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Lori Fitzwater @lori_fitzwater🔁 When you see Susan Collins blaming Trump for Obamacare. #CNNSOTU
Jon Rockholt @jrockster1🔁 When you see Susan Collins blaming Trump for Obamacare. #CNNSOTU
#CNNSOTU JoJo👠 @JoJoinguette1🔁 Correction Hillary
#CNNsotu #thisweek #meetthepress #mediabuzz
#SundayMorning #tcot #ccot
MUPOTOON @MUPOTOON🔁@jaketapper: Did you call Trump a moron?
Rex Tillerson: “I’m not gonna deal with that petty stuff” #CNNSOTU
CNN Politics @CNNPolitics🔁“I think what the President needs to realize is that his words really matter,” Sen. Susan Collins says #CNNSOTU
CNN @CNN🔁.@jaketapper: Did you call Trump a moron?

Rex Tillerson: “I’m not gonna deal with that petty stuff” #CNNSOTU

Jake Tapper @jaketapper🔁Republican @SenatorCollins: Trump's health-care move will raise premiums, hurt people #CNNsotu
Cynthia Appleget @Cappleget🔁The democrats ruined

✅inner cities
✅foreign policy
❌American Spirit

How Congress Death to America

Consv.Nanny Marilyn @MarilynCapps🔁Tillerson does not deny calling Trump a "moron":
"These are the games of Washington...I'm not playing"

Ibrahim Saleh @bobmechanic🔁Secretary of State Rex Tillerson: "We really need to deal with a much broader array of threats" from Iran
Wayne @WoodhillCT🔁 State of the Cartoonian: The Real Ex-Wives #CNNsotu
s patel @mathewbigface🔁“I think what the President needs to realize is that his words really matter,” Sen. Susan Collins says
Elisabeth Jaffe @beachpelican🔁 Republican @SenatorCollins: Trump's health-care move will raise premiums, hurt people #CNNsotu
gerry smutter @SmutterGerry🔁 Who is the biggest Fake Republican in congress?


Drago @DragoEldur🔁 What Do All These Famous Pigs Have in Common?
Definitely a good thing
🇺🇸♦️VANIDA ♦️🇺🇸 @vadpradub🔁 Our nation's religious heritage would be cherished,protected and defended like you have never seen before
Loretta Bond @BondLoretta🔁 Harvey Weinstein's Influential Political Ties with Obama/Clinton. It was a good idea until they get caught😂
Sharon Mc @SharonM44754993🔁 Will you be watching NFL today?
Please vote /RT
#FoxAndFriends #CNNsotu #tcot #ccot
#25thAmendment @R_U_Nuts🔁Tillerson: Trump has made it clear to me to continue my diplomatic efforts "...until the first bomb drops"
Green Centauress 🗽 @WhiteCentauress🔁Has Tillerson been "castrated," as suggested?

Tillerson: "I checked. I’m fully intact."

Julie Mason @reinventjulie🔁Please retweet and make sure this picture goes viral!
maria hildreth @wiley356🔁 Lies, Bought & paid for by the DNC & big state, but leftist believe it,cause lies are all they have to hold onto. is
Deborah Voyles @debivoyles🔁 Here is my full interview with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. #CNNsotu
Gary R Guenther @GaryGuenther53🔁The Obama Legacy

❌keep your doctor
✅failed Americans
❌lower your premiums

How Congress Death to America $53,000 for Harvey

Green Centauress 🗽 @WhiteCentauress🔁Tillerson vows to implement Russia sanctions:
"We have every intention of implementing Congress' intent"

Grace Kellie @GraceKellie3🔁.: mend, don’t end, Iran Deal: "I want to strengthen the deal and work with allies"
Steven Keller @Stevefidelis🔁 .@JudgeJeanine says it like it is 👊👊👊#SundayMorning #MeetThePress #ThisWeek #cnnsotu #tc ot
Maria Korge @MariaKorge🔁

Tillerson failed to deny he called Trump a moron for the 2nd time.

Tillerson definitely called Trump a moron.

ɑյՏԵɑɾɾ💯 @ajstarr10🔁 Republican @SenatorCollins: "I don't think the Twitter war is particularly productive" #CNNsotu
Young_Conservative™ @Y_Conservative_🔁.@JudgeJeanine says it like it is 👊👊👊#SundayMorning #MeetThePress #ThisWeek #cnnsotu #tc ot
Kat @lymynn2🔁Meet the press
You are now entering the fake news zone.

Freeda™ @EternaFreeda🔁 Jake Tapper defended the "right" to download Kiddie Porn #CNNSOTU
Ender O Liberalism @sportster_larry🔁What do these two have in common? Both enemies of America. Deep State must go!

ThisRabbitHoleIsDeep @Hippichcforlife🔁Trump is a weak president and an even weaker person


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