @mel_moreano🔁Talk about greenwashing: at Brazil government touts supposed reductions in deforestation and plans like , all while selling of rights to offshore oil drilling. 🤨

Efflux @Efflux_Corp🔁At , Mayors from around the U.S. are making it clear: cities & local leaders are committed to helping us fulfill & our targets.
Jessie Buckmaster @ladybuckmaster🔁12-year-old Timoci Naulusala from Fiji gives speech at

"The sea is swallowing villages, eating away at shorelines, withering crops. Relocation of people...cries over lost loved ones, dying of hunger and thirst. Its catastrophic. It’s sad…but its real"

a lamb's Yurt @aLambsYurt🔁 BREAKING: ctvnews.ca

(But not at all surprising)

#Keystone #KeystoneXL #KeepItInTheGround #COP23

Wesley Smith @WesHSmith🔁If you believe that CO2 is the climate control knob, you are NOT qualified to educate anyone about climate
Elli F @ElliFtaka🔁 & release groundbreaking “Carbon Pricing Report” at , an in-depth context to why carbon market systems WILL NOT mitigate CHECK OUT THE REPORT:
UNICEF New Zealand @UNICEFNZ🔁These kids from #Fiji are doing the whole #Pacific proud! #COP23 twitter.com
Taheim O'Bryan @TaheimO🔁#8committee #GoodGovernanceAwards #COP23 Black Friday Lil Peep #ScienceWeek2017 Get Out #TheHardYards tinyurl.com
Marvin Rotter Z @MRotterZ🔁The arctic could be without any summer ice by 2040. But there's something we can do to help slow the melting of ice cap:

kara @_KARAdashian🔁Now, here is someone on the podium who has to be heard. Timoci Naulusala's home is experiencing the impact of climate change already. The 12-year old from Fiji has an urgent message to the delegates in Bonn.
Gravity Dynamic @GravityDynamic🔁Are you paying attention TransCanada pipeline proponents?
Ronald Rivera @RonaldMRivera🔁 : First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has been told that climate change is putting entire populations of Pacific Ocean island nations at serious risk
IUCN WCEL @iucn_wcel🔁IUCN, Keeping it Legal at the UNFCCC : great day of events with & iucn.org
B.E.A.T. @TheBEATNews🔁It's the last day of , and there are MASSIVE crowds inside the Massachusetts State House today. They are demanding sign an executive order to reject new fossil fuel infrastructure. Make MA a climate leader!

Sarah C @cscarroll2🔁Are you paying attention TransCanada pipeline proponents? #COP23 #FutureGenerationProblems #GreenParty twitter.com
UNICEF Pacific @UNICEFPacific🔁Together, we must take action to protect our 🌎 world.
Listen to Shalvi Shakshi's inspirational story: Her biggest mo twitter.com tivation for COP23 competition. . Watch her full story:
InMyLifeTime @amusing2me🔁Live from w - & the Urgency of Protecting Environmental Land and Water Defenders at Press Conference organized by and
志葉玲 @reishiva🔁Japanese protesters say at climate talks in Bonn as nations urge phaseout despite
Sandra Massiah @Sanypoo🔁Wednesday at : Secretary-General arrives in Bonn to close the Global Action Plan segment of the UN Climate Conference & kick off the high-level period. Follow all day at
Prof Peter Strachan @ProfStrachan🔁 personal highlight:

"First Minister putting Scotland on the world stage and leading the charge on Climate Action"

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Virisila Buadromo @Virisila🔁 Feminisits and continue to contribute to climate change discussions at . Malo Noelene
Gravity Dynamic @GravityDynamic🔁 From Bonn, Germany at #COP23 #Keepitintheground. #Boulder twitter.com
Maria Altmann @TheMiacat🔁 Journalists honoured for bravery amid global threats aje.io itter.com/i/web/status/931336922546372608" target="_blank">twitter.com
NRDC India @NRDC_India🔁Just one year after the Paris Agreement officially entered into force, India has made remarkable progress.
Jeon9 @MLhazay🔁Shalvi, 10, and Timoci, 12, have a message to world leaders at .

When it comes to climate change, SMALL things make a BIG difference.

Kris De Coster @KDCOST🔁Help us share the good news: Across the globe, 82% want the world to run on green energy!
Qaisar Nadeem @TheQais🔁Please have a look at declaration #COP23
@KlasraRauf twitter.com
Prof Peter Strachan @ProfStrachan🔁Very sobering from

"The world is not yet on track to meet the central goal of the 2015 Paris Agreement – to limit the global average temperature rise to well below 2 degrees Celsius and as close as possible to 1.5 degrees."

Kamal Rifai @KRifaiOfficiel🔁Thanks Nouhad Awwad for offseting your travel with ! You too, pass by our information booth for help or visit !
Nihilo Zero @NihiloZero🔁The latest The Green Eco Environmental News! paper.li Thanks to @therightblue #cop23 #feedly
Garth Cummings @garthcello🔁Big news! Almost 30 states & nations form diplomatic alliance to phase out entirely, including WA & OR. The world is moving .
Paul Kincaide @patkin60🔁Moment of the day at Girls mesmerized by a ship powered by at exhibit. This is there future that inspires so many of us!

Roy Trivedy @roytrivedy🔁At musician & Goodwill Ambassador has a climate action idea 💡: let's reduce our food waste!


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