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#CBJvsPIT Ed @llsed31🔁 ONTO THE NEXT ONE!!! #cbjvspit #cbj #pens #letsgopens
HillaryLeonerd @LeonerdHillary🔁 Live look at the officiating tonight #CBJvsPIT
#CBJvsPIT Valrie Pritchard @yiMebaGFm8ssZOd🔁 Let's go Jackets! #cbj #CBJvsPIT
RachelRomo @rachelromo49🔁 Got rolled for four games. Must've been the refs #CBJvsPIT #CBJ
#CBJvsPIT HillaryLeonerd @LeonerdHillary🔁 As seen at R Bar in downtown Columbus just now. #CBJvsPIT
#CBJvsPIT Sarah Butler @vladimirap96b🔁 We have the best fans #cbj #CBJvsPIT
Екатерина Кузнецова @arturddtn4🔁 Classy Pens fans fighting after loss. #CBJvsPIT
Scouting The Refs @ScoutingTheRefs🔁The Penguins are 5-0 this season when referee Eric Furlatt is officiating:   scoutingtherefs.com twitter.com
Bob Pompeani @KDPomp🔁How is Savard NOT penalized..BLATANT cross check...DIRTY #CBJvsPIT
Bob Pompeani @KDPomp🔁Scott Wilson BEAUTIFUL Backhand as the PLACE GOES WILD !!!! #CBJvsPIT
PA Human Service RTs @CFLee_PSU72🔁 The latest The ACHIEVA Daily! paper.li Thanks to @ChiTrust @_aaidd @mhingson #fundraising #cbjvspit
ACHIEVA @ACHIEVA🔁The latest The ACHIEVA Daily! paper.li Thanks to @ChiTrust @_aaidd @mhingson #fundraising #cbjvspit
Always @_Everbright_🔁Jackets tried at the end, but alas, became 2nd team eliminated. (Sorry, CBJ fans, especially )
Ben Ross @BenRossSports🔁According to @EliasSports it was in fact a 4-1 series. #CBJvsPIT #StanleyCupPlayoffs2017 twitter.com
HillaryLeonerd @LeonerdHillary🔁Words can't describe the feeling of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Here's to another great series.
Daniel Colacicco @Danlaw83🔁It is no secret I hate the Pens. But hot DAMN this picture makes me happy! HAHAHahahahahaha. twitter.com
Camillo Di Natale @SpitsLeafsFan🔁Damn Torts he just lost it on the media wow! #CBJvsPIT
RedheadGRL @redheadgrl04🔁I'm apparently not sleeping tonight after the #Pens took round 1. Too hyped up still...💛🐧
#StanleyCup #CBJvsPIT #Penguins
Nate Hollman @hollman_nate🔁Hey @NHL my tv was destroyed after that bs call waving off tying goal in #CBJvsPIT game any chance you'll replace my tv after that disgrace
Nate Hollman @hollman_nate🔁@NHL disgraceful display of officiating #CBJvsPIT & other series. You need to re-evaluate system. Officials during the 90's so much better
IceBurgh @iceburghNHL🔁From @DKPghSports: "[The @Penguins] scored 21 goals in five games in a series against the Vezina favorite. Wow." #StanleyCup #CBJvsPIT
Natalie Watsky @natwatsky🔁You probably hate to hear "well, next year than". But I'll say there will be next year! Keep it up boys! 💪🏻 @BlueJacketsNHL #CBJ #CBJvsPIT
JMikeyMania's Ego @JMikeyMania🔁Did Torts skip the handshake line? Did I hear that correctly?
#CBJvsPIT #Pens
#HockeyLover🏒🍁🐧 @F1_fan_kimi🔁that's a question for #CBJ fans !!
why does Dubinsky always look so mean depressed on camera hahahah.????
Morteza ر @M_teezyy🔁Tortorella must see Crosby in his nightmares 😂 🐧 #Penguins #CBJvsPI twitter.com T
Zach Gardner @zgardner58🔁Look on the bright side @BlueJacketsNHL... You won more games than the @NHLBlackhawks #GOPENS #CBJvsPIT #NSHvsCHI
The IKhan @The_Ikhan🔁I'm sorry for doubting the . Mike Sullivan is such an underrated coach Go Pens Go!
Lakersfan33 @lakersfan33🔁I'm sorry for doubting the @penguins . Mike Sullivan is such an underrated coach @Jatzilla @The_Ikhan #CBJvsPIT Go Pens Go! @BollywoodBoyz
Mackenzie @erskine_kenzie🔁 #CBJvsPIT refs are horrible. Tough enough for #cbj to win without the refs handing the game to pittsburgh
Teshawn Edmonds @TeshawnEdmonds🔁CLANGS & WHOOPS at @PPGPaintsArena! IT IS DEFINITELY ALL OVER!
#CBJvsPIT #StanleyCup
Dan Turis @dturis🔁#CBJvsPIT hang in there BJ's. you did very good in your first year of relevancy. #NHL #StanleyCup #LetsGoPens
Anne Berkal @LivBodyandSoul🔁#CBJvsPIT just as I was getting excited about NHL playoffs. 😐
Jens Nagler @jens_nagler🔁Big players step up in big games. 4 down, 12 to go #crosby #fleury #CBJvsPIT #BecauseItsTheCup #StanleyCup
Jordan Mercereau @JordanMercereau🔁The first round of the playoffs is bad news if your city starts with the letter "C" apparently. #CCC #CHIvsNSH #CBJvsPIT #StanleyCup
4PITTS1BURGH2 @x4PITTS1BURGH2x🔁Fleury! Fleury! Fleury! Wow 49 saves for a Pens record. Only 12 more wins to keep the cup in the Burgh! #LetsGoPens #CBJvsPIT #StanleyCup
Colonel Kurtz @CharliDontCurf🔁 Congratulations @penguins. Good luck to you and the 16% of your fan base that is respectful. #Pens #CBJ #CBJvsPIT


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