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Chris @c_lee_🔁 .@Cerner you sure know how to party. #CHC17
#CHC17#CHC17 UnboxedHealth @unboxedhealth🔁 Current Canadian #Hypertension @HTNCanada guidelines?- there's an app for that!, 😉❤️😉 #CHC17
#CHC17 Health Language @Health_Language🔁So many great sessions to choose from @Cerner #CHC17 #HIT hubs.ly
Tom Fabrizio @oceanfabreeze🔁 .@Cerner you sure know how to party. #CHC17
#CHC17 Robert Gros @robert_gros🔁 Working on the next iteration of the @HTNCanada #hypertension guidelines
hardworking taskforce #CHC17
#CHC17 Cerner @Cerner🔁"It's about the value to the customer. It's about value to the patient." @DJuergensen1 on the #CHC17 stage
Cerner @Cerner🔁At , announces Cerner will provide a consumer-directed health record, free to patients and providers. twitter.com
Cerner @Cerner🔁"It's time for the patient to be part of the health care team." commits to making free through 2020 at twitter.com
Cerner Australia @CernerAustralia🔁During Day 4 of , attendees heard about and client value creation. Read what you might have missed:
Lars F Petersson @Lars_FPetersson🔁Engage with at Booth 213, Oct 9-12 in KC. Learn about Agile Infrastructure for the Cognitive Era
April Rose Martin @aprilmartin🔁How open is"Open?" Working together for the benefit of all, regardless of "client" and "vendor" labels.
Doug DeCoursey @DougDeCoursey🔁Congrats to Dr. Dean Gushee of Mason Gen for being selected as a Cerner All-star physician by his peers
Robert Gros @robert_gros🔁Today is the day! Our Congress is underway. Tweet us your photos and let us know what you've learned
Alistair N. Bursey @Al_Bursey🔁 Some of our Guideline Committee members at the #CHC17 twitter.com
Cara Willey @CaraWilley🔁 #CHC17 “Healthcare Inside Out” Live now... pscp.tv
Michelle Schuppe @mschuppe🔁Great capture, ! , especially the Bash, is like a family get together. A really big family.
Matthew Obenhaus @mattobenhaus🔁#codeApps #CHC17 .@Cerner Cerner's third-party apps draw crowds at annual conference shar.es via @HealthITNews
samuel alfano @vpmadoc🔁Brain freeze is when you get too much cold too fast. What’s it called when you get too much great information too f twitter.com ast. WOW
DoseMe @DoseMeApp🔁Thanks for showing us a brilliant time in Kansas City . We're FHIRD'd up to ignite change with precision dosing! twitter.com
Doug DeCoursey @DougDeCoursey🔁Great capture, @puhfu! #CHC17, especially the Bash, is like a family get together. A really big family. twitter.com


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