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#CMAFest Reppin Swiftie and Cancer survivor status since 09 @JourneytoR🔁 No better way to end the night! #CMAfest
Staci Salazar @7onashoestring🔁 .@JimmieAllen recaps the last day of #CMAfest and it certainly was a Sunday funday!
#CMAFest#CMAFest#CMAFest#CMAFest Reppin Swiftie and Cancer survivor status since 09 @JourneytoR🔁 #CMAfest Round 3️⃣
#CMAFest#CMAFest Luke Bryan @LukeBry04589006🔁 Let’s close this thing out #CMAfest!
#CMAFest Cheryl Chavis @CherylChavis3🔁 It's a wrap! #CMAfest. Show us how you rocked it  - Tag us!
#CMAFest#CMAFest#CMAFest#CMAFest it’s not that deep @urbanaslne🔁 🌟 @BebeRexha in her Swarovski diamond encrusted custom cowgirl hat at #cmafest
Christine @1chefdiva🔁 The one. The only. @LukeBryanOnline closing out #CMAFest 2018!
#CMAFest#CMAFest Moment In Time @MITcollectibles🔁 What a great week at #CMAFest. #itstartswithME @ShearerPhoto @GettyImages
Shanyn Coolen @unlovedangel04🔁 God, your mama, and me ❤️🎶 @FLAGALine @backstreetboys #CMAFest
#CMAFest#CMAFest Luke Bryan @LukeBryanOnline🔁Let’s close this thing out #CMAfest!
Brett Eldredge @bretteldredge🔁Posted to my fans that I was going to the dog park 30 minutes before I showed up...I thought only 20 people would be twitter.com there...here are just some of the hundreds of amazing people that came...I love you all, you make it all worth while😍
Thomas Rhett @ThomasRhett🔁Surprise Nashville and - excited to be back on this stage tonight as a host and PERFORMER! See y’all tonight at the twitter.com stadium 🤘🏼 pc:
Dana Danyel Guyer @DanyelDana🔁Always a blast performing alongside these guys 🙌🏻 Huge thanks to and for inviting us on stage for a little God, Your Mama, and Me at last night.
Marissa Cox @MarissaC30🔁What an amazing week it's been! My favorite thing about is that it's all about the fans. The fans that support us all year long, buying tickets, standing with us rain or shine, wearing . You make it all worth it!
Legends Corner @LegendsCorner🔁Sending out a HUGE thank you on this to everyone who visited us during ! 📸: Kevin Sherrill twitter.com
James Byers @JamesByersMusic🔁Beautiful! #CMAFest #Guitars #Gibson #Music twitter.com
mary beaton @mary_beaton🔁 The Chevy Riverfront Stage reportedly reached capacity crowds for @ScottyMcCreery’s Sunday afternoon set during #CMAFest.
Sarah e @Hbeeorbust🔁Look who I ran into at !!
Heather Lea 🏳️‍🌈🐴 @vetmed11🔁From Carrie Underwood to Chris Stapleton, here are the 30 best things we saw at this year's
Kristen Murray @kristen_murray🔁 sounded great at the Ryman & Nissan at ... but since we didn't get a chance to meet & greet with him, here's a thro twitter.com wback from 2012 @ Six Flags - Jake saved us from the cold & fed us beer on his tour bus. What a guy!
Jesse Lee @__JesseLee__🔁What’s the correct term for the Monday after #CMAFest ?
#imgonnagowithshitty 😜
jo @klasy🔁Go behind the scenes with and to see what went down on day 1 of !
Maria Soto Gaete @MariaSotoGaete4🔁Fans in Nissan Stadium erupted with excitement when brought out the !
Wolverton @soonercarrie3🔁Our fave moment and photo from was Carrie Underwood at evening mega show at Nissan stadium! She was gorgeous in green sequins. Amazing show and fest.


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