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Taran Armstrong @ArmstrongTaran🔁Guess who slept in today? #NothingToUpdate #CBBUS #BBCeleb
SkinnyKiss @skinnykiss🔁I managed to not read one spoiler of who won . Now with that, Ross was robbed. He played the game. And even though Ma twitter.com rissa’s constant yapping was annoying as Hell she still wasn’t the most annoying BB HG. Congrats to both.
James Maslow @jamesmaslow🔁Thank you all for the love and support. The game isn’t over, we still have America’s Favorite Houseguest to go for. M twitter.com akes sure you let them know that is not gonna quit.

James Maslow @jamesmaslow🔁I’m home and can’t wait to catch you guys up on everything from in the house. Don’t forget, keep voting for America’s twitter.com Favorite Player. Link in the bio. 💪🏻

ahmed @witnessxo🔁Since won, doesn’t that by definition mean she played the best game? Not much to argue there
areelview @areelview🔁Attn: future HGs. Make big moves when u can. No personal vendettas! Be friends outside of the house. Jury mgmt 24/7. twitter.com In the end, be self-aware & sincerely own your shady shit during Q & A's cause the jury WILL BE bitter. & always be flipping!
Big Brother Redux #BBRedux2 @BigBrotherRedux🔁 Marissa 1st Place- $250,000
Ross 2nd Place & AFP- $75,000
Omarosa 5th Place- $1.2 Million lol #cbbus #bbceleb
Big Brother Access #CBBUS @bigbroaccess🔁Find out what happened on yesterday's Celeebrity Big Brother finale---> bigbrotheraccess.com twitter.com
ahmed @witnessxo🔁 Waaaait.... I just won #BBceleb 🤷‍♀️ freaking the frankie out!!!!!! #BBcelebmarissa @CBSBigBrother @cbs #cbbus
Lesley Ingram ♡ @ITS_LELE🔁 Congratulations to ROSS for winning America's Favorite Houseguest! #CBBUS #BBCeleb
Matt Carter @MattCarterMedia🔁Last night's videos if you missed them -- an discussion on blindness, our take on the finale, and of course the big twitter.com shocker -- are up at
Kyle Robison @KyleRobison580🔁 The one thing I was surprised to not see on was "Zing Bot"! Yea he was in a picture but still I would have died for a celebrity roast session!
Kyle Robison @KyleRobison580🔁 The one thing I was surprised to not see on was "Zing Bot"! Yea he was in a picture but still I would have died f twitter.com or a celebrity roast session!
Adam Feldman @FeldmanAdam🔁 People who are mad that Marissa Jaret Winokur beat a superior competitor in #CBBUS: Welcome to the 2003 Tony Awards
NBT @nickythetee_🔁now that #CBBUS is over Omarosa can go back into the dumpster she crawled out of 💁🏾‍♂ twitter.com
Kathryn @kaathhrynnn🔁WE DO NOT SPEAK OF HIM #cbbus twitter.com


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