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Geegeebythesea @geegeebythesea🔁 What you need to know to understand Vladimir Putin #CNNSOTU #AMJoy #ThisWeek #MeetThePress
Headerop @Headerop1🔁On former DNI Clapper says that North Korea miniaturizing a nuclear missile is "not a shocking development"
Gregory Howard @gregorylh411🔁@TomBossert45 hours later you are still Afraid. Are you part of one of these groups. @jaketapper #cnnsotu #Charlottesville
#CNNSOTU Catt @CattHarmony🔁 Remember when CNN condemning Antifa? Me either
#Charolettesville #CNNsotu #mediabuzz
Cheri Smith @chessmit🔁Homeland security advisor just said that Heather Heyer "passed away." I would call it murder. Words matter. #CNNSOTU
Tbird @Alleneida🔁. decries vague condemnation, says it's time to "lay blame" on white nationalism, hatred
onemadoldlady @kcinkcajeitak3🔁 Suddenly labels don't matter to Trump supporters.. Unless it's the label...

Radical Islamic Terrorism

@jaketapper #CNNSOTU

Lin Star @LinDesigns111🔁I'd love to be a fly on the wall when Bob Mueller questions about the Bowling Green Massacre

Pat Hynes @VotePatHynes🔁Video: Mayor on , Meet the Press Discusses Donald Trump, White Supremacy,
Lin Star @LinDesigns111🔁 And here's Tom Bossert trying to spin the weak-ass trump statement. Still can't denounce Nazis. #cnnsotu
Cynthia Reynolds @CindyReynolds🔁The mayor of #Charlottesville said, '...lies at the door of the #WhiteHouse' what happened yesterday. #cnnsotu
Lin Star @LinDesigns111🔁"I condemn white supremacists and racists and white Nazi groups," says WH Homeland Security Adviser
kristiwarsha @kristiwarsha🔁Media quit trying to rebrand to alt-right.
Queen Eleanor @queeneleanorj🔁 .@SenCoryGardner wants President Trump to call out domestic terrorism the way he calls out terrorism around the world. #CNNsotu
LSN dairyblonde WI @dairyblondeLN66🔁James Clapper on N. Korea's miniaturized nuclear weapons: Obama admin "forecast this development years ago"
Seph Lawless @seph_lawless🔁If you're a member of ISIS or a white nationalist and you use your car to run over people you oppose then you are a t errorist.

Dr. Anabella Jimenez @jimenezana🔁White House Adviser tells the President has not drawn a red line on North Korea
John Novak @johnjnovak2🔁Based on yesterday if WWII happened today there would be a very clear divide in this country on which side to fight for. #CNNSOTU
Delictum @delictum🔁Everyone is armed then everyone is guilty #Charlottesville #facethenation #MeetThePress #CNNsotu #thisweek
jim Rocheford. @jimrocheford🔁Charlottesville Mayor tells this act should be prosecuted as domestic terrorism
Jason Wages @jason_wages🔁 .@VanJones68:
"This is not a time to talk about both sides ... both sides are not using ISIS tactics..."


치치챠챠쵸쵸 @doomdadadoom🔁WH Homeland Security Adviser: "This racial intolerance and racial bigotry cannot be condoned"
~ TruthSayer ~ @PMURTRUMP🔁

Before there were cars...

#newtgingrich #FoxNewsSunday #RUSHLIMBAUGH #IngrahamAngle #dcexaminer #drudge #CNNsotu

Buddhababy @Buddhababy10🔁Eric Bolling
The left is more interested in Eric Bolling than National security.

One ❤️ @Chng4thPositive🔁 has me 😢on . The KKK is!!. a terrorist organization and Trump has embolden these people to "maga".
Wilhelm II @knightofgood🔁#cnnsotu biased as ever - friend of Cory Booker - Jake Tapper fails to mention the alt-left groups at the events yesterday -
Raven @KazeSkyz🔁Reminds me when your fellow alt-left reporter labeled an innocent man as a terror suspect then lied about using Redd it as a source.
Geegeebythesea @geegeebythesea🔁Who paid for Trump's unnecessary rally in West Virginia.....

Fredrick Anton @FredrickAnton4🔁b/c they know alt-left hacks like you will twist the words to attack the President.

Dnesdnal @Faelythgim83🔁#Charolettesville bannon Gorka Miller call it alt-right or white supremacists but bottom line all trump base=nazi #CNNSOTU RIP #HeatherHeyer
Geegeebythesea @geegeebythesea🔁NYT Article Suggests Bannon is Flagrantly Colluding with Russia

Geegeebythesea @geegeebythesea🔁Senate Democrats introduce bill allowing Medicare buy-in at 55
DeplorableCorgiGirl @Debramax🔁 FusionGPS DNC Collusion Update
#SundayMorning #MeetThePress #FaceTheNation #SundayEdition #CNNSOTU #MTZ
Tony Tillis @TillisTony🔁#CNNSOTU was okay for Obama to reward BLM with a trip to the White House after clearly stating they wanted police officers dead.
John Galt @lieutenantdq🔁









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