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COMING UP ON Hunter4va @hunter4va🔁 ⏱Coming up on 5️⃣ hours

I’m still 👀 and 👏

Who’s with me?! #LetsGoOs

SiriusXM Busted Open @BustedOpenRadio🔁Coming up at 12pm ET on Rush 93: The Advocate with & ... You do not want to miss this!
Manu Raju @mkraju🔁Sarah Sanders, defending Trump's remarks from yesterday, asserting today "up to 80 percent" of women coming across s outhern border have been raped "in recent years."
Sean Hannity @seanhannity🔁Coming up next on more ugliness from the left. You won't believe what they're saying about President Trump and Repub licans this time. weighs in after the break.
DonnaZeee @Donnaz55🔁4. Q posted an nbc news article re an interview with Loretta Lynch coming up next week to discuss Lynch meeting with Clinton on the tarmac. Amazing timing..Q says they are getting out in front of a bombshell story about what was really discussed
LocalHeadlinesNow @headlines_daily🔁Today On The News: Upset Engineer Creates A Really Good Dinner, Coming Up At 7
JC's Dad/HJ owner. @I_am_J9911🔁So my son's set for his 3rd (hopefully last!) heart surgery in less than 6 months of life. It's coming up April 17. I hate to do this, but if you feel up for a little helping out for a family of 5 living on an editor's salary, I'd certainly appreciate it.
Angelica Marciano @ae_marciano🔁Lol this dude coming from pax I hooked him up with a row on his own cause he was nice but then two flight attendants showed up last min
Kingstowne Striders @KTownStriders🔁PS Membership Registration also includes a DISCOUNT on our amazing Fill the Shoes 5K "coming up" in November. :)
Philano T. Hanna @Loose_Crc🔁Ladies, please don't listen to Drake. Summer is coming up. Be nice to me. I'm looking for someone to trick on and juice during those months.
FMTregz @FMtregz🔁I hope Brauns partner is tje guy that came up with the FUCKING WRITING COMING UP ON THE SCREEN BACKSTAGE and he wins the titles and literally eats him after.
Michele @Micheleboyd1224🔁Sarah Sanders, defending Trump's remarks from yesterday, asserting today "up to 80 percent" of women coming across southern border have been raped "in recent years."
Tasty Toffee ⚽️ @stevopainter87🔁You would think we had a big European game coming up on that showing.
Winter Tangerine @WTangerine🔁We’re coming up on a full week of for . Day 7 asks you to revisit your baby teeth, and we hope it takes you somewher e surprising.

Writing a poem a day ain’t a joke! Push through—you got this. 💪🏽

sharipah rosarinah @arinaadila🔁We get it. You got hurt. We sympathize. But keep going on and on about it, this is just a cry for attention. Keep coming up with tweet to keep the attention coming to you. Stop it. Makes you look pathetic. Sudahlah cerita pun dah basi
Roulette @RouletteBandNJ🔁 is going on tour with May 29th - June 11th. Follow us to stay up to date and see if we're coming to your town! you're coming with me!
crocodile cheshunt @crocodilepub🔁Got an event coming up you need to buy a gift for?
Why not treat a loved one to a meal.?

We have gift vouchers of £ 5 and £10 that can be brought from us, just pop in and ask a member of staff or for more enquires call us on 01992 0623263.

ESPN Player @espnplayer🔁A load of lacrosse action coming up today, including unbeaten in six #5 up against who've recorded just one win in six

EJ McClain @IamEJ__🔁That way when I wake up and text my best friend “ Good Morning, I’m going to be on set all day, talk to you later💋” will be day I know I’ve made it☺️ Keep dreaming and working EJ, it’s coming baby boy.
‏ّ @herfooIs🔁i think i need to be less active on twitter from now on, i have exams coming up and i need to focus on myself. ♡
Scott Edgington @scedgy🔁If you've got a marathon coming up over the next few weeks, then check out the marathon essentials we have on our site!

Here you go:

Jigglesz 💫 @bonafidexdee🔁If you want to keep getting assaulted ova mon that my dear is your prerogative. But don't cry "he keeps coming back to me" because look ya ass getting buss up on the corner again.
Vminkookie~ Euphoria 💙 @Taeminkookie4🔁You understand but others don’t, we literally get people daily hating on ARMY for liking BTS only and not paying atte ntion to other groups, they even got mad at us for coming up with btspop lmao.
Michael is muttering @mlreed1956🔁Oh boy. Now you’ve gone and done it. Six hours of arguments on what’s a sandwich coming up.

*logs off Twitter

#SPAC HQ Nigeria @SPACHq🔁The is coming up tomorrow and here’s the route map. Incase you have to use any of the roads on the route, please find alternative so that your getting to church wouldn’t be delayed by traffic

Broken Xbox @_Spacker🔁Why is not even a single film maker coming up with a Avatar like film project on ? If made well; it would be a blockbuster bigger than Bollywood can ever imagine! I guarantee you that.
Melrose Rugby @MelroseRugby🔁 Final | Under an hour until kick-off at the Greenyards. Both teams are warming up and the rain is coming down.

Follow the action live on or tune-in to the full match later on this evening

Nanda_Becce 💞 @jsj2jung🔁 is one of the best projects this year that is coming to an end in the next few weeks. You still have a chance to joi n now. Time goes on, hurry up!
Yazz Reed- no #!!! @Yah_Reed🔁This bloke seems to know a lot about nothing. is 10 times the man Sugar is, I don't think I've ever heard bad language coming from him, at least not on a public forum. Lord Sugar should "Shut up and go away".
Marty Nero @Og_Nero98🔁Shits crazy. And this is coming from a dubs fan. I hate when I see anyone put blame on a single player for a team fu ck up.
Becky White @beckyskylark🔁extraordinary conference on extraordinary art coming up !! 24th and 25th April
Carcos Cleaners @HouseCleaningWI🔁 is coming. We wrote up a guide for anyone interested. This guide also contains many tips used by pros for cleaning the house. Feel free to message us on anything we could improve on!

EdgeFWD | 3rdEdge @EdgeFWD3rdEdge🔁Lancaster dance festival is BIG UP North. Read all about the 'hottest dance theatre festival' coming to Lancaster on 20 and 21 April . Tickets selling now...don't miss yours
Erick Arnot @Pega_II_region🔁Visit and register to our up coming Token Sale so you wont miss the Pre Sale Bonus period: 

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Shy Money baby⚡️ @ShasiaDeonna🔁Honestly i’m really pissed off about The Undertaker returning at Mania. His “retirement” last year was such a huge story, everyone reported on it, everyone was in tears, it was the most perfect & emotional send off for him. All that only to fuck it up by coming back ...
terry @tlcopper🔁the may have been split up into to smaller groups but they are coming.
I've seen illegals packing their cars to go down and pick them up. They bring them in then get them set up on all Tax Payer Benefits GOP Congress gives illegals.
Donncha O'Fearghail @dbrianofarrell🔁Something like no control going in from Ire (small market and all that), exports treated same as UK except into Irela nd. Up to Ireland then to ensure material coming out of Ireland doesn't originate in NI. You then have an inward checks on Irish Sea and outward checks on Celt Sea
MB @BoomskinJr🔁@b_flannigan89 Aye no doubt 😴 not a patch on the big one coming up 😎
VisitThanet @VisitThanet🔁**One month to go until the Margate Bookie literary festival**

📕Find your new favourite author
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📘Hear from up and coming writers
📙Thumb through books, read books, buy books

Tickets on sale now

Y100 @Y100SanAntonio🔁@hracpa WOMAN, AMEN is coming up on Y100! Pwd by
Gboro College Soccer @GCPride_MSOC🔁Alumni Game is still on, Pride field turf looks great and will hold up in the rain.
Looking forward to seeing everyon e that coming.#GCPRIDE#Alumnigame
Keep Southowram Tidy @bin_it_🔁Have you visited the latest exhibition in The Piece Hall Gallery yet? This young visitor loved the life-size pirate illustration by local artist ! We have a couple of workshops with Chris coming up too, more info at
musical traveller @musiciantravel🔁This Tobin's Run on 51 show ‘Fine and Mellow: Billie and Ella, Side by Side’ is coming up on Apr 19th ! - Get tix while you still can!
OSN Radio @osnradio🔁Coming up TONIGHT at 7pm BST on OSN Radio...
Rob Tissera's Saturday Night Mash-up Show!!
Listen on the OSN Radio app, iTunes, vTuner or
Amanda Nicole @AmandaNicole047🔁Coming up next on ......
Who wants to take bets it will be Saint Phyllis that does the final deed? 🙄 Why is she's e ven involved in this? I'd rather Lauren a REAL friend of Vicki & the Newman's!
John Maloney @SocialEnergyPSN🔁 is coming up soon. Have a look at the website to see what’s going on in your area
LocalHeadlinesNow @headlines_daily🔁Today On The News: Upset Emo Is Optimistic About A Fish, Coming Up At 10
Diala Amarachi Blessing @__amarachiD🔁This was just put up on our notice board at past noon.
1. No letter head of UI or COMUI.
2. No signature
3. No date
4. Name on it is of the former registrar,
5. Announced at past 12noon.

Shamelessness at its peak..coming from Unibadan.

ŋªŗĕŋðŗª ŗªईं @rai_naren🔁Salman Khan will arrive in Mumbai by 7.30 pm.. Fans are desperately waiting out there to take a glimpse of their superstar. Indeed a emotional moment for bhai fans . Gear up for .. Bhai coming on EID ..
Trevor Nathaniel Talbert @JokerTNT35🔁Ooh, see the danger signs
Sneaking up from behind
Sort of like it's telling you what to say
Looks like you've lost control
Something growing on your soul
See it coming from a mile away Savin' the day
Savin' the day
When you're getting to the point
where it's driving you insane
Taha Alam @219112🔁Johnson County Lincoln Days were splendid! Thanks so much to for coming to speak on ’s behalf! It’s so inspiring to see how hardworking the people on this campaign are! Let’s keep up the good work and get ready to !
Edward Ball @Edward_Ball_02🔁 Thank you so much, I've been going through a rough time at school with being bullied and stressed due to my gcses c oming up and your music has helped me on some of the toughest days of my life so far and I couldn't thank you two enough! Thank you!!!😊
kickoff@3 @KickOffAt3🔁Coming up from 3 on an action packed show. Including all the news from Clarence Park where take on Whitehawk and an exclusive chat with Michael & Ashley from about the great work they do empowering kids.
Josè @Joseph_Ellis9🔁Bit shite that, no injuries, 11 points from our remaining 5 games and we’ll finish in the top 4. Second leg on Tuesda y. It’s all coming up.
NOLALocStar @nolalocstar🔁Last week I did a blog on what products NOT to use because of build up. A few folks asked me about what to use for t heir locs. Here are a few products that I use because each person’s hair and scalp are different. Post is coming soon. …
Emily @emilyf2405🔁Adverts for wish keep coming up on various apps with quotes/reviews from customers. Surprisingly “demon pants” - Safi ya Nygaard has yet to make an appearance.
Richie barwell @barwell_richie🔁Just heard Victoria reporting on the up coming game. The pa was very load, sounds like a disco.
Trevor Nathaniel Talbert @JokerTNT35🔁Ooh, see the danger signs
Sneaking up from behind
Sort of like it's telling you what to say
Looks like you've lost c ontrol
Something growing on your soul
See it coming from a mile away Savin' the day
Savin' the day
When you're getting to the point
where it's driving you insane
Adam MacVicar @AdamMacVicar🔁We'll join live @ 7:30 am with the latest on the junior hockey team's fatal bus crash Coming up this morn on Global
Bindu Suri @Bindu_Suri🔁We'll join @AdamMacVicar live @ 7:30 am with the latest on the junior hockey team's fatal bus crash Coming up this morn on Global #yyc
Lil Biggie Dickemz @SpokenPhor_🔁Im blessed to say i already got the shadow 1 jordans thats coming out. Homie came thru. And i pick em up this week.. Now just waiting on the Homage To Home 1s that come out in May..
AjayAyin Ma'anuu Dey™ @manukabah🔁Water rains up because it's coming from inner earth not above
U see all thus when the pineal flips upside down u see everything is reversed
Same way spiritual realm and physical were revesered on us long ago when we fell
Anna Maria @Anna_Mariapark🔁AU | YM | After getting off at the wrong stop, Yoongi ends up meeting a cutie who walks his kitten in the park. He keeps on coming back.
⚡Cameron⚡️ @skippygillies98🔁one time when i was 7 i was 15 minutes late to coming inside for dinner and everyone just stared at me in silence except my mom, who picked up my plate of food and threw it away in front of me bc “if i can’t be on time then i can make my own damn dinner”
Rían 🇮🇪 @RCathmhaoil🔁Let's dismiss the narrative that Kevin Shakey hates immigrants

"My father was an immigrant, there are a lot of positive aspects to immigration but it is going to end up coming down to one thing and that is numbers".

Ireland is a small country, Lets be serious on who enters it.

Joel ☭ @JoelGibbs_🔁Meh, I’ll take it. Second-string side, no injuries, and more important things coming up on Tuesday. Up the Reds 🔴🔴🔴 #LFC


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